L Z O (level zero one)

L Z O (level zero one)


LZO is what rock and roll has been missing!In a generic sounding age of music Level Zero One is unique and powerful.Profesional musicianship and intense vocal and lyrical color make this band stand tall.This is a band with something to say.


LZO has many influences.From Eighty's,and ninety's rock and roll, to dance music,rap music,country music, and singer/songwriter era tunes too. The blend of strength,melody, and energy this act really does have it all.Image is important in this business and we look great, but you can see that for yourself.Stop wasting time and check us out!


Never ending road..self release 11 songs 2002
single "Broken me" released 2003
full length cd due out dec.2004 ...13 tracks
name is undisclosed at the present.
we currently have three of our recorded songs in
rotation on local georgia stations, and are adding college stations as we go.96 rock in atl.,z97 in milledgeville,k98 in rome just to name a few.

Set List

1. never ending road
2.crack king
3.tick tock time
6.my life too
7.broken me
8.lady misery
10.middle of L.A
our covers always change...but we try to pick drinkable,danceable,fun music ie:fly me courageous,jenny's home'white wedding,
our typical set runs 40 minutes to an hour,however we have enough material two play two solid hours without repeat.