Marcus Porter

Marcus Porter

Madison, Wisconsin, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2011

Madison, Wisconsin, United States
Established on Jan, 2011
Solo Hip Hop Indie




"Marcus Porter Celebration"

Colourful pop production though stripped back and simple in essence, meets with a confident and rhythmically distinct rap outpouring, as Marcus Porter releases the aptly joyful new minimalist party anthem Celebration.

Impressively personal in its story and sentiments, Celebration proves far from simply a floor filler or rehashing of a nostalgic idea. The reality is a track that feels deeply evocative, revealing and vulnerable, backing fearlessly honesty storytelling with a consistently uplifting piano and beat combination that’s as bright and bold as the single’s own artwork.

Marcus Porter is the artist, a songwriter fusing a memorable and broadly relatable hook resolve with a notably intimate set of verses. The result is that the song can easily feel like it was written purely for the listener’s own celebration, but then on closer connection, allows you to also bridge that gap between artist and audience. This kind of approach is key when building a lasting role within modern music, writing that feels genuinely personal and new, but also maintains its sense of broader humanity and understanding.

There’s a heartfelt purity to the verses, and this, combined with the recognisable qualities of the production and Marcus Porter’s own regimental flow, all makes Celebration a fairly unmistakable modern Hip Hop-fusion release.

Find Marcus Porter on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & his Website. - Rebecca Cullen

"Marcus Porter Says It’s A “Celebration”"

Marcus Porter stands out as one of the most refreshing artists in today’s hip-hop scene. His music consistently delivers strong and positive messages, radiating feel-good vibes, all while maintaining a solid foundation in the hip-hop genre, catering to fans of the style.

If you’re unfamiliar with Marcus Porter’s music, I highly recommend checking out his project from last year, The Perception. It includes powerful anthems like “Born Black” that are truly resounding. Marcus’s most recent single, “Celebration,” continues in the same vein as an anthem designed to uplift.

The initial standout element of “Celebration” is its production, courtesy of Marcus Porter himself. Fueled by a gentle yet impactful instrumental, the song emanates feel-good vibes. Marcus takes the reins with infectious melodic raps and a straightforward rap style, narrating the joy of overcoming challenges. His lyrics also touch upon significant life events, including becoming a parent, getting married, and achieving notable success. While the song is undeniably catchy, it’s crucial not to overlook the positive messages embedded in the verses.

Give Marcus Porter’s “Celebration” a shot below. - Quincy

"Marcus Porter- "The Perception" | Rap Nerd Reviews"

Every hip-hop success story begins with a dream, a positive mindset, and a clear vision. Every individual has their very own unique outlook on life. The definition of success is also unique to each individual. Marcus Porter gives the listeners his outlook on life with his latest self-produced album "The Perception". With 13 tracks and a total run time of just under 30 minutes, this is an easily digestible project. In my opinion, the best art is that which comes purely from the heart, and I can appreciate it when rappers give us a glimpse into their complex minds while speaking their truths. The passion in Marcus Porter's delivery lets me know that he's super ambitious and dedicated to achieving all the goals he has set for himself.

"I know how it feels to be all alone, dad was gone, had to forgive/ momma sorry for all the resentment/ knew I was different/ hood & filled with wisdom."
Marcus Porter - "Read The Script"

Marcus Porter "The Perception" | Rap Nerd Review

I like the artwork on the cover that animates Marcus Porter as a youth, teen, young adult, and the full-grown version of himself. Right off the bat, I knew that in some way this album would be about growth and evolution. The project starts off and ends with a movie roll sound effect, which I thought was pretty dope. The first song titled "Read The Script" sets the tone for the album. This is a vulnerable song where he lets the listeners know that he is the only one reading and writing his script, in other words, controlling his own destiny. The following track "The Wait" is definitely one of my personal favorites. MP raps about how he's already put in his 10,000 hours, and he's not stopping there. The overall production quality is pretty good, reminding me a bit of Kanye's early production style on "College Dropout" and "Late Registration". The two interludes on the project are some good spoken word for the soul helping to tie the album together cohesively. I also really liked the flow/cadence MP was rapping at on track 4, "A Word". All the features on the album were pretty dope, but for such a personal album I would have rather heard just a bit fewer features. Track 6 and 7 is a section of the project that I like most because it talks about loving the skin you're in and being comfortable. The album as a whole flows well together, but to me it sounds like all the songs are near the same BPM. I'd advise you to try to become a bit more diverse with your production style. Nonetheless, the beats are still good and I like how inspirational this album is. The album wraps up with "Legacy" where MP poses the questions "What am I leaving?" and "Will they remember me?". It's a feel-good track and also another one of my favorites. Overall, "The Perception" was a very well put together body of work. I look forward to what Marcus Porter will drop in the future and I suggest yall check him out too! #RapNerdApproved

"I am a new breed unheard of this is my word my testimony, bless him only/ Loosen the noose on my words let them be heard..."
Marcus Porter- "Legacy"

Rap Nerd Rating: 3.5/5

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written by Derek "Rap Nerd" Moore

Rap Nerd LLC - Derek "Rap Nerd" Moore

"Marcus Porter’s “The Perception” Explores The Abyss Of Musical Fusion, Engaging The Intellect And Stirring The Soul"

In the depths of a quiet recording studio in Madison, Wisconsin, Marcus Porter, an extraordinary artist, producer, and engineer, embarked on a transformative musical odyssey to craft his opus, “The Perception.” Through a masterful fusion of Hip-hop, Rap, and subtle shades of R&B, Porter’s profound understanding of his craft manifested in 13 meticulously curated tracks that resonated deep within the soul. Each note, each lyric, and each beat coalesced into an immersive experience that transcended boundaries, provoking introspection and evoking profound emotional resonance. “The Perception” stands as an attestation to Porter’s artistic prowess and his ability to craft an auditory masterpiece that leaves an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of its listeners.

“Read The Script,” the opening track of the album begins with a captivating line that immediately grabs the listener’s attention: “I am the one readin’ the script.” This line sets the tone for the introspective journey that lies ahead and establishes Porter as the narrator of his own story, taking control of his artistic expression and guiding the audience through his musical narrative.

The song’s opening sound, reminiscent of a door being opened, serves as a metaphorical entrance into Porter’s world. This auditory element creates a sense of anticipation and curiosity, as if stepping into a new realm or embarking on a transformative journey. The door opening signifies the beginning of an exploration, inviting the listener to enter a space where Porter’s thoughts and emotions unfold through his poetic lyricism.

As the album progresses, “The Wait” envelops the senses with its atmospheric production and introspective lyrics, inviting the audience to delve deep into their own contemplations.

Porter’s collaboration with RR Moore on “A Word” is a standout track, seamlessly blending their unique styles to create a harmonious fusion of artistry. The synergy between their voices and the eloquent poetry embedded within the verses results in a sonic tapestry that resonates with authenticity and emotional depth. Similarly, “Coco” featuring the enigmatic K.I.L.O, also known as SkitL’z, captivates the listener with its infectious energy and infectious melodies, leaving an indelible imprint on the auditory senses.

As the album progresses, Porter delves into themes of racial identity and empowerment with tracks such as “Black Blood” and “Born Black.” Collaborating with Jay B Coolin, 1neofmani and The King on the latter, Porter creates a sonic panorama that celebrates Black excellence and serves as an anthem for unity and resilience. “Loving You,” featuring the velvety vocals of Chakari Daezhare, provides a moment of serenity and tenderness, demonstrating Porter’s versatility as an artist.

The introspective journey continues with “Glow,” a collaboration with the ethereal Juciee Monroe, where Porter’s introspective lyricism intertwines with Monroe’s captivating vocals to create a celestial soundscape that lingers long after the track concludes. Porter’s collaboration with 1neofmani on “Key” showcases their mutual musical chemistry, resulting in a track that exudes a raw and unfiltered energy, reminiscent of their shared passion for the art form.

“Soup For The Soul” serves as a moment of solace within the album, with its stripped-back instrumentation and introspective lyrics, offering a respite for introspection and self-discovery. Finally, “Legacy” brings “The Perception” to a close, leaving a lasting imprint on the listener’s consciousness. Porter’s heartfelt reflections on leaving a meaningful mark on the world resonate deeply, acting as a call to action for listeners to embrace their own journeys and create their legacies.

Whether you are a connoisseur of Hip-hop, Rap or R&B, or simply a lover of powerful and thought-provoking music, “The Perception” is an auditory gem that will leave an everlasting impact. - Delvin

"Marcus Porter Released a New Album ''THE PERCEPTION''- Review"

Marcus Porter Released a New Album ''THE PERCEPTION''- Review
Marcus Porter, an emerging hip-hop and R&B artist hailing from Madison, Wisconsin, delivers a dynamic and introspective album titled 'The Perception.' Drawing inspiration from indie music, backpack rap, and blues, Porter curates a distinct fusion that resonates deeply with his soul and strikes a chord with his listeners. As an artist, he not only shares his music on renowned stages like Lifest Stage, Cap Times Live, and Festival Food Lights The Isthmus but also imparts his passion through after-school programs in his music studio.

Marcus Porter single-handedly crafted every aspect of "The Perception," self-producing the entire album from scratch, demonstrating his impressive skills as both a rapper and a producer.

The opening track, "Read The Script," sets the tone for the album. Porter's rich vocals take center stage as he declares, "I am the one reading the script," establishing himself as the protagonist of his own story. This theme of self-exploration runs throughout the album, making 'The Perception' an intimate and soul-searching journey.

One of the standout tracks, "Wave," embraces R&B and soul influences with a captivating horn melody. Porter's empowering words, "I write my own stories, I tell my truths, this is my wave, I'm welcoming you," deliver a strong message about personal agency. The song emphasizes the importance of focusing on what can be controlled in a world filled with external influences, urging listeners to ride the "Wave" of life.

Another aspect of Marcus Porter's identity comes to the forefront in the track "Coco" featuring K.I.L.O. aka SkitL’z. The song expresses his appreciation for himself with the line "Loving the skin that I'm in," while acknowledging that building confidence and self-acceptance took time. Porter touches on universal experiences of isolation, facing discrimination, and being different, allowing listeners to connect with his journey of triumph over adversity.

The album concludes with the thought-provoking track "Legacy," where Porter openly questions the mark he will leave behind. Encouraging listeners to reflect on their own lives, he prompts them to evaluate what they will be remembered for. "Legacy" inspires individuals to make conscious choices aligned with their values, knowing that the impact they leave on the world can be everlasting.

Now, let's delve deeply into some of the tracks that stand out on the album:

Born Black

"Born Black" resonates deeply with its passionate delivery. Marcus Porter, along with 1neofmani, Jay B Coolin, and The King, tackles the challenges and determination needed for success in a country not entirely set up for black individuals to thrive. The track features relentless bars, memorable melodies, and an emotional intensity that is hard to ignore.

Glow (Ft. Juciee Monroe)

"Glow" exudes ambition and empowerment. With a flashy and grandiose instrumental, Marcus Porter's infectious hook and dynamic verse, along with Juciee Monroe's bold contribution, inspire listeners to reach for greatness and stand tall in pursuit of their dreams.

Soup For The Soul

"Soup For The Soul" combines a gentle yet bouncy beat with an extremely catchy hook and elaborate flows. Marcus imparts wisdom-filled lyrics that motivate dreamers and hustlers alike to strive for greatness. This track stands out for its unique ingredients that make it a soul-nourishing experience.


In "Wave," Marcus Porter celebrates creativity and individuality. The horn-driven instrumental adds to the song's infectious energy, and Porter's pride in staying true to himself is palpable. The track serves as a refreshing reminder to up-and-coming artists about the importance of authenticity.

The Wait

"The Wait" is an anthem that highlights Marcus Porter's authenticity. Expressing his commitment to pursuing his dreams in his own way, the track showcases his genuine artistry. The simplicity of the production, coupled with Marcus's switch in flow, creates a captivating experience that resonates deeply.

The song-by-song breakdown highlights the consistency of the album, with several tracks receiving praise for their powerful messages and emotive delivery. Overall, 'The Perception' is a fresh and introspective take on hip-hop, showcasing Marcus Porter's talent as both an artist and a storyteller. It invites listeners to join him on a journey of self-discovery and resilience, leaving a lasting impression that echoes long after the final track.

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Twitter: - upn6xt

"Marcus Porter creates an introspective listening experience on album, "The Perception""

Instrumentally diverse and filled to the brim with memorable moments, Marcus Porter has beyond hit the mark with his newest full length album, The Perception. Keep reading as we share our thoughts on the record, as well as a closer look into this artist.

Hailing from the vibrant music scene of Madison, Wisconsin, multi-talented artist and producer Marcus Porter brings a refreshing and essential sound to the scene. With a unique blend of “indie vibes, backpack rap, and hints of R&B”, Porter's music is not only uplifting but also deeply inspirational. His first album, The Perception, showcases his artistry and resonates with listeners on a profound level.

Porter's journey as a musician started as a personal endeavor, creating music that spoke to his own experiences and emotions. However, it didn't take long for his music to connect with others, garnering him a dedicated fan base who appreciate his authenticity and talent. Fans have hailed him as an artist with purpose, drawing comparisons to the likes of Kid Cudi, J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, and Chance the Rapper.

The Perception is a testament to Marcus Porter's dedication and passion for his craft. The album delves into a variety of themes, exploring personal growth, self-reflection, and the struggles of everyday life. Through his honest and introspective lyrics, Porter invites listeners into his world, sharing his triumphs and tribulations with raw vulnerability.

One of the defining characteristics of The Perception is Porter's ability to blend different musical elements seamlessly. The album effortlessly combines the rhythmic beats and clever wordplay of hip-hop with the smooth melodies and soulful vibes of R&B. This fusion creates a sonic landscape that keeps listeners engaged from start to finish. We’d be lying if we didn’t say that the subtle horns presented here add a world of complexity and depth to the already packed sound.

Porter's artistry shines the brightest though in his storytelling and lyricism. Whether he's delving into personal experiences, social commentary, or introspective musings, his words carry weight and resonance. Each track on the album showcases his ability to craft meaningful narratives and deliver them with passion and conviction.

Looking ahead, Marcus Porter is actively working on new music projects and aims to make a splash in the commercial scene. His ambition and dedication are evident, and his super fresh and exciting sound have us eagerly anticipating his future releases. While we patiently wait for more, go ahead and dive head first into this, we know you’re going to love it. Click all the links below to listen, follow along, and of course to stay tuned for so much more in the works. - Austin Sher

"Marcus Porter is refreshingly himself in “The Perception.”"


5. Born Black
As a young black man, “Born Black” struck a major chord with me.
“Born Black” is filled with tons of passion. Throughout the song, you get bars from Marcus Porter, 1neofmani, Jay B Coolin, and The King that tackles the fight, the determination, the resiliency, the positivity, and the focus that is needed to succeed in a country that isn’t completely set up for black folks to succeed. I love this song because it contains raps that are delivered relentlessly, memorable melodies, and a level of emotion that is hard to ignore.

4. Glow (Ft. Juciee Monroe)
“Glow” will make you go harder than yesterday.
“Glow” is about standing as tall as you can and using your long arms to reach your dreams. The first thing that catches my attention about the song is that it features an instrumental that is flashy, booming, and grandiose. What also catches my attention about the song is that it features an infectious hook by Marcus Porter that would make a young Drake proud, an ambitious verse by Marcus that is delivered pretty dynamically, and a bold verse by Juciee Monroe that will make you strive for greatness. All in all, “Glow” is a banger that will make you go 10x harder in life.

3. Soup For The Soul
Marcus Porter’s “Soup For The Soul” contains ingredients that you can’t find at your local grocery store.
“Soup For The Soul” features a beat that boasts both gentle and bouncy. Over it, Marcus hits us with an extremely catchy hook and elaborate flows. He also drops wisdom-filled lyrics that will motivate dreamers, hustlers, and everyone in-between to strive for greatness.

What kind of bread are you eating with your soup for the soul (That’s a very important question)?

2. Wave
Marcus Porter gives himself a well-needed pat on the back in “Wave.”
“Wave” feels like a celebration of creativity. In the song, which boasts this horn-driven instrumental, Marcus Porter brags about having his own style and staying true to himself at all times.

More than anything, “Wave” will show up-and-coming artists how refreshing it is to be yourself. You can just feel high levels of pride in every word Marcus delivers.

1. The Wait
An anthem that will remind you to stay true to yourself.
In “The Wait,” Marcus Porter lets his mother know that he will only pursue his dreams if he can do things his way. What I like about this track is how it practically lets people that are new to Marcus’s music know how authentic he is.

Though the production that we get in “The Wait” sounds simple, there’s something about the piano notes I hear in it that strikes a chord with me. I also rock with how Marcus switches his flow throughout the song, getting fully lost in its vibes.

1. Read The Script (4/5)

2. The Wait (4/5)

3. Wave (4/5)

4. A Word (N/A)

5. Black Blood (3.5/5)

6. Coco (Ft. K.I.L.O aka SkitL’z) (3.5/5)

7. Born Black (Ft. 1neofmani, Jay B Coolin & The King) (4/5)

8. Loving You (4/5)

9. A 2nd Word (N/A)

10. Glow (Ft. Juciee Monroe) (4/5)

11. Key (3.5/5)

12. Soup For The Soul (4/5)

13. Legacy (3.5/5)


In today’s world, it’s really hard to find hip-hop music that is uplifting, empowering, inspirational, and full of positive vibes. Fortunately, that’s exactly what Marcus Porter provides us with in The Perception. Throughout the album, he talks about being black and proud, staying true to yourself, and embracing love. Marcus pairs these strong messages with catchy hooks, outstanding flows, and clever punchlines. Overall, the project feels poetic and therapeutic. - Quincy

"Dive Into 'The Perception' Of Marcus Porter"

Marcus Porter is a dynamic, up-and-coming hip-hop and R&B artist from Madison, Wisconsin. He began producing music to curate a distinct fusion of indie music, backpack rap, and blues that resonated with his soul. He quickly discovered that his sound also struck a chord with others, inspiring him to use his voice to share inspirational messages with his listeners.

Marcus has performed at renowned venues such as the Lifest Stage, Cap Times Live, and Festival Food Lights The Isthmus, drawing comparisons to Kid Cudi, J. Cole, and Kendrick Lamar. He shares his passion by teaching after-school programs in his music studio, among many other intimate performances. His latest release, 'The Perception,' delivers a fresh take on the traditional hip-hop album.

The opening track of his album, titled "Read The Script," begins with a delicate piano melody. Marcus Porter's rich vocals take center stage as he delivers the lyrics, "I am the one reading the script," implying that he is the protagonist of his own story. This introduces the album's theme of exploring Marcus’ personal experiences and perspective, making "The Perception" an intimate and introspective journey.

The album's third track, "Wave," embraces R&B and soul influences with a captivating horn melody in the intro. Marcus Porter echoes the empowering words, "I write my own stories, I tell my truths, this is my wave, I'm welcoming you."

The song delivers a strong message that will resonate deeply with listeners, emphasizing the importance of personal agency. In a world where external influences can sway us, Marcus reminds listeners that they have the power to forge their path. Rather than being consumed by factors beyond their control, he encourages focusing on what can be controlled and riding the “Wave” of life.

As the album unfolds, Marcus delves into another aspect of his identity; exploring his experiences as a black man. In the track “Coco” with K.I.L.O. aka SkitL’z, he expresses his appreciation for himself with the lyric "Loving the skin that I'm in." However, he also acknowledges that building up his confidence and self-acceptance took time.

Throughout the song, Marcus touches on isolation, being different, and facing discrimination—universal experiences that will resonate with people worldwide. With each track, listeners can connect with Marcus's journey, witnessing his triumph over adversity through discovering his strength and resilience.

The album reaches its conclusion with the track "Legacy." In this introspective song, Porter openly questions the legacy he will leave behind. He prompts listeners to reflect on their lives by asking: What am I leaving behind? How will I be remembered? Will I be remembered at all? This thought-provoking track reminds us to explore our passions and re-evaluate our priorities. It inspires individuals to make conscious choices that align with their values, knowing that the mark they leave on the world has the potential to live on infinitely.

'The Perception' is available now on all streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Marcus Porter, and congratulations on your latest release, "The Perception." What are the biggest influences that have helped you develop your unique music style?

Listening to many different art and music genres has helped me develop my styles, such as Hip-Hop, R&B, Jazz, painting, and poetry, especially from the Harlem Renaissance. And these things have always played a role in my life, but the more I grow, the deeper I dive into other areas of music and art.

Do you have a favorite of all the "The Perception" tracks?

That is a tough question because I love all the tracks on "The Perception." If I had to pick one, it would be Black Blood, Loving You, or Soup For The Soul. But honestly, they all are my favorites. I love and enjoy my art!

Walk us through your creative process when composing a song from start to finish.

When it comes to creating, most of the chords and melodies were created for this album before I did the drums to it. When it comes to writing, I often think about my past life experiences and try to bring them back to life in my music and keep it relatable. Most of my songs are written while travelling or doing daily things.

Is there a specific place or environment that sparks your creativity when composing music?

I like to go to all types of museums when I travel with my family and soak up things and pieces that others have created while also learning about history, so being around anything creative will spark my mind to create some art.

If you could collaborate with any artist that's ever lived, which would you choose?

Childish Gambino(Donald Glover).


Facebook - Buzz Music

"Festival foods lights the isthmus"

MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) - Fourth of July celebrations return to Forward Madison’s home field this year as the Festival Foods Lights the Isthmus returns with family-friendly festivities. Details for the event, which is being organized by the grocery chain in conjunction with Big Top Events, were released Monday.

With Independence Day falling on a Monday this year, the event will be held on the date the Founding Fathers actually voted to declare independence from Great Britain, rather than on Independence Day, July 2. Gates at Breese Stevens Field will open at 5 p.m. and, in addition to the show in the sky, organizers are bringing in five bands from a mix of genres. (listed below)

“We are excited to continue a partnership with Festivals Foods to bring family-friendly entertainment and another amazing fireworks display to Downtown Madison,” Big Top Events General Manager Tristan Straub said. “We would like to express great gratitude and thanks to Festival Foods for making this possible, again, and to the neighborhood for working with us to host an event that is unique to Madison.”

Tickets for the event will run $10 and children will get in free, so long as they are with a grown-up who paid for their admission. Organizers are reminding ticketholders to bring a blanket or chair if they plan to sit in the field. For $50 a ticket, fireworks fans can get a rooftop ticket that includes food and beverage, particularly three beers, all the Pepsi products you can drink, and tailgate-style eats, including Festival Foods Oktoberfest Brats.

Tickets are available here or at

Musical guests
Forward Marching Band (Community-Based Music Collective)
Kat and the Hurricane (Synth Pop Rock)
Marcus Porter (Hip-Hop/R&B)
Pine Travelers (Americana/Folk/Rock)
Uncommon Denominator (1960′s-Current Cover Band)
Shows start at 6 p.m. - Nick Viviani

"Cap Times Live heads to Bur Oak with Marcus Porter, Juciee Monroe"

Cap Times Live continues in 2022! On Saturday, Feb. 19, we'll kick off the year with Madison-based hip-hop and R&B artists Marcus Porter and Juciee Monroe at the Bur Oak, 2262 Winnebago St.

This music series was developed in 2021 to support Madison-based musicians during the pandemic. Attendees can enjoy local music and an interview with the musicians done by Chelsey Dequaine-Jerabek, the Cap Times' marketing and social media director.

Marcus Porter
Marcus Porter will perform at the first Cap Times Live of 2022 on Feb. 19 at the Bur Oak.

Porter is a hip-hop and R&B artist whose work has been compared to Kid Cudi, J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Chance the Rapper, Kanye West and Travis Scott. He has performed at Lifest among many other venues.

Juciee Monroe
Juciee Monroe will perform at the first Cap Times Live of 2022 on Feb. 19 at the Bur Oak.

Monroe is an up-and-coming songwriter, hip-hop and R&B artist. In December, she released a new single — "Glow" — with Porter. She has performed locally at Make Music Madison, Mad Lit and more. She says, "I'm ready for the world to share my passion for music — to recognize me as a skilled lyricist and a talented songwriter."

Tickets ($10 in advance or $12 on the day of the show) are available online through the Bur Oak. Doors open at 6 p.m., and the show runs 7-8 p.m. Find the Bur Oak's COVID policy here.

Ticket sales support locally produced Cap Times journalism. Cap Times members can attend in-person for free or watch via the Zoom livestream. Become a member here.

Thank you to our video partner Hinckley Productions and our venue partner the Bur Oak for helping make this series possible. - Capital Times

"Marcus Porter And Juicee Monroe "Glow," In A New Inspirational Single"

Hailing from Madison, Wisconsin, songwriter, rapper, and producer Marcus Porter teams up with rapper/vocalist Juicee Monroe for their inspirational and lively single, "Glow."

Marcus Porter's hip-hop and r&b stylings were once created for fun, but after seeing incredible success and traction, Porter knew music creation was for him. He uses alternative, backpack rap, and hints of r&b to bring his songs to life. Marcus Porter has performed at numerous intimate venues with packed crowds, one of which was at the Lifest stage.

Now pairing up with rapper and vocalist Juicee Monroe for their sweet and uplifting single, "Glow," the song holds this certain motivational tone that's truly compelling. Marcus Porter offers a similar energetic and exciting flow to that of Chance the Rapper, especially in this single. Juicee Monroe's magnetic and confident bars are the perfect mid-way pick-me-up.

Hitting play on the single, "Glow (feat. Juicee Monroe)," we're greeted with Marcus Porter's sole vocals alongside a twinkling keyboard melody that sets the song's inspirational and chilling tone. As Marcus Porter hops into his first verse, he begins to soak our speakers in confidence as he explains the many abundant blessings that life has given.

Before we know it, Juicee Monroe begins to make her charismatic vocal appearance while reminding us that her hunger for life is everlasting. She continues to wow us with her boss energy, closing her verse with nothing but poise. As Marcus Porter makes his way around the hook one last time alongside an honest outro verse, he closes the song with vast optimism and hope.

Don't be afraid to "Glow" with Marcus Porter and Juicee Monroe's latest single, now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Marcus Porter. We admire the inspirational and uplifting approach you've taken with your latest single, "Glow (feat. Juicee Monroe)." What inspired you to create such a motivational and honest track?

Thank you for having me! Glow was created during the beginning of Covid. It was tough with all the things going on in the world and I felt I needed to be relatable but also spread some of my light.

Speaking of honesty, was it easy for you to be so open and real when writing your bars for "Glow (feat. Juicee Monroe)"? What was your songwriting process like?

Yes, it was easy, to be honest on Glow with my bars because I always write about my life and wanna give relatable substance we’re humans I wanna be able to connect. The process for Glow started with me making the beat. I started writing my verses first. Then my chorus came as I was humming to myself while playing with my verses and Glow started to form itself; it just was missing one thing, Juciee.

Why did you want to collaborate with Juicee Monroe for "Glow (feat. Juicee Monroe)"? What does she bring to the table that the track needed?

I wanted to collaborate with Juciee because I work with her in the studio all the time recording her songs so I wanted to collab, also her work ethic is amazing and she’s just all-around dope. On Glow, Juciee brings her story with a dope verse for people who felt like her as well and she’s being honest about her ups and downs too.

What did you want your listeners to take away from the motivational single, "Glow (feat. Juicee Monroe)"? What do you hope to leave them with?

What I want listeners to take away from Glow is that it’s about finding your light in the darkness and spreading your light to others as you continue to be bright. I hope to leave listeners with a song to play anytime their light feels dim so they can recharge it and keep going and also share it with others who have a bright light and relate. - Victoria

"Marcus Porter & Juciee Monroe “Glow” In New Single"

“Glow” should make you go harder than yesterday.
Madison, Wisconsin’s very own, Marcus Porter, has been dropping more hits than Floyd Mayweather as of late. This year alone, he released four singles: “Born Black,” “The Process,” “Soup For The Soul,” and “Glow.” The latter is his latest single.

“Glow” is about standing as tall as you can and using your long arms to reach your dreams. The first thing that catches my attention about the song is that it features an instrumental that is flashy, booming, and grandiose. What also catches my attention about the song is that it features an infectious hook that would make a young Drake very proud, an ambitious verse by Marcus Porter that is delivered pretty dynamically, and a bold verse by Juciee Monroe that will make you strive for greatness. All in all, “Glow” is a banger that will make you go 10x harder in life.

Give “Glow” a shot below! - Quincy

"Beyond The Bars: w/ Marcus Porter"

#BeyondTheBars is a LessWork Literature series where we go beyond the bars of local artists with intentions of showing another side of art and the artist.

Musically, it's been a busy year for Marcus Porter. Releasing the recipe for "Soup For The Soul" in the form of a song back in February.

Between recording featuring verses, engineering your favorite rappers sound, and performing live. There is a lot to go beyond the bars w/ Marcus Porter about.


Unapologetically, the oh so effortlessly, Marcus Porter music speaks to the black experience in America. Period. Whole time Marcus is lowkey working on 4 solo projects of his own let me tell it. During my exclusive listening session in 2020 (which we are still tucking) to Marcus Porter's
latest work. As he'll say "I'm just making music." No title has been set over the records he pushed play on but between me and you he was leaning towards: Black New Year. Which now would be dope asf if he decided to release it at the bottom of the fourth qrt this year or at the top of next year. Either way, MPezzy got work on the way.


While operating inside a hub on Madison's south side. I booked a session to record a song called "Real N:ggas In Season", where I begin recruiting Marcus and his business partner Richard Jones Jr. of Oddly Arranged Media to bring "their talents from South Beach ⛱ " to what I refer to as "The Easy Side" but don't get it twisted. The east side of Madison ain't easy.

You'll have to ask them how business has been since the move? Based on the progress I've seen, Oddly Arranged Media has definitely stepped their game up. As they now offer audio recording services, podcasting, photography, apparel, workshops, and I heard through the grapevine Richard's daughter recently launched a line of custom keychains. For more on Oddly Arranged Media visit their website.


Now you see why we decided to go beyond the bars with Marcus Porter? He's a interesting fella, even when his music is turned off. Marcus is fully activated within the musical community of the city even when you don't see him. 9 times out of 10 Marcus recorded, mixed, or mastered records with/for your favorite local artists in Madison. That alone is enough to cover an entire blog. Just saying. Where were we?

Yup. Porter is Madison's sacrificial lamb musically. When he's not working on his own music, the kid-less mc spends countless hours making sure artists like myself sound exactly how we heard our music in our head. This nigga is digital dope on a spoon. Have you ever experienced a recording session with Marcus Porter? The man works so fast it's been said that he mixes your record while recording your vocals. I would say Marcus is extremely easy to work with. Most artists prefer to work with yes men who stroke their ego with false pretense in order to remain on the artist good side. Well let me say this; Marcus could care less about you liking him. When you book a session with MPezzy expect greatness and raw truths. It's a easy win every time though.


Speaking of wins, Marcus Porter's latest single and visual "Born Black" landed on a lot of bloggers to-blog-about lists.

Here's what they had to say about the record:

Quincy w/ Ratings Game Music said:

"I love this song because it contains raps that are delivered relentlessly, memorable melodies, and a level of emotion that is hard to ignore.

Filthy Riché from The Weekly Beat said:

"I'm not always a fan of conscious rap, but the first time I heard the track, I gotta admit -- It gave me chills! -- Marcus widens his appeal by using hues of indie, backpack rap and hints of r&b."

HM of Gautsch Vision recently put Marcus Porter in the spotlight of her blog where Marcus covers the musicial adjustments he made during the pandemic.

Exclusively, airing the visual to "Born Black" 1 day in advance at our local artists hub located at 1444 inside Oddly Arranged Media recording studio. The top tier guest list included: LessWork Local Lifestyle, Odd Man Owt of Oddly Arranged Media, Artists Collective, Aaron of Neimihah, Boss Lady w/ WORT Radio 89.9, Sheena Raye w/ Radio 22, HM w/ Gautsch Vision, Juciee Monroe, TG Music, Rare Mc, Zoh, Jay-Day, & plenty more heavies and artists were spotted showing up and showing the artist real love. We even captured live audience feedback immediately after the showing. Check out the review video below that we put together for your enjoyment.

Thank you Marcus Porter for trusting the vision and the process of building something life long and sustainable.

The world we live in, is the world we cover.

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Written by: 1neofmani Pen

Title: Beyond The Bars: w/ Marcus Porter

Photo Credit: LessWork Lens, Marcus Porter, Oddly Arranged Media, and Gautsch Vision

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"In The Spotlight w/ Marcus Porter"

In The Spotlight w/ Marcus Porter
As I sit here sunk into this black leather couch surrounded by anthem beats and blue saturated walls writing these questions, I am witnessing and studying Marcus Porter in his own process. Honestly, it’s the usual vibe of productivity, we are just missing two of our team members. The show must still go on, while I marinate in Marcus Porter’s lyrics and story.

The pandemic really was tough on everyone. How were you able to keep yourself afloat, mentally and physically, during our lock-down?

During the pandemic, I was able to sit back & create without having to feel rushed. But, of course, I also did a lot of reading and anime watching

Anything you discovered about yourself during the pandemic?

I discovered my love for all types of art again. I had lost it because I wasn’t focused on it or trying to seek it out. But once I did, I fell in love again.

I have had the privilege to sit in the studio with you recently. You have a very intriguing writing process when it comes to your songs. Can you tell the audience how that process goes? Which comes first for you, the hook, the verse, or the beat?

The beat is usually the first thing that comes, and sometimes it’s just a simple four or eight bar loop. Then I typically start humming to myself until I find something that sticks. Sometimes it’s the hook first, but lately, it’s been the verses to come then the hook. But I always write from my heart.

You just dropped the single, “Born Black”, how did that come about? What influenced the song?

“Born Black” came about during quarantine when George Floyd was murdered. So the song is a reflection of my own life experience. It was also influenced by many others who’ve dealt with racism, mistreatment, & death simply due to their skin pigment and social injustice. I was born black. Along with others, we’ve been seeking, fighting for, and addressing our shortcomings when it comes to black women & protecting them from the nonsense we deal with.

What do you want your audience/listeners to take with them after listening to “Born Black?” or any other song you create?

I am fighting for everyone and know the struggles we face, but there is always light at the end of the tunnel. I just try to be relatable and give them good content and sound to vibe to no matter what the scenario. My music represents my experiences and who I am as an individual.

Performing in Portage, WI. 6.19.2021
“Born Black” isn’t the only song you have with a feature on your upcoming album. Who else is featured on this upcoming album?

I have a few different features for the project. They are Chakari, K.I.L.O., 1neofMani, Juciee Monroe, Jay B Coolin, The King, so it’s pretty stacked on it. Each one came through and did their things; I appreciate them all.

You’re not just a musician. You engineer first many, many local artists. What came first for you as an artist? The producer or the musician?

The musician was always first, but I engineer because there weren’t many around, and I had an interest in it and wanted to create the best-sounding project I could. So I went to school to really learn the skills that have made me a better musician, from producing to the final master.

How and when did you discover that music is what you wanted to do with your life? What’s your story?

I’ve known music was my calling since I was about 7 or 8, but I really knew right before I went to high school. I was interested in sports, but it was fading because all I wanted to do was write and make music. So my story is… Dad is a DJ, and mom did some drumming in drum core, and they made this young man who loves to create music and help others however he can.

What type of story are you trying to convey in your music? What do you want your audience to take with them after experiencing your music?

The story is my story, but also everyone else’s too. I write music to have self-reflection. If you feel what I’m saying, then you’ve been there or are there, and I’m on the journey with you of this thing called life. I want to be as relatable as I can while still giving you a vibe.

If you want a taste of Marcus Porter’s story, make sure you check out his new single “Born Black” - H.M. Gautsch

"Rapper/Producer. Marcus Porter Shed's Light on His Struggle on New Single, 'Born Black' Ft. 1neofmani, Jay B Coolin and The King"

Growing up a black boy in the Midwest, rapper/producer, Marcus Porter was always aware of his difference, his blackness. Whether it was the climate finally lending space for black guys to talk about their painful unique struggles or his own "wokeness" that inspired the track, the 30 year old hip hop artist is using his experience to uplift and inspire others through his music. Porter recently dropped the a visual for his riveting and spirited new single, Born Black Ft. 1neofmani, Jay B Coolin and The King.

I'm not always a fan of conscious rap, but the first time I heard the track, I gotta admit -- It gave me chills! He spits on the chorus, "born black, I'll die black. That's facts. Using these words to document..." And the song doesn't have that underground basement feel that often accompanies conscious content. He widens his appeal by using hues of indie, backpack rap and hints of r&b. The Madison, Wisconsin native started out creating music just for his own ears, but then realized that his music needed to resonate with other people. Having been praised by fans as a true artist, Marcus Porter has performed at the Lifest stage and has hosted many other intimate yet engaging performances.

As the proud artist behind Born Black Ft. 1neofmani, Jay B Coolin & The King " Marcus Porter has been compared to the likes of J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Chance the Rapper, Kanye West and also Travis Scott. Deemed by the Buzz Music LA Blog as a “unique rapper and lyricist who has undeniable skill” and an “artist who is unafraid to bare his soul” through poetically curated lyrics and melodies, Marcus Porter is one talented rapper bringing his A game to the world of music.

Currently, Marcus Porter spends his free time engineering and networking to build his own brand. He’s also currently working on his music projects, which he aims to drop into the commercial scene in the coming years fall. Super fresh, cool and exciting, we can’t wait for Marcus Porter to light up the stage at a small, intimate mic night or any stage of any venue. - Filthy Riché

"Marcus Porter, 1neofmani, Jay B Coolin & The King Embrace Their Blackness In “Born Black”"

How can you not feel “Born Black” in your soul?
Black empowerment songs hit so differently for me these days. Personally, I think it is important for the musicians that we all love to find a way to lead the fight against racism, oppression, and prejudice. With that being said, Marcus Porter’s latest single, “Born Black” featuring 1neofmani, Jay B Coolin, and The King, is a track that effectively describes the importance of feeling black and empowered.

“Born Black” is filled with tons of passion. Throughout the song, you get bars from Marcus Porter, 1neofmani, Jay B Coolin, and The King that tackles the fight, the determination, the resiliency, the positivity, and the focus that is needed to succeed in a country that isn’t completely set up for black folks to succeed. I love this song because it contains raps that are delivered relentlessly, memorable melodies, and a level of emotion that is hard to ignore.

Give the very powerful “Born Black” a shot below. - Quincy

"Marcus Porter Gives Us “Soup For The Soul” On New Single"

Marcus Porter’s “Soup For The Soul” contains ingredients that you can’t find at your local grocery store.
Marcus Porter is a hip-hop artist from Madison, Wisconsin that you need to keep an eye on. What you’re going to love about him is that he likes to experiment with all kinds of genres in his music. “Soup For The Soul,” Marcus’ latest single, showcases his incomparable style.

“Soup For The Soul” features a beat that boasts both gentle and bouncy vibes. Over it, Marcus hits us with both a catchy hook and elaborate flows. He also drops wisdom-filled lyrics that will motivate dreamers, hustlers, and everyone in-between to strive for greatness.

“Soup For The Soul” is an inspirational banger that we can all use in our lives right now. - Quincy

"Marcus Porter Unleashes His Lyrical Skills on 'Soup for the Soul'"

In the early 1980s hip-hop was at a vital turning point. The sound smoothed out as emcees got access to production equipment. Synthesizers, samplers, and drum machines became cheaper and more accessible. Roland’s iconic TR-808 drum machine became the weapon of choice. Instead of relying on DJ breakbeats, music producers could now program original drum patterns, a cornerstone of hip hop's powerful bass drum sound.

The last decade has seen many new sounds influence hip hop music. Madison, Wisconsin hip hop artist, Marcus Porter is one of those innovative artists infusing dope new sounds into the genre. Using hues of indie, backpack rap and hints of r&b, he began to create music for his own ears until he realized that his music needed to resonate with other people. His latest single, entitled "Soup for the Soul", is an uplifting, highly melodic rap track that showcases his skills as a producer and lyricist. The beat is unique; it works well with his conscious lyrics as he unpacks his life experiences on this track.

The 30 year old hip-hop and r&b artist & producer brings music, which he deems as essential, uplifting and also inspirational. His vibe reminds me of Chance the Rapper.

"Never been lame, learning these lessons, giving out blessings..."

Having been lauded by fans as a true artist, Marcus Porter has performed at the Lifest stage and has hosted many other intimate performances which are engaging and lively. Marcus Porter has been compared to the likes of Kid Cudi, J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Chance the Rapper, Kanye West and also Travis Scott.
Buzz Music LA Blog described him as a “unique rapper and lyricist who has undeniable skill” and an “artist who is unafraid to bare his soul” through poetically curated lyrics and melodies, Marcus Porter is one talented rapper bringing his A game to the world of music.

"Soup for the Soul" is a shining example of what happens when talent, hip-hop and "soul" collide. - The Weekly Beat

"Warmth in the Lyrical Talents of Marcus Porter Serve Up, "Soup for the Soul""

Madison, Wisconsin, is home to Hip-hop and R&B artist Marcus Porter. Having always been a boy from Wisconsin, Marcus Porter brings forth his delectable musical creations, which he deems as essential, uplifting, and also inspirational.

Utilizing hues of Indie, Backpack Rap, and hints of R&B, Marcus Porter began to create music for his own ears until he realized that he needed his music to resonate with other people in the world.

Pushing forth a captivating track that takes us back to wistful readings of Chicken Soup for the Soul novels, if they were paired with a sprinkle of Marcus Porter’s homemade charisma, we get to hear the flavourful single, “Soup for the Soul.”

Indulging his audience in an enriching fusion of his panaches that fall into an assortment of classifications that epitomize the genre of Hip-hop today, Marcus Porter has something distinctive to offer up in the liveliness that he brings to the table.

Sweeping through his verses with a well-executed delivery of witty quips, Marcus Porter takes us to the triumphant hook that doubles in intensity as it immerses our speakers. Marcus Porter takes his talents to a new-fangled dimension as he seamlessly adds a pep in his step with the way that he conveys his zealous messaging. Knowing what it takes to create a timeless hit, you can hear signature attributes in the manner, “Soup for the Soul,” fit a, never go out of style, scheme.

The lyrical contributions that illuminate themes of an exposed elegiac personality bring the spotlight back to the admirable traits that Marcus Porter comprehends. With another single in the books, we’re impressed with the consistent growth that Marcus Porter exemplifies with each fresh release.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic, Marcus Porter, it’s always a pleasure when we get to catch up on your artistic journey! How have you found your artistic style grow from your previous release to the release of, “Soup for the Soul?"

I am ecstatic to let you all back into the journey! My style has grown a lot over the last couple of years & Soup for the Soul is just one of the many pieces of music where the growth has come for me & my artistry.

Could you please share what the recording process looked like when fashioning, “Soup for the Soul?"

It started with me building the beat I went with the piano melody then built around it adding the horns, the bells & then finally the drums. I wrote the hook first on a four-bar loop of just melodies before the drums even got added and then it all just kind of came together when I started arranging the song for what I wanted it to be.

What are you hoping that listeners take away from your messaging in this song?

I am hoping that the listeners take away I am cooking up a different sound & taste for their pallets for music and the truth and honesty in it and that I won’t stop being me in the way I do in life for myself or people & I’m trying to feed them solid music for their soul.

You have been known for the consistency in the quality of your releases. In a world where artists tend to debate over quality versus quantity, what’s your stance?

I believe you need both, quality is what keeps them listening. I also believe you definitely should be consistent with dropping but doing it at a pace that allows you to still have the quality you need to drop.

What's next?

What's next for me is that I will be dropping a few more singles along with videos and possibly a couple of bodies of work. 2021 will be a busy year for sure you will be hearing from me again soon! - Buzz Music

"Marcus Soup For The Soul"

Marcus Porter’s “Soup for the Soul,” is uplifting, melodic rap track that showcases skills as a producer and lyricist, beat works well with lyrics as he unpacks life experiences on this track. This track is captivating that takes you to Chicken Soup for the Soul poems, if they were combined with my lyrics and production.

Madison, Wisconsin, is home to hip hop and R&B artist Marcus Porter. Having always been a boy from Wisconsin, Marcus Porter brings music, which he deems as essential, uplifting and also inspirational. Using hues of Indie, Backpack Rap and hints of R&B, he began to create music for his own ears until he realized that his music needed to resonate with other people. Deemed by the Buzz Music LA Blog as a “unique rapper and lyricist who has undeniable skill” and an “artist who is unafraid to bare his soul” through poetically curated lyrics and melodies, Marcus Porter is one talented rapper bringing his A game to the world of music. - 44faced

"M.P. Talks New Music and His Remarkable 2019"

Based in Madison, WI, the talented rapper, producer and lyricist M.P. has previously featured on BuzzMusic for dope tracks “Roots” and “Hero”. Since M.P is always bringing us new, relatable content, we thought we'd take a look back at his 2019. M.P.'s passion for making music allows him to forge connections with his listeners on a deeper level. He curates tracks that are raw and honest, while remaining contemporary and relevant. He’s an artist that is unafraid to bare his soul through poetry and melodies. M.P.'s music has been influenced by many different musicians such as Kanye West, J.Cole, Chance The Rapper, Kid Cudi and Jay-Z and he proudly draws from these legends for inspiration.

If you’re new to M.P. then you’re tuning in at the pinnacle moment; this year has been huge for the rising star. The highlights of the year include hit singles “Black Magic”, which quickly amassed thousands of streams, “Alright” which is a hard-hitting hip-hop anthem featuring Ryan Aranda, and many other singles and features that further prove M.P.'s success. Marcus Porter’s concepts and ideas are refreshing and we have yet to hear something from the rising start that we haven’t vibed to. He’s absolutely an artist worth getting to know!

Welcome back, M.P.! It’s always a pleasure chatting with you. Out of everything you’ve accomplished this year, what would you say you’re the proudest of?

Thank you for having me for the third time to chat especially for this moment! To answer your question what I am proudest of this year is just growing as an Artist and being able to put music out that allows people to take a look into myself and themselves and connect also proud of improving my sound and gifting as an artist in this time of music.

Congrats on releasing so many singles in one year and being featured in multiple songs! It truly has been such an impressive year for you. What was the overall concept of your first release of the year, “Black Magic”?

Thank you it was definitely a busy year for me releasing os much music and to have released "Black Magic" first was so amazing because “Black Magic” is a song that pays homage and encourages The Future (Kids), The Present(M.P. And Others), and The Legacy(Grandparents and Elders). The song is a reminder to all Black People that they are magical and must continue to build each other up and progress. Even though this song seems as if it is intended for Black People only, everyone can enjoy it.

We were most engaged by the lyricism within “Alright”! Can you dive into the meaning behind the lyrics on this particular track?

What do you hope your listeners take away from the overall sentiment? With “Alright" I was just saying I am here and ready to take my spot in Hip-Hop as an influence so I wanted people to see that I was tired of being the quiet guy who you see and know and let them know I am here to make a change and bring them with me.

Among your singles in 2019, you’re featured on 3 new singles! What has been the most exciting collaboration for you this year?

I think I had a few more I forgot to share with you all, but I love all the features I was apart of those guys are my bros so I can’t pick one over the other cause all the songs are dope and let me be different on each one. Shout Out to the Guys!

What do you think it was about your singles “Hero” and “Roots” that made them so increasingly popular with your fan base?

I believe what made them popular was that people could vibe out connect with them even tho the content was a little more serious on the vibe was fun and lasting to where they could be connected too.

Thanks so much for catching up with us! What are you working on currently? We’re always looking forward to hearing more from you.

I have a few singles lined up that may become a project still figuring it all out and I’m also working on some merch ideas as well so I am planning to be really productive and stay in tune with you guys as well here at Buzz Music! - Buzz Music

"NEW MUSIC VIDEO: M.P Drops New Visuals For “Hero” Ft. K. Sankofa"

Based in Madison, WI, the talented rapper, producer and lyricist M.P. Previously featured on BuzzMusic for his dope track “Roots”, M.P is always bringing us new, relatable content. His passion for making music allows his to forge connections with his listeners on a deeper level. M.P curates tracks that are raw and honest, while remaining contemporary and relevant. He’s an artist that is unafraid to bare his soul through poetry and melodies. M.P's music has been influenced by many different musicians such as, Kanye West, J.Cole, Chance The Rapper, Kid Cudi and Jay-Z and he proudly draws from these legends for inspiration.

“Hero” is a humble track that boasts confidence and the ideal attitude a rapper and talented lyricist needs to have in today's music industry. M.P combined forces with K. Sankofa to create the addicting new track “Hero”. The brand new music really personifies their overall theme of staying humble. They are just regular guys with a gift on the mic that they choose to share with the world. We love the high energy and upbeat feeling M.P exudes throughout the video. It shows him in his natural element, with his friends walking around his town. “Hero” is a track all about being stuck in between being a regular person and a “Hero” and finding comfort with being in between. They are looked up to as if they are heroes but they have to keep things real while still giving back. M.P is far from ordinary and the hook perfectly captures this when he spits, “I am not a villain, I am not a Hero, I am just different, trying to help people”. He uses his skill on the microphone to deliver flawless bars and relatable lyricism. K. Sankofa is the perfect energetic addition to this track and we can’t get enough. M.P comes through with a powerful sound, explosive visuals and is always delivery new content. The dope new music video for “Hero” allows listeners to connect with both M.P and K. Sankofa on a deeper level through their truth. We love what we see and we recommend you check out the video and vibe along with us!

Stream “Hero” ft K. Sankofa here and watch the new music video below!

Welcome back to BuzzMusic M.P.! What have you been up to since the release of “Roots”?
Thank you again for another opportunity to speak with you all! Since the release of “Roots” I have been working come on more music and more ideas and ways to engage people with it. And have been thinking about a album also but not to sure if that’s what I want to do yet.

Congratulations on the new video for “Hero” ft K. Sankofa! Where was it filmed?
Thank you! the video was shot in my Hometown of Madison Wisconsin

What challenges do you come across when making music videos to match your vibe?
Some challenges that I face is that not a lot of my music is turn up music, I make feel good music so sometimes painting visuals to match can be hard because they can seem forced if not done naturally. But every scene for “Hero” is natural we just went out to shoot we had our places in mind and it all fell together and worked out.

What overall message are you hoping to achieve through both the lyrics and visuals in “Hero”?
The overall message is that we just want to help all people and have fun being who we are, but we aren’t trying to be “Hero’s” and also we aren’t “Villains.” Even though we are different we’re two guys trying to defy odds and help others however we can like K. Sankofa said in his lyrics “Not every superman comes with a cape” and like I said “I don’t wear cape but I have hope.” We are two men trying to do great things for our people and community as we explain how we feel along with having fun and I feel the video captures that too.

Can we expect any future collaborations with K. Sankofa?
I believe there will be more collaborations in the future from K. Sankofa and myself.

Connect with M.P. on social media

#BuzzMusic - Buzz Music

"A Rapper Like No Other, M.P. Released “Roots”"

A Rapper Like No Other, M.P. Released “Roots”
Madison, WI based Rapper, Producer and Songwriter M.P. has an unmatched style and delivery in his music that can reach people at their core and can connect deeply with them. His music has been influenced by a variety of musicians in which included Kanye West, J.Cole, to the likes of Kid Cudi and Jay-Z. M.P. has performed on various stages over the many years, but his biggest accomplishment to date was performing during Lifefest an event he won’t ever forget.

If you take a listen to the single “Roots” made by M.P. you will become highly invested into this rapper and who he is. Why do I state that? Well the entire aesthetic of “Roots” was something quite atypical from other standard rap songs i’ve heard. The arrangement in “Roots” was idiosyncratic from other hip-hop record I’ve recently heard. The beat has a unique mix of melodic rap with hard-trap. However, the beat was actually one of my favorite parts of the entire song. The way M.P rode the beat like a smooth wave was infectiously done. The lyrics were transmissible and had me repeating along with M.P. and that’s the beaty of it. Why? Due to the motivational message I’ve interpreted from the lyrics, It shows that M.P. significantly touched the listener. Therefore, without realizing it, I noticed how much I enjoyed this song. M.P. is a unique rapper and lyricist who has an undeniable skill of talent that will take him extremely far. His music is easily digestible to a wide range of hip-hop heads. His success at this point is inevitable.

Check out "Roots" here and read more below in our exclusive interview!

Thank you for coming to BuzzMusic M.P.! in what ways has your influences essentially impacted your style and artistry?
Thank you for having me here at BuzzMusic it is appreciated! My influences have impacted my style and artistry in a way where I want to make music organically, it allows me to weave between different sounds and styles while still holding true to myself and connecting to others. I listen to everything so when it comes to production and then writing I am trying to give you everything I am feeling in that space and moment.

As an upcoming rapper, what’s your take on the current state of hip-hop? How do you hope to blend or change the wave?
The current state of hip-hop is that it is alive and breathing and has many lanes to venture to. I hope to change the wave by going back to heartfelt music with dope lyrics and messages while you can still turn up.

Tell us about your single, “Roots”. What does this song mean to you? How were you hoping it translated to its listeners?
Roots means to me is that I can not give up because it means I would have failed my ancestors and everything they wanted and I would be failing the next generation. So I am holding tight to them and creating Black Excellence in everything from good times and even in the tough times. There isn’t enough time to break the whole song down but it goes deep into just breaking curses placed on Black people from their own families to just random people you know. But also this song represents me carrying the torch proud for my ancestors legacy and mine and the future who will dig their roots in. That is how I hope it is translated to those who listen to this song and rock with it.

What inspired you to write “Roots”? Any challenges you’ve faced during the songwriting portion of this song?
I am big about Black Excellence so when I make music I try to center it around being black but also being a human trying to beat the odds based on things family has done to them or things they have accumulated and I want to help break all those things so thats why I wrote Roots. The biggest challenge for writing this song was coming up with the hook I ran through at least 40 different choruses before I landed on the one I have for it.

What’s next for you M.P.?
What is next for me is another single coming in July, I will have a guest join me on this one. And I will probably be getting some visuals out and more singles that is the wave that I am on as now.
Thank you for having me and interviewing me it is much appreciated again!

Stay connected!



#BuzzMusic - Buzz Music


Madison, WI-based Artist/Producer/Engineer M.P. pays tribute to blackness on his new record aptly titled “Black Magic”. Over a soulful and groovy backdrop M.P shares his experiences and much more as he celebrates black excellence on this solid record. Get it on Spotify - The Word Is Bond

"Watch: Cap Times Live with Marcus Porter, Juciee Monroe at the Bur Oak"

Madison-based hip-hop and R&B artists Marcus Porter and Juciee Monroe took the stage at The Bur Oak Saturday for the first Cap Times Live of 2022. The two artists performed individually before finishing off the night together with their new single, "Glow."

This is the fifth in the music series, which features local artists, it was only the second to be played before a live audience. Watch the show below, including an interview between the performers and Cap Times digital marketing content producer Beck Henreckson.

Partners who helped make this event possible are Hinckley Productions and The Bur Oak. - Capital Times


The Perception



In the heartland of America, where the urban music scene is often overlooked, a rising star is breaking barriers and reshaping the industry. Meet Marcus Porter, a rapper hailing from the vibrant city of Madison, Wisconsin. Born with a passion for music and an unyielding desire to connect with others, Porter has emerged as an unstoppable force, ready to leave his mark on the world.

At the age of 20, Porter discovered his true calling and embarked on a journey of self-expression through music. The stage became his sanctuary, a place where he could effortlessly translate his emotions into captivating verses and melodies. From that very first performance, he knew that music was not only his path but also his purpose. His innate ability to weave words into powerful narratives instantly resonated with audiences, and the rest, as they say, is history.

When it comes to performing, Porter's style is an embodiment of pure energy and contagious enthusiasm. He curates sets designed to uplift and engage his audience, ensuring they have an unforgettable experience. With an uncanny knack for crowd participation, even in larger venues, Porter creates an intimate atmosphere where his fans feel seen, heard, and connected. The raw passion he exudes on stage ignites a collective celebration of life and music.

To break through the industry's noise, Porter relies on his multifaceted skills as a producer and engineer. By taking charge of his creative process, he maintains an uncompromising artistic vision. Simultaneously, he actively leverages social media and other marketing platforms to amplify his brand as an artist and creative force. Porter understands that the future of the music industry lies in the hands of those who are willing to push boundaries, be relatable, and prioritize artistic growth over mere financial gains.

Porter has already achieved notable milestones in his career. His magnetic stage presence has graced numerous iconic venues in his home state, including Lifest, Cap Times Live, Festival Foods Lights The Isthmus, and Hip-Hop Fest. In recognition of his exceptional talent, he received a nomination and became a finalist for the prestigious Hip Hop Performer of the Year award at the 2022 Madison Area Music Awards (MAMA).

Inspiration flows through Porter's veins, drawing from various forms of artistry. Painters, dancers, and poets captivate his imagination, reminding him of the profound impact that creative expression can have on the human experience. When he creates music, Porter aspires to deliver that same emotional connection to his audience, allowing them to find solace and kinship in his compositions.

One thing that sets Porter apart is his unwavering commitment to giving his all, both in the studio and on stage. He pours his heart and soul into every recording, every performance, ensuring that his audience leaves with a piece of him, forever transformed by his authenticity and vulnerability.

Defining Porter's sound is a challenging task, as it defies traditional boundaries. His eclectic and unique approach stems from his ability to draw inspiration from various art forms and genres, creating a sound that resonates with diverse audiences. It's this distinctive quality that captivates listeners, keeping them close and forging a deep connection with his music.

With his debut project, "The Perception," Porter has only scratched the surface of his artistic potential. The future holds even greater promise for him. He envisions a larger brand, complete with a wide range of merchandise, as well as ventures into other realms of music and art. For Porter, being a creative is synonymous with having fun, and he aims to spread that joy throughout his career.

As an artist, Marcus Porter brings versatility, relatability, and authenticity to the industry. His ability to seamlessly transition between different creative endeavors sets him apart from the crowd. He constantly evolves, never settling for mediocrity, and always seeking growth and improvement. Porter has the rare gift of crafting honest, relatable lyrics that become the soundtrack to his life and the lives of his listeners.

Born to change the world, Porter intends to make his mark by staying true to himself and continually expanding his understanding of the world around him. He strives to foster growth, drive change, and ensure the longevity of music and art. His commitment to never selling himself short speaks volumes about his integrity and dedication to his craft.

In a music industry hungry for authenticity, Marcus Porter emerges as a beacon of light, captivating hearts and minds with his unwavering passion and magnetic talent. With every lyric he pens, every stage he graces, and every life he touches, Porter is rewriting the rules and forging a path that will undoubtedly leave an indelible legacy. The world better prepare for the revolution that is Marcus Porter.

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