Catchy rock hooks matched with sharp and inspired lyrics; classic power-pop meets modern indie rock.


With a blend of catchy melodic lines, aggressive guitars and eccentric percussion, m28 has a sound that is full of depth and power. The 2006 RAMI Award winners bring an energy to their performances that invites audiences to engage the music and experience the grace exuded in the poignant lyrics.

When m28 was conceived in the summer of 2004, founding frontmen Matthew Johnson and Andy Spitson (a.k.a. Silver Shadow and Jet Boy) had no idea what to expect. Both had a strong ties to music and performance in the recent past -- Johnson founded and toured nationally with Silence So Loud for nearly 10 years, and Spitson has been the principal player and songwriter of the power-pop trio Spinderson -- but the both knew m28 was a different animal with an energy and power of its own.

Doors began opening upon the release of the single “Living Water,” and m28 spent the summer of 2005 touring through 13 states with then-drummer Jace Jensen (formerly of Code of Ethics, Jars of Clay) and keyboardist Jeff Moore. In tandem with the national following, m28 also frequents local coffeehouses, playing acoustic sets.

In the fall of 2005, m28 added the powerful percussionist Blaine Sinderson (Little Blue Taxi) to the roster and classically trained pianist Emily Johnson (formerly of M), and together began to work on their debut full-length release “Tell the World” (June 2006 on Sonic Mustard Music). The supporting tour will take them as far west as the Rocky Mountains and South to the Gulf of Mexico.


Tell The World

Written By: Matthew W.H. Johnson

Lord I want to know
what it takes to be your son
I looked into your eyes
and saw that all are one
So what will it take for you to
bring me to your home?
Only one can save me from my pain and it's you alone.

I tried to push my motives through
But I couldn't break through —
no I couldn't break through,
no I couldn't get back to you
So you sent your Son
to open up the way
The very first he died
so the last could always stay.

On the road with you
I get confused about my call
Is there any chance for them,
any chance for me at all?
You say “yes my daughters,
yes my precious sons.”
Just give it away for the message, give the news to everyone.

I see the truth revealed in your human eyes
Your compassion shows
that God is on our side
I'm gonna leave everything, and tell world,
with you by my side I can fly so high
We will leave everything, and tell world,
with you by our side
we can fly so high

Living Water

Written By: Matthew W.H. Johnson

Wet shoes in a raging river
after a winter’s rain
Water falls from rocks on high
that never are the same
Down to the people in the valley,
love flowing like a flood
Touching me oh, so fully.
I never could give up.

I reach my hands to heaven
and shout it to the sky
‘Cause I know that you are with me,
wherever I lie
I’ll climb the highest mountain
just to say your name
because of living water
I’ll never be the same.

Frozen flakes on the windshield
of my racing car
Saw your face in every
moonlit shiny star
I cried alone that night
because you called my name
raise me to on rocks on high
you always are the same

I look back right now with shame,
because now I know
You were there to take away my pain,
I wasn’t all alone.
You were the one who took my hand,
held me in my place.

Ain't Givin' Up

Written By: Matthew W.H. Johnson

Why wouldn’t you let me go
Why wouldn’t you let me cry
You could have just left me there
on the road to die
How could you hear my voice?
How could you hear my pain?
I wanted to give up on you that very day.

But you didn’t go
You stood by me and said
“I ain’t giving up — I’m coming after you.
My love is to strong to give up on you.”

I’ll never forget your touch
I’ll never forget your smile
Your love has taken me the extra mile
See your face it’s everywhere
In my times of deep despair
I cry out for love and you take me there.

But you didn’t go
You stood by me and said
“I ain’t giving up — I’m coming after you.
My love is to strong to give up on you.”

In the river you swam for love
In the river you swam for joy
Swift current destroys all my selfish toys
Your taste is on my lips
Your voice is in my head
Blue skies above remind me of what you said.

But you didn’t go
You stood by me and said
“I ain’t giving up — I’m coming after you.
My love is to strong to give up on you.”


Living Water (Single) -- 2005
Love Protocol (EP) -- 2006
Tell The World -- June 2006

Set List

45-minutes to 1-Hour Set
Saved Me
Tell the World
Living Water
Story to Tell
Wondering (Love Is Not a Tough Start)
Be You
The One
Times Will Get Better
Toy Soldier
Ain't Givin' Up