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This band has not uploaded any videos



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no songs on the radio yet..but we will this coming march an the song is called"fly with me"


Feeling a bit camera shy


me myself (aprice)been writing music since i was 10 but music always been a big influence in my life in watever i did in life,lookin up to rappers in the 80s/90s i always brought it back to dat style to let ppl know what the game has been missing an i think its m2me.we dont try to be like anyone else because we dont have to ,we are unique.
i been in many rap groups but formed 3 an my last one is m2me an it started when i 1st met jose(J'em)math class an we was talking about music an he said he makes music so i told him hit me up an you can record at my crib an il make some beats an we do some tracks.well once he came over the 1st time we was recording freestyles an we was just messing around at the time an he said a funny rhyme an said something about"music to my ears" an we kept saying that all day.the more we recorded the more trakcs we did together.so he i had to give him a rap name becuase i was deff not gonna cal him macho on every track haha becuase idk it just didnt sound right.so i wanted a name for jsoe that would fit him an so right off the back i put together the 2 names jose an macho an came upo with J'em..J=JOSE an the em is said like jus ther letter m for macho but i wanted 2 spell it different so he became J'em an he liked it itits different .so i was starting a new track an at the end of it i said,"m2me" an jose like what that mean an i said "music to my ears" so from there on it became a lil group so with our music crossing over from english to spanish we know it was something new but all we needed was a singer.J'em said he has a cousin that sings so i told him bring him over.he came over i was like ok get ready because ima have you sing an J'em said we gonna have u roll wit us if aprice like you.heard his voice an i automatically said yes.but he needed a name because the other name he had i could not say haha so we went down some names all of us an we was all gonna give up then outta nowhere i wa slike how about junie.he liked it we all did and yeaa dats m2me hahaa