We are Americana meets Alternative Rock. Our songs range from rocking party to introspective emo with a dose of '80's influence. Our single "Homecoming" recently recorded with Nathalie Nahai from London received Honorable Mention at the 2006 We Are Listening Singer/Songwriter Awards.


m80 is all about the groove - each song lives within it's own particular style. Our range is rather broad with influences from Aerosmith to ELO including The Pretenders, Goo Goo Dolls, Foo Fighters, The Hoodoo Gurus and U2. Mike and Bill share the lead vocal duties with Greg backing. The band name comes from the explosive nature of the rhythm section, ready to rear its ugly gnarled and knotty head at any moment. Themes of love, loss, lust and redemption fill the lyrical spectrum.



Written By: M80

Where were you going
Out there alone
Cast into a battle
That was not your own
I never doubted
That you'd come back home
I was certain about it
when they let me know
But it's hard to believe
'Cause I still feel you near
There's a light in the darkness
That burns for you here
An angel delivered you
From the lion's den
And I know that you'll
Never leave me again
But I can't let you go
I want you to come back Home

What was the reason
For building this bridge
When one side wants bloodshed
The other revenge
You were a dreamer
An agent of love
With a gift of compassion
For those who had none
And no one
Could take you away from me
There's a light in the dark
And it's your face I see
I'll wait for you here
'Til the sunrise
I can still see your smile
In our baby's eyes
Oh and I can't let you go
I want you to come back HOME

Together We

Written By: M80

These hands have more to give
This blood will help them live
These eyes will let them see
There's more to me
This heart is strong enough
Although the ride is rough
I'm putting everything aside
To be there for you, to stand beside
My brothers holding the levy
My sisters bringing you back
No weight is too heavy
Together We can heal the world

So when you're crying in the dark
Or fighting back the rain
If you're picking up the pieces
Trying to start again
When your hope is running out
And your faith is wearing thin
There's a light in the darkness
To lift you up again
There's a light in the darkness
My friend
From all my brothers reaching out
All my sisters of mercy
There's no reason to doubt
Together We can heal the world

After the storm has come
You're isolated and numb
From a thousand miles away
Like the break of day
If it's shelter you need
Or just to talk to family
We'll be driving through the night
With the Gift of Life

All my brothers spreading peace
All my sisters in love
No one is out of reach
Together We can heal the World

She Rides On Alone

Written By: M80

Met a woman said she's happier alone
So I wondered why she cried
Met a woman said she'd never met a man
Didn't have a heart that lied
Don't take it personal Jack
She's tired of looking back
For a partner who rode out on her some time ago and now
She rides on alone

I bet you're thinkin that I'm lacking all sensation
But I know how to make them smile
I've got no use for the pain of separation
So I just use them for a while
It's easy to pretend
This love will never end
You lead him to the door but you never let him get inside and I see why
She rides on alone

What if you met a man who's life depended on you
Just to be there by your side
He's better off dead she said than
Tryin to save me
Anyway that kind of man has never been alive
My suffering is sound
They always let you down
Don't try to tell me that you're not like all the rest
Just lay beside me with a vague look of interest
And in the morning when I'm out on the horizon
Don't try to follow me, just keep singin' Ride On
She rides on alone


m80 - full length CD 2001
Look Forward - full length CD 2003
Homecoming - Single 2005

Set List

We typically play 12 -14 originals in a club set. For events, we'll throw in covers ranging from KISS to Neil Diamond including AC/DC, The Cult, B52's, REM, U2, Foo Fighters, etc..