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"Inspiring, your music transports me to the deepest parts of my self."

"I am very glad to have been in attendance at your wonderfully mystical and healing event. In particular, made important connections with the Aum sound and recent heart opening, the part about becoming best friends with oneself which was very healing right now."

"Thank you for the beautiful music and presentation and your commitment to follow the sacred sound calling."

“I felt back home in mySelf and in the Oneness during your workshop yesterday... You did a fine job of channeling your knowledge and wisdom, an especially your attunement to Sound and to the Sacred, felt in your Beingness, as well as your words and demonstrations. Thank you so much for your sharing.”

"My heart and soul applaud your sacred sounds at our center. We feel you bring a wonderfully positive vibration into our space. The resonance of the experience can still be felt within myself and within the center. On my journey I felt the gates of my heart open. That was one of my major lessons from the healing music."

"I enjoy your music, it brings light to my soul."

""Give thanks for the medicine this evening, feels good, feeling it flow all through out my body, mind and soul."

"I've really, really enjoyed the last two Saturday evenings in the space that you provided- I felt nourished, and a growth, both intellectually and in my heart-space.
I have added your music from the CD to the music that I meditate to as I fall asleep - I love it!"

"Thank you for the wonderful evening, the lovely music, delicious hot cacao and your graciousness."

"I came away so blessed... What a wonderful and supportive environment it was, thanks so much."

"So much graditude for the music you create..."

“What a blessing to hear your music of healing and peace. What a joy…”

“Your music inspires me...”

"I do enjoy the music so!"

"I think your music is amazing, thank you so much!"

"Love your music!!!"

"Great work"

“...I very much enjoy it. Totally original sound, just simply beautifully done with a touch of relaxation to the soul. Keep up your joy & love for the music!! peace & love.”

“Your music is beautifully entrancing.”

“Beautiful music.”

“Thanks for bringing something different”

“Amazing soul expressions”

“Irie vibes. Good meditation”

“Keep the good vibes comin’. Respect the players of instruments and music. Bless.”

“You’ve some great sounds. I really dig your music.”

“The sound is great! Keep on keeping!”

"I am feelin' it"


“Right on”

"Love your vibe & your music"

“Listened to your music with great interest!
Irie vibes!”

“Yeah.... Givin’ thanks and praise for ya music... foriver blessin’ the people with the kings music.... one true love...”

“Really like the music…”

"Your music rocks the 3 worlds!"

"You are so real"

"Good works!"

"Keep up the great musica"

“Your music soothes I soul and allows I mind to remove the creative block it tends to get. Much love and respect always!”

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Music Available.
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Discover the Ancient Power of Music and Sound.
Music uplifts. Music transforms. Music heals.

Maadani presents

MAHA RAS is an ancient Sanskrit word meaning the nectar that gives intoxication of the Divine.

"It was, no holes barred, the most vibrational, clear, serene, joyous, relaxed and soul-shifting occurrence I have attended or experienced... Don't miss it! It is a loving, mind-body-soul altering the most positive, loving way!" -N.P.

Read More personal testimonials by clicking on the "Press" link.

Maadani is a visionary composer, teacher, performer and multi-instrument artist of improvisational music for over 20 years. Currently, Maadani is sharing the value and benefits of Sacred Sound and Music in our everyday by offering workshops, classes and live performances. Maadani has been a student of the sacred art of music since age 7, studying Western and Eastern approaches to music and life; including: Indian Classical and Devotional Music, Nada-Yoga, Mantra-Yoga, Sufi Music practices, Native African Music, Nyahbinghi, Folk, Blues, and Roots Music, as well as studying Modern Jazz composition and improvisation.