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The best kept secret in music


"Epidemic EP Powerful Statement"

The ex-Madisonians turned Chicago hopefuls make a powerful statement with their new five-song, 25-minute EP. Singer-pianist Erin Hillert and cellist Chai Wolfman key a breezy parlor-rock sound that merges Kate Bush with Rasputina, lilting torch songs with frenetic art-rock exertions. Dramatic melodies take flight on silken wings, then cascade and spiral amid turbulent, jazz-scented winds; a wistful piano ballad dissolves to a ravishingly delicious coda in 3/4 time. Hillert's voice doesn't always keep pace with the far-reaching demands of her songs, but Wendy Schneider's masterful production locks into focus the band's many delightful gifts. Whatever the next level is, the dudes and squeezes of Mabel just leapt a whole lot closer to it. - The Isthmus


Epidemic EP - 2004
What You Have to LP - 2003


Feeling a bit camera shy


Mabel. A name that's easy to remember and a band that's hard to forget. Perhaps it is their unmatched knack for writing genre-bending pop tunes that makes them so memorable. Or maybe it's their cellist who alternates between heartbreaking strains and distorted, eye-popping riffs that even the most intense guitarists envy. Perhaps it is their ability to work seven different instruments between the four of them that sets them apart from the rest. Any way you choose, this band is undeniably good, and they'll be reaching major buzz status very very soon.

Mabel immediately started turning heads upon their fall 2001 formation, after which they climbed to the forefront of the Madison rock scene. Once the band recorded their first LP, What You Have To, they took their addictive sound to the road and had no problem picking up the fans. Mabel has packed prominent indie venues such as the 49'er in Omaha, Mad Planet in Milwaukee, and most recently, Manhattan-based Piano's.

Presently inhabiting Chicago, Mabel has been gaining fame around the city since their 2003 move, and has only gotten hotter since releasing their critically acclaimed EP, Epidemic. When pressed to pin down their
sound, Mabel can very loosely be described as a high-speed collision between Rasputina, Rainer Maria and Muse. The band showcases a formidable drummer and bassist who magnificently hold their own while supporting edgy and winding melodies, compliments of any combination of cello, guitar, synth, piano, and fervent female vocals. Did we mention there are only four members? Seeing this all take place at once, and hearing the kind of music created as a result, is a live experience one cannot begin to describe -- you simply MUST go see them for yourself.

In short, Mabel is unique. Mabel is accessible. Mabel writes pop tunes. Mabel writes works of art-rock. Mabel doesn't limit themselves, because Mabel takes risks, and this band is one of the best risks anybody can take on music.