Sacramento, California, USA
SoloHip HopPop

I would say my music is different and catchy. It has a good sound that the world can relate too.You can also vibe with it .I would say its different from the Bay Area because it will move the crowed with a good feel to it.I just want to get people out of there lazy zone and into that hype zone.


My name is Vincent Oglesby aka MAC3 I’m from Dos Palos,CA I was born and raised a small town
community playing sports from age of 10 to 21 looking to make a career out of playing football or
baseball until one unfortunate night that changed my life forever. I was in a horrible car accident that
almost cost me my life, and did cost me my scholarship because of how long it took me to recover from
my accident. My dreams of being a professional athlete were over. I started doing what I had to do to
survive and overcome the obstacles that I was dealt so I redefined myself and took on the street name
of MAC and in memory of my past dreams I added the number 3 which is the number I always wore
when I played sports, I became MAC3. I started off free styling for fun at a young age but, since sports
were my passion rapping was just a hobby. After my accident I took to rapping as a way to express
myself and let out the struggles I was going through internally. Rapping became more serious and I
looked for ways to improve my talent, I began writing and recording my lyrics in a homemade studio. I
let family and friend hear my music and asked for honest critique, and suggestions for improvements, to
my surprise there was very little critique and I mostly received praises from people who listened to my
music. They all seemed to have a common area of compliment and that was that I spoke from the heart
and I rapped about my real life not some made up lies trying to pose as somebody I’m not, or about
things I don't or didn't have. My flow is unique and my delivery is appealing. I want to use what I have
been through to show myself and my fans that success it possible not matter what trials and tribulations
you have endured in life, never give up go hard for whatever you have a passion for. thank you for your time.


LP is on sound cloud not out yet, in the making.

Central Valley Station 94.9 song was #1 for 3 weeks in a row on Home Grown. The track was called "Everybody"