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M.A.C. Biography
M.A.C. was born Marquis Antonio Cox in Nashville, Tennessee in 1982. Excelling in sports, M.A.C. received a scholarship to Cumberland University in Lebanon, Tennessee where he later received his BBA in Business with a minor in Accounting. It was his junior year in college when he first recorded in a studio and it has been his second home since. Wanting to help a childhood friend leave the dope game and find a new hustle, M.A.C. started a group called M.A.C. & Dee-Boy. They recorded a full studio album called 100 Wayz 2 Hustle only for it not to be released because of the incarceration of Dee-Boy on a probation violation. Tired of getting turned down by record execs for not wanting to sign half a group, M.A.C. started All On Me Entertainment in the summer of 2008. Got back in the studio and recorded M.A.C.’s Life, his first solo album. Since finishing M.A.C.’s Life, M.A.C. has been on an uphill battle trying to get his name and his music noticed in a city that doesn’t pay much attention to rap. M.A.C. has been a guest on 92Q with Connie Denell on 4 occasions where she has played two of my gospel raps, Lord Rescue Me and Jesus Loves Me, which features my gospel artist and my mother Mrs. Rosemary. M.A.C. will be on mixtapes coming out later in 2009 and will have two solo albums coming out this year, M.A.C’s Life in June and Changes in the fall. M.A.C. writes music for everybody, from the hood to the churches, and just wants his chance to be heard.


M.A.C.'s Life Summer 2009
1st single off M.A.C.'s Life 'H.N.I.C.'

Set List

2-4 songs depending on the venue. Lasts about 5-10 mins per song.