Mac & Chaz

Mac & Chaz


Irish American pop singer from Buffalo NY meets African American R&B singer from D.C. - much like the chocolate & peanut butter of a Reeses, this unlikely pairing makes an irresistable combination. Funky/ fun music and a 'party-on- stage' presence - Mac & Chaz are a feast of flavor for your ears!


Andy Mac, a native of Buffalo now living in Brooklyn, NY writes what he calls melancholy candy coated pop. His debut CD, Music for a Bright Moon Sky has several songs which have been featured on TV. So far in 2008 Mac has had his music featured on several 20th Century Fox TV Shows, MTV, and XM Radio. He is currently working on a follow up CD, due to be released in late 2008.

Chaz Langley, originally from the Washington DC area, came to NYC via Nashville where he made lots of musical friends, played many venues and recorded some material. In one brief year, NYC has welcomed this soulful crooner with open arms.
He has written & produced a song for TV actress Hayden Panatierre, he has the featured vocal on a national commercial, he has played most of the best clubs in NY and formed this writing /performing partnership with local singer/songwriter, Andy Mac.

The pop harmony sensibilities of Mac, and the smooth R&B style of Chaz infused with some fun and funk, have made this unlikely pair a hit on the NY indie music scene.


None as 'Mac & Chaz'

Set List

Aprox 9-10 originals

and 1-2 covers (like Ebony & Ivory....which is hilarious)