Angus Guild

Angus Guild

 Perth, Western Australia, AUS

Usually a solo performer, (acoustic guitar/ harmonica/vocals) but sometimes performs with a lead guitarist. Mostly songs from the 60's/70's, easy listening style, ideal for restaurants, wineries etc. Plays originals at folk clubs/festivals.


Main influences; Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Cat Stevens, Van Morrison.
Originals are folk style with various themes- personal, spiritual, environmental.
Learned to play guitar while living in a commune in the early '70's in NZ, went busking in Wellington & Auckland, then to Sydney. Lived on Kangaroo Island for 20 yrs, had a permanent gig there in a restaurant, also played at wineries around Adelaide. Moved to Perth where he currently plays in folk clubs & festivals.


Uranium Song

Written By: Angus Guild

Let's keep uranium in the ground,
It's dangerous to handle.
I don't need no nuclear power,
when it's dark i light a candle.

Well, what's all the fuss about?
Tell me if you know!
They say they want more power
to make the factories go.
We all know the reason,
it's easy to see why;
those millionaires want more money
-they don't care how many die!
Well, i'm not a politician
and i'm not a businessman,
but when it comes to commonsense
i'm as good as the next man!
Our Mother Earth is suffering
a terrible fate
and we gotta stop hurtin' her,
before it is too late!
We get power from the hydro dams
and energy from the sun.
We sure can do without
that uranium!
We got atom bombs and missiles
aimed at other lands,
but with nuclear war our kids own kids would never understand!

Marama (song to the moon)

Written By: Angus Guild

Soft, yellow light, mystical charm,
staircase on the ocean, deep & calm
She smiles down on the Earth and the sea
She smiles down on you and me.

Marama, it's so nice to see your face again,
Marama, you're never in one place, but then,
Marama what do you think of as you watch the race of men?

You've seen all the changes since time began,
you've seen the goodness and the evil in Man;
but when we look at you, we only see one thing --
a wholesome purity that makes me want to sing.....
Do you know how you move us,
how you make us feel tonight?
We're so weary from the day,
but you make us feel like dancing in your light.
Gliding through the stars,
peeping through the clouds.
on your endless journey
around this world of ours...

Tryin' to Follow the Sun

Written By: Angus Guild

I travelled to the land where my father grew from a bairn to a man.
I stood in the schoolyard where he once played and tried to understand.
Why did he leave home so young?
Was he just tryin' to follow the sun?
Could he find no peace in these cobblestone streets?
Why did he leave home so young?

He took a job on a merchant ship and sailed to Aotearoa.
He made a new life and he took him a wife, who soon became my mother.
Why did he leave home so young? Was he just tryin' to follow the sun?
He married a girl on the other side of the world,
Why did they leave home so young?

The family soon grew, there was nothing left to do except work to keep us from hunger.
Dad had three jobs and Mum worked too, they couldn't keep any younger.
Why did they leave home so young?Were they just trying to follow the sun?
Working to feed us, they didn't need us,
Why did they marry so young?

The eldest child, rebellious and wild,
I flew to Australia and stayed.
Searching for truth, roaming mile after mile, dreams began to fade.
Why did I leave home so young?
Was I just tryin' to follow the sun?
I married a girl from the other side of the world
& we're still tryin' to follow the sun.

Creatures of Kangaroo Island

Written By: Angus Guild

The creatures of Kangaroo Island
Have all made themselves quite at home. You'd never see such diversity in Australia, wherever you roam.

Pelicans and penguins, curlews and crows, lorrikeets, red robins and splendid blue wrens, kookaburras and magpies,laughing and singing,
cockatoos and wedgetails and fat mallee hens.

The fur seals and the sea lions
They're all there in front of your nose.Possums and wallabies and big kangaroos, when the sun is shining they doze.


Then there's the old goanna --- a dragon if ever there was one,
The tiger and red-bellied black snake,-- they come out to soak up the sun.


And there are some that we have transported, from the mainland and over the seas -- the platypus and the koala, Cape Barren geese and Liguarian bees.

(CH) and (REF) and (CH)

The Ballad of James K Baxter

Written By: Angus Guild

Though I barely knew him the funeral made me cry, for he was precious in my heart and brother, that's no lie. From Otago in the South he came to Wellington to live, with a vision in his heart and a lot of love to give.
In that fair city, long he worked to free the social slaves,---the junkie of the needle and the alkie of the craves. Tiring of the battles with the Council and the cops, James K went to Jerusalem, away from pubs and shops.
Jerusalem was justly named, --a vilage quiet and peaceful, nestled on the banks of the Whanganui, --a river, cool and graceful.


Currently recording 1st cd, mostly originals with some traditional folk songs.

Set List

Plays for 3 hrs with 10 minute breaks on the hour.

Lay,Lady,Lay - Dylan, Working Class Hero - Lennon
Let it Be - Beatles, A Lotta Love - N.Young
Warm Love - Morrison, Imagine - Lennon
Cowgirl in the Sand - N.Young, Suzanne - L.Cohen,
Like a rolling stone - Dylan, All I want is you - U2
Like a hurricane - N. Young, Helpless - N. Young,
Just like tom thumbs blues - Dylan,
Hey, hey, my, my - N.Young,
The Boxer - Simon/Garfunkel
Never Tear us apart - Inxs
Needle and the damage done - N.Young
Goin up the country - Canned Heat
Where do the children play - Cat Stevens
Buckets of rain - Dylan, Going bush - Kernigan
Further on up the road - Clapton
You're the reason - ?, Walk on - N. Young
Dream, Dream, Dream - Everly Brothers
Out on the weekend - N. Young
Don't think twice its alright - Dylan
And it stoned me - Morrison, Gypsy Davy - (Trad.)
Comes a time - N. Young, Hard Rain - Dylan
Stand by me - Lennon, Father & Son - Stevens