Mac G

Mac G

 Los Angeles, California, USA
BandHip HopR&B

Mac kicks Hot Rymes over hot tracks


After a span of 15 years in the rap game, Rapper/ Producer Mac G, the most consistent and durable influence in the Underground rap world of Los Angeles, surfaces Above -Ground with his compellation of current and legendary hits. Musically inclined as a child Mac played guitar drum and bass in Junior high School. Mac played for the foshay combo band directed by Mr. Raven. During this time Mac played in local neighbor hood bands with his long time friend Harold C during the early days of mixin scrachin and uncle jam style rap. Mac played around with rap and discovered a natural hidden talent; in 1984 he started free styling, and started writing in 1986. In 1989 Mac started performing at the Good Life, a place in the Los Angeles Crenshaw area where you had come hard or get clowned, it was like a rap Apollo theater in LA. Mac’s first visit immediately gained rap street respect from fans and fellow mc’s. The Good Life was where Mac honed his skill and stage presents.’ Mac met Battle Cat, Dr. Dre and Snoops present producer through a mutual friend Billy Box who had a record deal with Electra and was working with cat. Battle Cat had a new sound similar to the NWA style, which at that time in LA was the hot sound. Mac used to purchase tracks from Cat for $100 an instrumental in cats garage. Later Mac decided it was time to buy his own SP 1200 so he did and took his years of musical experience in a new direction and started producing his own tracks and started working with the late Tupac’s former producer Tony Pazario in 1989. In 1990 Mac was working in the studio, droppin heat, and shopping deals. In 1994 friend and business partner Julian Ramiu founded Nineside records and decided waiting to get signed to get ganked wasn’t the move. They dropped Mac G’s first fully self produced album in titled Nineside Dope, which was a local success under ground selling amazing numbers. 1996 Mac opened a concert in San Bernardino for the Pent House Players Click, Player Hamm, DJ Quick s Boy. In 1996 Mac dropped the Life After Death album. Between 96-98 Mac performed songs with Tupac, Ice T, DJ Alladin, Num, (from the Lunies) and King T, still writing producing Mac didn’t drop again until 2000. Mac currently has well over 300 songs some released some unreleased, and numerous compilations and instrumentals.


Nineside Dope Album
Life AD Album
Sucker Mc's Album
On that Ass Single
Mic Pimpin EP
My Rymes Album
Sucker Mc's 2000

Set List

3 to 6 songs or more