MacGregor Burns Band

MacGregor Burns Band


"weird singer songwriter mashed with top notch musicians in a catchy sing a long environment..."


"A mind bending band lead by Sanford's intelligent lyrics that looks to build its following as much as it can."

MacGregor Burns Band formed in 2007 when the trio of MacGregor Sanford(songs, guitar, vox), Jake Leckie(bass), and Alan Munshower(drums) teamed up with local Baltimore guitar wizard Matt Frazao.

Sanford and Leckie have been playing together since 2005 when they were in a typical college band together. They added Munshower "the Moonman" to the mix after hunting for drummers in the Baltimore scene in late 2006. Munshower and Leckie have come to be one of the best rhythm sections in Baltimore, backing a few acts and excelling in all types of gigs from rock halls to jazz coffee shops.

Frazao, a local jazz musician with a degree from Peabody in Classical Guitar brings to the band a mind splitting style that combines a knowledge of loop pedals and guitar effects with superb improvising capabilities.

At their first show this past September, they knew something worthwhile was brewing under their noses.

The Flim Flam EP, recorded last year in Leckie's basement, the Organic Sound Lab, without Frazao's guitar, demonstrates the band's different sounds. They also gig as an acoustic trio or duo when the event calls for it, which provides a very intimate experience, not to be missed.

They are looking forward to recording their first full length album this year, again in the Organic Sound Lab with Leckie.

MacGregor Burns band has the potential to do some real damage in the upcoming years!



The Flim Flam EP 2007
1. carved in the bark (2:26)
2. don't say I didn't warn you (3:28)
3. cats look down on you (2:38)
4. oswaldo (3:41)
5. save the seals (3:21)
6. drink anything (6:19)

Set List

We usually do not play any covers. Here are some recent setlists that lasted from 45 minutes to an hour and a half...

10/23/07 - Hamilton Arts Collective, Baltimore, MD

eat the apple to the core, think it's time -> laughing all the way, room out on the limb, enjoy the ride, push the boulder, don't let the fire die

10/19/07 - Ottobar, Baltimore, MD

way out there, eat the apple to the core, stay wild, enjoy the ride, carved in the bark, drink anything, full body pillow, don't be a stranger, velvet helmet, what a nice view, the world will eat itself Dave Sipriani of Satabdi Express sat in for most of the show.

10/8/07 - Knitting Factory, New York City

push the boulder, enjoy the ride, eat the apple to the core, oswaldo, chick a eww, don't let the fire die, in the ugly duckling's eye, laughing all the way featuring EZ Jackson of Soul Cannon

10/3/07 - Charles Village, Baltimore, MD

the world will eat itself, room out on the limb, I'm not crazy you're crazy, what a