Mach City

Mach City

 Paterson, New Jersey, USA
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My music is hip-hop mixed with various flavors and styles such as house, rock, pop, and R&B. I perform with all types of artists. I have opened up for rock bands like Antigone Rising, and I performed with the legendary drummer A.J. Pero, from the band Twisted Sister. I haved opened for well known hip-hop artists such as Juelz Santana, and Wiz Khalifa. I love music, regardless of genre. I create music from the heart. One Life. One Love. Go Hard. Raise Ya Glass to the Sky Up Above.


Mach City, born and raised in Newark, NJ. He moved to Paterson as a teenager, attended John F. Kennedy High School, and it was there that he started realizing his prowess as a Hip-Hop artists. He started off his career battling local artists, and now he is performing at venues like 40/40 Club. Mach City is one of the best pp & coming artists on the East Coast. His music reflects the great deal of hardship that he had to overcome in becoming a man in a tough inner-city enviroment. His words are very hard hitting, yet he retains a high degree of "swagger" or smoothness which makes sense because he is from Paterson known as "Silk City." He's not looking be commercial. The music he makes is for himself and for those around him, however, it seems that many people are tapping in to the Mach City movement.


Featured on ILL-Famed's Album, "What IF" (2005):
Album Contains 19 Tracks:

1. Intro
2. A Million
3. Let's Ride
4. Love
5. Sex on the Beach (Interlude)
6. Fresh
7. Garden State
8. I.F.
9. Di Me Lo
10. Clean It Up
11. Showering with Friends (Interlude)
12. Prude
13. Unworld Connection (Interlude)
14. East Coast Riders
15. Drive Me Crazy
16. Symphony
17. Keep It Movin'
18. Please
19. Forever (Outro)

Mach City's newest single
"Get Light" will be featured on his unreleased debut solo album

Set List

Sets mostly include originals, however some covers or mixtapes songs will performed