Heavy rock from Nova Scotia's northern shore! All business. All attitude


MACHETE is a rock trio from Pictou, Nova Scotia. MACHETE strives to create music
that incites you to drive faster and get a tattoo.
MACHETE is part of a community of artists, musicians and skaters collectively known
as Black Belt Machete.
MACHETE was created in the image of past rock power trios – Nirvana, Motorhead -
and has been described in the following way:
“…fans of Helmet, Prong, Lagwagon and Furnace Face finally have
your soundtrack to the death of auto-tune…This debut is packed to the gills with fist pumpers,
boot stompers, and heart chargers…all while maintaining a sense of
humor and having a kick-ass Wayne's World style party! …They pose
the question "What is so hard to understand?" and their answer is
"You plug in and give'r, and that's all she wrote, bud."
Upon the release of their debut record, MACHETE pounced on opportunities to gig
with other established bands like ECMA winners The Fed Pennies, Broken Ohms, Bloody Diamonds, We Were Sharks and Carry the Lost.

There is no room for subtlety in MACHETE. Like you, MACHETE just wants to rock.

All business, all attitude.


Machete 1