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Machete Avenue @

See the link for dates, Ontario, Canada

See the link for dates, Ontario, Canada

Machete Avenue @ West 49 Instore

London, Ontario, Canada

London, Ontario, Canada

Machete Avenue @ The Salt Lounge

London, Ontario, Canada

London, Ontario, Canada

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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


ARTIST:Machete Avenue
ADDS: Capsule/Waterfall

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Machete Avenue - The First Cuts - CDep (7 songs of the duo's first material) - Released on Conquer The World Records as CTW028 -


Feeling a bit camera shy


Machete Avenue "The First Cuts"

In just under six months of the formation of Machete Avenue the duo of Chad and Scott has already accomplished so much and this is just the beginning. From getting daily spins on London Ontario's Commercial station FM96, to an early morning appearance on the "New Day" television show both playing "Cut to Pieces". Their response has been incredible and all without even having any kind of CD release.

This is what happens when a musician decides to take another fork in the road of his musical creativity and development. Started as a alternate project to the alternative post hardcore "Blue Skies at War" (20,000 sold on Curve/Universal in Canada) Chad picked up the guitar and found himself immersed in his stories, voice and songwriting. Several people wanted to be involved in the project because of his front man notoriety but things just clicked when he was introduced to Scott a classically trained pianist and they have been playing together everyday and I mean everyday, literally- since. When talking over a pre-show dinner Scotty said of Chad "It's not like we talk and I ask him, "When are we playing next?" It's always what time are we playing today?". That kind of dedication and enthusiasm can only be called one thing and that is pure

The music although having only 2 characters upon hearing, more importantly feeling, contains a blood wrenched personal yet hopeful desperation that resonates with Chad's deep, raspy voice and this creates an intense personal connection between the listener and the songwriter. Scott's chords, accentuating key patterns, and string additions gives the songbook an additional chapter while leaving plenty of space for the stories to be told.

The band recorded quickly and posted songs to their myspace account where Detroit indie label owner Mike "CTW" Warden found them and commented that the music had "Honest vocal performance. Music has soul. Something really lacking in a lot of people�s music. ... Keep hope alive.". A reference to Shoulder (a London Ontario band previously on the label over 10 years ago). A friendship quickly ensued between the duo and Mike and the band joined the newly re-birthed CTW label. When asked of the pairing the band said "We are very excited to be working with Mike, we grew up listening to the bands this label has produced in the past. So it is an honor."

Machete continue to play music everyday together and are extremely excited for the release and response of �The First Cuts CD ep� however this is absolutely just a slicing glance at the future for these fledgling musicians.

Machete Avenue currently is being represented by SummerCamp Productions in Canada (Eedy) and by Mike Warden (Conquer The World) in the USA. Two booking agents are in consideration however there isn't an official agent yet..

(Label Background)

Although sales on the Conquer The World label never exceeded 10,000 copies for any release and most were in the 1 to 3,000 pieces range. CTW made a difference and strived to have an identity unsaid without ever saying what that identity was. Collectively the label pressed about 75,000 records and or CDS in it's history. It was known early on that CTW had an ear to the ground and would be an important and influential name in underground music.

Mike CTW is most notably known for discovering and releasing the first Boy Sets Fire record. The band would quickly climb the ladders of the independent hardcore scene and then get signed to Wind Up records. Although Boy Sets Fire never sold millions of records they have sold hundred�s of thousands and without a doubt are a major influence for a lot of today�s biggest modern rock bands. For a complete discography of the label please check out the new CTW myspace page @ .