Machete King

Machete King

 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
BandHip Hop

Machete King is creating his own sound, following the rules by not adhering to the rules. He makes beats, hooks and rhymes that are unique to his personality and completely him. An inspiration to and inspired by his collaborators, he thinks ahead, this rebel has 20 albums on stash and on the way.


Machete King is an acronym that defines his purpose and stands for Man Applying Courage and Honor, Enthroned To Enlighten Kingdoms Immensely Needing Guidance. Machete King is the King of cutting the bullshit
He is a new revolutionary, here to entertain, educate & inspire you to think, to love, & to live. Life is short, make every second count. The music of Machete King is about real life, & how he sees the world. a leader, not a follower NOT a rapper, but a Hip Hop Artist that's trying to make a way out of no way for himself, his family, the Have Knots Family and The World.

Unconventional in his thinking, unrelenting with his gifts, Machete King is here to stay. Check him out @


Sobriety Hurts - released online via Island Def Jam Digital Distribution on February 28, 2010
(first of 7 albums in the "Sobriety Hurts Album Series")

The 'Death to Sobriety' MIXTAPE - released online via Reverb Nation on June 21, 2010
(first of 3 mixtapes in the "Sobriety Hurts Album Series")

The Chocolate Papi: The Story of a Dominican American - To be Released March 23, 2011 (first album in the "Chocolate Papi Album Series")

Funny Money: A Broke Baller's Saga - To be Released April 15, 2011 (first album in the "Keyless Entry Album Series")

Sobriety STILL Hurts: Legal Weed is Freedom! - To be Released April 20, 2011 (second album in the "Sobriety Hurts Album Series")

Set List

I'm unconventional and I'm sorry for any inconvenience, but all I really need is for u to pay my flights and hotel for me and my team of 3. Make sure there's plenty of Red Bull and Brugal Dominican Rum. 36 pack of Trojan Magnum Condoms, a cool mist vaporizer in the room and you can visit my sites and choose which songs you want me to perform that you feel with encourage repeat business between me and the venue.

Industry standards have to change in order for the music to start making money again.