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"Mach Heroes rising in the Denver music scene"


CU's own Mach Heroes will be playing at A Taste of Colorado festival in Denver on Friday at 3 p.m.

"We're kind of progressive, alternative rock, with jazz influences and a groove." Casey Kohen, a senior psychology major from Denver, said.

Kohen is the bass player for Mach Heroes, and his description of the band is a good one. A quick listen to "Perfection Conception," on their Web site showcases the group's hybrid musical style. The hard rocking guitar riffs are there, but Kohen's bass and Brandon Van Louck's drums have a distinct alternative feel.

Van Loucks, a senior finance major and drummer for the band put it best.

"We don't really follow a formula that other bands follow," he said.

Considering they cite The Police and Incubus as influences, this blend of genres should come as no surprise. Chris Williams, a psychology major and lead singer of the group, says they have often been compared to the likes of 311, A Perfect Circle and Tool. All these bands are outside the musical mainstream, and it appears that Mach Heroes has a similar disregard for following standard musical conventions.

The group has a solid connection with the local music scene - all four band members grew up in Denver and attend classes at CU.

The quartet formed in 2002 when they were juniors in high school, though Kohen was not a part of the initial lineup.

However, the origins of Mach Heroes go even further back. Van Loucks and Matt Kelsall, a senior finance major, both went to elementary school together, and the foursome all went to the same middle school. The group is very tight knit and does not suffer from the fighting that plagues many bands.

"We're really good at overcoming disagreements and working stuff out," Kelsall said.

The group has a busy month ahead of them. After A Taste of Colorado, they are off to Fort Collins to record an EP at the Blasting Room Studios.

Mach Heroes has yet to record a major album or sign to a label.

"We're shooting for radio quality stuff with these songs," Van Loucks said. "This is by far the most difficult recording session we're going to do, but it's also going to be the best."

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2003- Mach Heroes (independent release)
2005- 303 sessions- 4 song Demo (independent release)

2007- Single - "Perfection Conception"
-released on "Ground Control: Denver Rockers for Life Compilation CD"
-released on the "Project Project Project" Local Denver Music compilation CD

2008- Why Not?- New 5-song EP recorded at The Blasting Room Studios in Ft. Collins, CO.
--2008: "Chillin'" Single (Currently being voted on for KTCL's "Big Gig")

-Songs "Chillin'", "Holloway","Till Morning", "F#&% Psycho (edited)",
"Sound(of)", "Autumn Drive", and "Lullaby" have
received radio airplay on Denver's 93.3 KTCL
"Local's Only" radio show.



Born in 2002 when singer Chris Williams and consistent band mate Matt Kelsall (guitar) decided to hold a jam session in the hopes of forming a new band with a new sound, and the Mach Heroes seed was planted. With long time school friend Brandon Van Loucks to keep the beat, and former guitarist Brian Bell to fill in the gaps with bass and guitar, the strappin' young lads instantly decided that this was a damn good thing in the making. Influenced by some of their favorite music, including 311, Deftones, Incubus, Jimmie's Chicken Shack, Led Zeppelin, and numerous jazz influences, the crew began melding their music into a style all their own. Utilizing their heavy respect for jazz and the alternative rock music they love, Mach Heroes began creating the unique soundscapes and catchy grooves that started to garner people's attention.
When asked about the band name, singer Chris Williams says "well, it was sort of arbitrary when we started, but now i think it's picking up some meaning. I guess you could say it has to do with the fact that we're not really heroes at all. Just "mock" heroes, because the only thing that could ever make us heroes is the people that support us and come to see us. Without them, we're nothing special" When asked about the reasoning behind "M-A-C-H" that was so deftly left unexplained, Williams blushes and sheepishly continues, "Yeah, well i think we can best relate it to how fast people can move in and out of the forefront of the music scene." He grins and says, "we'd love to break through that barrier, but it's tough when it all moves so fast... [pause] Man, that sounds corny, huh?" he laughs. With an easily observed on-stage quirkiness and amiability that seems to endear audiences, Mach Heroes continues to win over the Denver local scene with their intense yet very listener friendly sound. Not exactly hard rock, yet it would be a stretch to call it pop. Nonetheless, Mach Heroes is something you won't want to miss!