Machina Mageddon

Machina Mageddon

 Seattle, Washington, USA

This small band can make a big sound with only one guitar, a bass, a drum kit, and three voices. Machina Mageddon delivers intense, energetic live shows and songs with a variety of feelings and sounds.
"Watchdog" EP out now.


In mid 2008 several strangers with keen interests in older prog rock bands and tons of newer madness crammed their ideas together and called it Machina Mageddon.

Since then, they have learned to rely on each other's strengths. Each member brings an element to the table and a contribution to the songwriting process. They have shared the stage with many bands around the Puget Sound area including The Guns of Barisal, Blunt Knife, Unhailoed, I Defy, Blood and Thunder, and Hatchet (Metal Blade Records). Also appeared as featured loud and local band of the week on 99.9 KISW in June of 2011.

Ultimately, Machina Mageddon only wishes to create something of their own, share it with people in many places, and continue to make music together.



Written By: Machina Mageddon

my soul intention to survive

leaves me nothing to live the lie

way of the wicked

betrayed by sickness

called to the distance

relayed by the mystic



his silence explains the cycle

Storm at Sunrise

Written By: Machina Mageddon

day's divide

sink this ship in fire

called absurd

consecrate the spoken word

in your hands

fall of man

voice of thunder

rolling on the wind

judge the asundered

cowardice of man

slow down

sight scorched

blinded burn


Written By: Machina Mageddon

night rages, stars fade as sun rises to fight

the sleeping chameleon with quicksand eyes

hit, miss, veil, bliss, cave, shadow

immortal instructor, a cosmic cluster

create doorway relay call of fate

the sky, a maze

for days on end I roam

a silent speech I call my own

man, made, steel, grave, flame, shadow


Written By: Machina Mageddon

heed this warning sung down from the pulpit

and drink the blood of memory, thought, will

the ravens bleed the blind

break this contagious cycle clear the foulness from the depths inside

cleanse dream drink

to the dawn of new beginnings

Mother of intention brings by wind and wing the dark horizon

spare prayer brave

the numbered days among us

stay below the tideline tread the water

swallow loss of drowning up

sink swim salt

stings the deepest wound

Desert Reign

Written By: Machina Mageddon

razed on open field

sun, sage, scorpion

rain falls down

tears spill my silt

lost, usat, shift my gaze

arms down eternal

rogue wave

desert reign


2011 EP "Watchdog" - Electrokitty Recording in Seattle, WA. Engineered and mixed by Gary Reynolds and Eric Corson.

Set List

Our set list averages about 30 to 45 minutes. We play these original songs.

Storm at Sunrise
Desert Reign
Cave Dweller
Unseen Hand