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The best kept secret in music


"Now You Know"

"With so many contenders competing for the spotlight, it's easy to overlook the smaller players. But Machine Drum, a dark horse on Miami's tiny Merck label, is where I'd place my chips. Now You Know is perhaps the most promising and accomplished album born yet from the marriage of IDM and hip-hop, and it comes from an artist with only one other song to his name, a gem called "Izzy Rael" from Merck's Squadron compilation last year." - Malcom Seymour III for Pitchforkmedia - Pitch Fork Media

"Syndrone - Triskedika"

"Intricately laid IDMania from Mr. Travis from the South... A very impressive display of tag-team melody/rhythm programming (esp. given the ridiculously outmoded MOD construction environment used within; akin to carving Mount Rushmore w/a toothpick). Above average use of harmonic material; gives the tracks the illusion of 'music'. Quite good." -- Hrvatski. - Forced Exposure


Half The Battle (12") Merck

Now You Know (CD) Merck

Now You Know (2xLP) Merck

Floss (MP3) Monotonik

Half The Battle (CD) Merck

Urban Biology (CD) Merck

Half The Battle 2 (12") Merck

Urban Biology (2xLP) Merck

Bidnezz (CD) Merck

Half The Battle 3 (12") Merck

Bidnezz (2xLP) Merck

Gooom Tracks Vol. 2.5 (CD) Wallis & Futuna (Remix... Gooom
Bidnezz (CD) Wallis & Futuna, Dog A... Merck

Bovine Rearrangement (CD) Untitled (Machine Drum... Merck

Pardon My French 1 (CD) Hollis (Machine Drum R... Peter I'm Flying!

Seasons (CD) Machine Drum Remix Merck

Bidnezz (2xLP) Wallis & Futuna, Dog A... Merck

Seasons (12") Machine Drum Remix Merck

Tracks Appear On:
Squadron (CD) Izey Rael Merck

Squadron Sampler (12") Izey Rael Merck

Dosage (12") Yo Half The Izey Rael ... Merck

Dosage (CD) Yo Half The Izey Rael ... Merck

Dosage 2 (12") New Too Merck

Infiltrate 5.0 (5 Years Of Resistance) (CD) New Too RL66

Merck Mix 1, Spring 2003 (CD) Machine Drum (Vim's Bi... Merck

Merck Mix 2, Summer 2003 (CD) Half The Battle, T.V.M... Merck

Bidnezz (CD) Entrau, Disa Bling, $$... Merck

Merck Mix 3 (CD) New Too, Izey Rael (La... Merck


Feeling a bit camera shy


Machine Drum is this guy named Travis Stewart. You might know him, all he seems to do is chat on aim and go to parties. Anyway, he launched the Merck label as Syndrone tracking Autchere stylized glitch but smacking it down to a lay man's level with some venous melody. Syndrone's debut Trisikideka reached approximately 10 people before Safety In Numbers stole money from every electronica label in the country and closed. But those ten grew into a goodly thousand and the initial pressing sold out (through other distributors) and Merck had it's first big hit with out ever having to hire a publicist like me to tell you about it. Oh yeah and then this European label Djak-Up-Bitch decided to press Trisikideka to vinyl because it's that good.

Now in the meantime, Mr. Stewart was up to something else. Since 2000 he'd acquired all the instruments of post-teenage-dm. Higher drinking capacity, girlfriends, and a life away from home. Out of this squalor of college living came his next musical project Machine Drum. Machine Drum, to paraphrase Travis, is his party music. It's a party accentuated by mutant drum patterns, MCs freed in the digital world to slip up and double back on their rhymes, and the occasional body massage. His first release as Machine Drum, Now You Know, was a defining moment. Mr. Stewart became a competitor to the glitch-hop throne that Prefuse 73 occupies. His second release Half The Battle, which your getting a copy of here, was a more focused affair, still cutting beats from jazz records, but laying down a smoother atmosphere. It includes remixes from Brothmostates, Proem, Esem, Tim "Koala Man" Koch, and others. Intelligent, but smart enough to not take himself that seriously, Half The Battle and Now You Know are intricately laced releases that you can chew on for awhile before all their layers of connected musicianship come together, but there also fun, melodic, and a little moving.