Machine In The Garden

Machine In The Garden


Machine In The Garden (MITG) is a musical philosophy or sound, combining the natural with the artificial. With a strong duo of a Jazz vocalist and an electronic producer, MITG forms a unique and innovative sound that can be captured in recordings as well their progressive live set.


In the gardens of jazz and electronic sounds, a machine has made it’s dwelling place to nurture a new sound all it’s own. With the duo of a jazz vocalist and dub-step producer, Machine In The Garden formed to expand upon a distinct philosophy: combining the natural with the artificial.
The combination formed in Albany, NY at The College of St. Rose, in response to a class assignment. Members Noelle Ricci and Keith Fontaine immediately sparked a creative fire. Their sound and inspiration and be traced to James Blake, SonnyMoon, Radiohead, and Opeth. This combination of tastes and sounds has spurted something unique to electronic and pop music.
Machine In The Garden have placed second by popular vote in an Indaba Music Contest. They can be found on facebook and twitter!


Self-Released Single- Disposition
Currently working on their first EP