MachinePop is the identity industry veteran Lindon Parker uses to group his musical vehicles each honed to provide compelling great sounds in a specific genre. These include Slot Car Racers for Downbeat/Dance/House, The Avenue Falls Into Dusk for Ambient/Groove, and The Northern Company for Alt-pop


Lindon started out over 20 years ago, working with notable industry successes (eg Soft Cell) in his homeland (northern england). He moved to Australia in the late 80's and spent considerable time on film & TV work, as well as on albums and singles, working with local artists like Helen Mountford(My Friend The Chocolate Cake), Chris Wilson and Mall Webb(Oxo Cubans). Lindon has also spent long hours in recording studios as as a producer, engineer and session musician. Lindon says "Suffice to say if you're looking for some noviate good looking kid you should look elsewhere...I'm old and experienced and I have to admit not that good-looking anymore..."


Recent Albums
Slot Car Racers - "I'll be Home By Six!" (Jan 07)
The Avenue Falls Into Dusk - "Tunnels" (May 07)
The LoveWays - "StreetWaves" (Aug 07)
Recent EPs
The Northern Company - The No Name EP (July 07)

..there's so many more over the last 20 years it too long a list.

Set List

Gigs do happen, but are very short tours or one-offs, so it gets pretty specific, depending on which alter-ego(s) are on the poster...