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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Gods of Music"

I Feel Fine by Machine Seven, was a pleasant surprise. By the group's name we were expecting something more industrial sounding, but Seven Machine is real southern-rock... on steroids!

A solid wall of guitar sound (at least 3 and in some places four guitars playing multiple riffs in classic southern rock style). The guitar tone is amazing for this style of music, having an almost GNR quality to it. The mix excellent, everything stands exactly where it's supposed to in the mix, and one gets the clear impression this group took their "live" sound into the studio. And a real drummer! No drum loops wow what a cool idea!

The vocals and lyrics excellent and believable in their performance, when the singer sings "I feel fine now" on the chorus you have no doubt he meant it.

If you wondering what happened to real rock listen to this song, a refreshing "alternative" to what is heard on mainstream radio stations now. It's just great to hear a real rock band that actually plays. Our only negative criticism is that we wish is that they had more music on their web site to listen to.

Dave and Kat - Deep Blue Wonders

"Gods of Music"

Tight sound...that is the first thought that runs through my mind while listening to Machine 7.

These guys have been together since March in this current incarnation, at least, that's what I could figure out from their website.

These guys are clearly on the top of the heap of their state on the indie circuit. I wouldn't be surprised if these guys even crossed over state lines in popularity already. I would also expect to see a hell of a lot more out of them in the next few months/years.

They have the talent to be a decent lead band on tour for a bigger name...and then, I would fully expect this band to takeover the top spot. The band plays like seasoned pros, more important, you can feel a distinct cohesion to the band. In many indie bands you know just by listening that all the members have their own agendas. This band is going in one direction and it shows.

I'm looking forward to hearing more. Their website is also pretty damn slick! Bottom line, good band...good sound...incredible future!
- Clint Gaige


2001 EP, 'Now?'
2003 (June release date) 'Clearly a Blur'

Favorite Mistake is currently receiving favorable airplay on numorous radio stations in the Southeast.


Feeling a bit camera shy


It’s 2003 and like everything else in this world, Rock has come full circle. Machine Seven is in your face, kick you in the teeth, Rock-N-Roll. With the introduction of Front Man Jason Sossoman, Machine Seven has taken off like a Cruise Missile aimed at Iraq.
Machine Seven who was voted Charlotte’s Best Local Heavy / Loud Rock band in 2002 by the readers of Creative Loafing, have opened and headlined many venues up and down the East Coast. They have left in their path a trail of unmistakably loyal fans.
Spring 2003 will celebrate the release of their full-length cd, ‘Clearly A Blur’, and undoubtedly more extensive touring. The future is looking bright...the future is Machine Seven!