Machines in Transit

Machines in Transit

 Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA

Machines in Transit is a Minneapolis-based electronica project. We work with people from all over the globe. We are diplomatic.


Brent Meyer and Todd Lester formed Machines in Transit
four years ago and recorded the album in a small, handbuilt
studio in Minneapolis. The album combines electronic styles with a pop song writing structure and includes the work of two guest vocalists: Swedish singer/songwriter Alexandra Hamnede and Boston-native Rene Bergeron.

“The majority of our collaboration with other artists
happened over the Internet. We found singers we liked
and just emailed them to see if they'd be interested,” says
Meyer. “We managed to get some world-class talent on

That world-class talent' includes Grammy Award-winning
engineer Kevin Killen, who's worked with other artists
such as Peter Gabriel, U2, Elvis Costello and Tori Amos.
Kevin lent his talent to three songs on The Diplomat:
“Shine”, “Means to an End” and “Solitude.”

The album's cover art, a New York photographer's
landscape shot of a sculpture by San Francisco-based
visual artist Mars-1, was found on the web as well.

The Diplomat can be heard in its entirety on the band's website -


The Diplomat - 2010
The Diplomat Remixed - 2011
Untitled EP - Coming 2012