North Chicago, Illinois, USA
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I am MachV I am the next Rap Genius my work ethic is unbelievable i have no problem writing lyrics recording, and shooting none stop if giving the chance I will jump on that opportunity but hey thats why I'm here to please the public with my talent and I have gone local everybody loves me. Cheers :)


I am MachV my real name is Marcus Montez Johnson i was born to two young parents at the time but ended up being raised my loving grandmother whom i love as my mother and in my eyes is my mother, in Chicago, IL I was raised on the south side of the Chi. were i remained for about the first decade of my life then certain circumstances arose to where i had to move and leave my school Turner Drew Language Academy to the north suburbs of Chicago to North Chicago which we like to call NOGO for now as of right i am being very persistent in getting to the fame because my grandmother have cancer fibromyalgia and countless other incurable illnesses and i want her final hours to be as comfortable as possible.


As for my religious views i use my excellent upbringing to be the best person i can be even though i have my own views such as being interested in Illuminati but i was raised as a Christian and those values and morals WILL stand.


As for who is my inspiration i must majority of the inspiration and motivation comes from Mr.Carter every-time i heard a song by him I am overwhelmed by this irresistible drive to become greater then he is with time of course. I've spent countless sleepless nights and hours writing songs throwing them and starting over until there perfect in my eyes because at the end of the day if i don't like it then it serves no purpose to me the creator. I have written most of my music to his beats because they are extraordinarily good.


Currently I am second in command of our clique Worriorz which was founded in 2009 by the Young'Super Novaah.And so if you haven't figured it out yet we are the top three warlords of the group. On a side note the music department of the group is headed by MachV.


Bangers Aren't in Order

Written By: MachV

Bangers aren't in Order
Instrumental: Uptown
Marcus "MachV" Johnson

bangers arent in order gangsta rap is at its end
I am M5 step into my lion den
let me shed light on the beauty of this rap sin
and give cause for god to let my soul ascend
my words sore freely and purely with the heavens birds
above the beauty of ocean surface you cant deferr
whats my destination baby i am heaven bound
my soul is as pure as a jesus on his last round
his last round of breath before he lay down to rest
god his soul he will bless no more or less
i am better no we are better
weather we are mortified together
or whatever
looks like the case has shifted
it seems the curse has lifted
my abilities are extremely gifted
and i would like to share them with the whole world
tell me whats a brand new goal to an old world
no gangsta invitation no human limitation
no fake imitation
when listen to my words you are filled with dulcet
no stunter talk coming out my mouth
im not finna tell you how my pockets is on fat fat
but i will tell you to me what this is all about
life ambitions for the recognitions
for r e s p e c t and the ladies please
Phrases that my ears appease
puting on a fake smile for the tv cameras
im secured in this lifestyle like a nail and a hammer
im nailed to grammar
no need for the ignorance nor the bickering
rap battles and or beef
its all on the devils plate for his feast
music was suppose to be pure from the heart
its what sets you and the rest of the world apart
people lost sight of it but i will fight for it
to continue in this world to exist
and to forever remain part of its very fabrication
baby i am heaven bound thats my destination
but before i go i have things that i want to finish
but by the time im done my soul will be sullied
so i will pray to god that my soul he will cleanse it
and remove the scars on the minds the world has bullied
and grant them a new lease on life
free from this worlds ambitions and strife
and give them deeds for whatever they will ever need
and never have to fight for there families
blessed they loving souls let them live peacifully

MachV the King

Written By: MachV

MachV the King
instrumental: King Leon
Marcus "MachV" Johnson

Machv the king nigga im the greatest
if you didnt know machv is just an alliest
i am the ancients reborn in the flesh
you should want the king never settle for less
the peasents the servants and the kings we all hurting
the times of the struggle have come true and past
but with mach as your king peace will come atlast
ive come to pull the curtains on this old cast
Retire is in order
you cant be new
and if you know you older
please bid ado
not just the cast the whole entire crew
your all outdated the new world made it
you cant run and hide its standing at your doorstep
so what you gone do hide between your bed sets
it really didnt matter you knew it was gone find you
you probably didnt notice but i was always right behind you
you should feel privileged i was the one that you was assigned to
i didnt approve of this but hey thats the just of it
and order is an order even a new world order
the old one is over goodbye jehovah
im carving out a path leading to destruction
in my mind your laws was just an obstruction
that wasnt meant me it wasnt meant to be
but i humbly apologize kneeling on one knee
not for what ive done wrong but for the words i didnt heed
but if i shall fail i hope you come in my time of need
and if you dont i understand
its not because you undermaned
but because i willing followed my wicked ambitions
unlocking the secrets of the world just as i visioned
but no matter what ive done something always missing
i guess nobody perfected just as you mentioned
i guess my selfish reasoning lead to my down fall
when it came down to it, it seems i dropped the ball
just as prophecy intended the new world i couldn't mend it
so i am out contended but ima keep going until you want to end it
maybe if i change my mind but that probably not enough
who knows maybe my heart conditions wants to be proud of us
but for right now i want to know whos pulling all the strings
so if i say illuminatti does any bells ring
is it a secret organization or maybe just a dream
i wanna know the truth thats why i coming clean
maybe i will be satisfied once i know the truth
but only if its backed up by uncontestable proof
but i guess the day that comes i would have jumped to my death
or shocked so bad it brought me to my last breath
what ever the case may be
it will take time to see
an answer that comes as vast as the sea
or hard to get to like the oceanic deep
like i said the secrets of the world is what i seek
but i know as a human i wont completely understand
I am Mach the Great and your destruction is at hand

Young MVME

Written By: MachV

Young MVME
Instrumental: miss me
Marcus "MachV" Johnson

young mv me you can call me machv baby
i then strong armed this game like john cena baby
i fucked pussy like i aint never ever seen it baby
i am the storm that flood the pussy gates fiending baby
i wake up then bake up
swag up then bag'er
he snatched him one to but damn she was an eye sore
he later found out she was professional whore
she gave a nigga brain right at the front door
lets get off that subject and talk about young M5
i am machv and man ive never felt more alive
my flow was in er but im back and um we are
we are worriorz o thats with three R's
thats with 2 O's nigga no S we gotta Z
i got one thing to say as young mv me
asterisk no atchour risk dont mess with this
we will kill your miss then get on one knee and pray that she die in bliss
but anyway you get the point and if you dont thats a disappoint
but i cant dwell on it so move around
yall cute and all but im new to town
and the common law is dont trust a hoe
for fear and all she take all your doe
and you be like hell no she gotta go
but by the time you say that its too late
to take back the mayback and everything as payback
dont dwell on it move past it fuck that was classic
what? im talking them golddigging
straight while we oil rigging
swagger straight color banging
nigga im hella famous
how do i know you listen to me
and your girl in your arms but wishing for me
walking on stage its young machi babe
words so mean i was locked in a cage
i broke thru them confines and guess what i saw
lil montesa
rocking the stage in awe
this shit is in my blood nigga this is how i does
stunter by nature can't mess with mother nature
young MachV brought the building back alive

Like a Cougar

Written By: MachV

Like a Cougar
Instrumental: Whip My Hair
By: Marcus "MachV" Johnson

im whipping out the cougar
rolling extra cooler
steady mean mugging but the cougar is crueler
obsessed with rap so they call it rap disorder
so it then went banned me via court order
so i waited in the bushes and waited for my chance
like a cougar i attacked it with these rap sayings
it didnt see it coming and neither did its crew
i won against the world aint that sad boo hoo
you the only one crying you told me to do you
so i did you and everyone of your buddies to
back to the topic
i had a list of option
and rap is what i opted
whatever that i needed momma said cop it
word to your mother you boys soft spined paperback
you never got to worry cause momma always got you back
but at the end of the day you go around me wall tack
and at the start of the night its time for the phantom
and ima go unnoticed like the ghostly abandon
murdering dreams i am the nightmare bandit
the guilts too much i just cant stand it
but im stucked with it because i made a commitment
that the rap game will accept my admittance

Money Hogging

Written By: MachV

Money Hogging
Instrumental: Cabin Fever
By: Marcus "MachV" Johnson

we night crawling straight money hawling
stunting is my fb status
my pockets are the very fatest
my cars are the very fastest
my alter ego i mean d-evil
we on our HM MC
i mean two names but one body
cause thats my only kemosabe
no doppelganger cause that nothing but danger
causing problems is not my nature
but ill be glad to if it wont harm stature
or make me a failure but i guess it wouldnt matter
cause at the end of the day i got the money and the power
money and the power
money and the power
cause we night crawling straight money hawling
stunting is my fb status
my pockets are the very fatest
my cars are the very fastest
my alter ego i mean d-evil
we on our HM MC
i mean two names but one body
cause thats my only kemosabe


Written By: MachV

Instrumental: Give it all 2 U
By: Marcus "MachV Johnson

Im sitting in the cut, sippin on my cup
blowing by the pound cause idgaf
ima have a good time and yall aint finna ruin it
i aint going anywhere and this is how im proving it
im chilling with people baby ima eagle
man we go far man we fly high
man im so fly that im part of the sky
and so is my cliq and so is her clit
baby thats a fix dont forget your bic
mind never dull man im sharper then a needle
when i say fuck the ground i cause an upheaval
risking it all evel knievel
my nigga said we only one shot to make it
so ima do what i can just so i can take it
and the wall thats standing in between us i will break it
so now there nothing standing in our way
we made to the trail so lets present the case
they liked what they heard baby safe
we went got a tuddy off the first play
we made to the finish so lets celebrate
put your hands in the air say
Hey X7
We here Worriorz

Don't Quit

Written By: MachV

Don't Quit
instrumental: Light Up
By: Marcus "MachV" Johnson

standing on the world honey i made it
went and set a goal and got to where i placed it
when i first saw the path
no joke man i couldnt even laugh
my first thought was " man this looks rough
man it wasnt easy in fact it was tough
but stop the negativity i know you had enough
but i perservered and made it through the struggle
i couldnt go wrong thats why i called a no huddle
i believed in my game plan i didnt need to doubt it
cause i had to make with it there was no with out it
what im trying to say believe yourself
please dont let your dreams fall off the shelf
and shatter and break cause there aint no remake
you cant replace it you cant reset it
im telling now so that you dont regret it
dont get me wrong i know you have tatics
but take them to the board and baby just tack it
and let the world see when you want to attack it
aint no stoping you so they should just pack it
and move it to the wayside that they side
cause we nogo we only breed winners
you boys so so man you just dinner
time to be eating by this generation
our time is now this aint a simulation
this the real deal
so step up to the plate and make your dreams real
dont end up on the streets drinking til you kill
or just doing what you can just to survive
i see it in your eyes so put it in drive
then come to a finish marrying your bride
the new kings are here so please stay alive
and let next generation takeover the strive
Don't Quit presented to you by MachV


Written By: MachV

Instrumental:Romans Revenge
Marcus "MachV" Johnson

Here me roar I am ray
i command the beat so please obey
i can kill this beat so dont compare
please dont tell me cause i dont even care
you wasting your breath so get outta here
im finna turn this turn this beat into something unseen
maybe something like a trolleying fiend
maybe something like your momma on a lean
maybe something like souja boy dope fiend
or maybe something like me as a human being
I dont even know i just saying what i think
dont close your eyes you better not blink
if you do so you gonna miss show
going through these women just for straight blow
im blowing through women i guess im just a hoe
but to make a hoe it always take 2
they got me one two makes you
im so poetic yeah i know
my mind keep going even on the go
sitting in class i cant do my work
got rhymes on my mind man its curse
its not that good but its kinda not the worse
let me sit and think while eating hoeurderves
man im still thinking but i dont have an answer
it seems that im cured of this rap cancer
but that cant be cause it seems that im rapping
the crowds on there feet screaming and clapping
theres not a single word you can utter
that will make my heart fluster and flutter

Blowing Like The Wind

Written By: MachV

Blow like the wind
Instrumental: Never Been
By: Marcus "MachV" Johnson

flow with the wind yall

blowing like the wind
now where should i begin
how about i start here
i got a story you should hear
Ima chitown baby
a southside crazy
one of the many
you can trust they have plenty
and all they do is blow
all they do is drink
its not just for show
but still dont blink
this is something you should see
the truth about the streets
the use of the people and they dreams to have peace
i think im moving to fast
lets take a step back past
to the times of the better
but the start of the worse
man i seen badder
but this is just a curse
every single day someone is lost
but for what price cause there wasnt any cost
and there wasnt anything to gain
so to ease the pain X5
they just
blowing like the wind X4
they just
blowing like the wind X4


Current I have two Albums, my very first CD is entitled "My Time Is Now" and the most current one that I am working on with better sound quality is entitled "A Southside Crazy".

Currently I am writing a single for the next LP entitled Ima Chitown Baby called babygirl trust me the girls is gone love it ;)