Boulder, Colorado, USA

A cross between Drive-By Truckers and Social Distortion with a hint of Johnny Cash vocals. Mach-Zehnder's songs are strong and short, touching on heartbreak, loneliness, and the perpetual struggle with the darkness that threatens to consume us.


Mach-Zehnder originates from the eastern plains of Colorado, a country of grasses where thunder rolls across the land like God's own echoing voice, filling fear in the hearts of men, and calling on sinners to repent.
It is a land haunted by the ghosts of victims past, where the grass undulates in the wind like a gentle sea. It is a place where God shows himself in the subtle beauty of a meadowlark on a fence post and a place where the Devil himself is rumored to wander the dusty roads on moonless nights. It is a land where triumph is tempered by terror, and the heat of the day is matched by the chill of night. It is the West.
This is the story that Mach-Zehnder would like to tell.

Set List

Original Song List:
Nothing to Hide
Love is a Grave
Death of My Heart
I am Love
Ballad from Below
Never Love Again
Mary Said
Ready to Go
Hours of the Night
Pull of the Devil
Typical Set Length: 30-45 min
Debaser - Pixies
There Goes My Gun - Pixies
Sleep Now in the Fire (Country Version) - Rage Against the Machine