Mack Abernathy

Mack Abernathy


I play REAL country music. Not the plastic Nashville stuff of today. Our band's motto pretty much sums up our whole outlook-"If it ain't fun, we ain't goin'!!" We take pride in our shows and our fans and always make sure that everyone leaves the show feeling that they have been truly entertained.


This native Texan singer/songwriter has always enjoyed playing the guitar and writing songs as a diversion from his various occupations as a school teacher, a professional rodeo cowboy, a railroad engineer, and a farmer. When his banker told him to do something besides farming for a living, he decided to record and sell the songs he had written on the back of a train order. What followed was the release of his first single “Don’t Tax My Beer”, which led to concert openings for such names as Marie Osmond, Bobby Bare, and Larry Gatlin. Mack then entered Nashville’s Stargem Recording Studios to record his first album, “Different Situations”, which garnered two Billboard chart songs; the title cut “Different Situations” and Mack’s remake of the Floyd Tillman classic “Slippin’ Around”. The “Different Situation” video won the prestigious Lone Star Award at the Houston International Film Festival, and received airplay on The Nashville Network and CMT. “Here’s a feller from the heart of Texas. His songs are from the heart, and you’ll know what I mean if you’ll just listen to Mack Abernathy….a pleasure to be a part of it.” This comes directly from renowned CMA Instrumentalist of the Year Johnny Gimble, one of the many master musicians that have played with Mack, not to mention Hall of Fame steel guitarist Tom Brumley, formerly one of Buck Owen’s Buckaroos, who headed up Mack’s top-notch band for quite some time. Well-known Nashville record producer, Vic Clay, who produced the “Different Situations” album, is putting the finishing touches on Mack’s new album, "Fire on the Line", which is due out in July 2007. Mack will once again hit the road to promote this new CD, this time carrying with him his custom-built mobile stage trailer. This stage trailer, hand built by Mack, his wife Jessie, and Mack’s guitar player and close friend Kenny Zink, is a 53’ semi trailer that hydraulically converts to a stage, complete with sound and lights, which enables Mack to take his show virtually anywhere. (View this rig at Mack’s Abernathy’s music has always been received well in country radio. Jerry King, former Program Director and current radio personality at KKYX in San Antonio, had this to say: “Mack Abernathy is the kind of singer and songwriter that country music is all about”. Bill Kinder, KSCS-Dallas radio personality, says, “Mack has talent and a down home attitude that relates to his listeners on a personal basis.” Mack has combined his singing and song-writing talents to create a country style that is all his own and one that his fans really enjoy and repeatedly want to hear.


Everybody In Fort Worth Says Hello

Written By: Mack Abernathy, Jeremy Venable, Chris Wommack

By Jeremy Venable (ASCAP), Chris Wommack (ASCAP),
and Mack Abernathy (BMI)

Everybody in Fort Worth says hello
They were sure surprised to hear you had to go
When they ask me how you’re doin’
I tell ‘em I don’t know
Everybody in Fort Worth says hello
I went down to the stockyards
Where the West begins
To Pearl’s Dance Hall
And I saw our old friends
I’da give a million
To see you walk right thru the door
And they wouldn’t ask me
Where you are anymore

(Repeat Chorus)

I ran into Dan
Now he’s the man
That opened up the bar
And there was Joe
The one you know
That played the steel guitar
Ordered up a drink and
Quick as a wink
They couldn’t wait
To ask me where you are

(Repeat Chorus)

When they ask me how you’re doin’
I tell them I don’t know
Everybody in Fort Worth says hello


"Different Situations" Album released 1988
"Fire on the Line" Album released 2008
5 songs currently being played on XM Radio-Channel 13-Willie's Place and Sirius Radio-Channel 64

Set List

We play anywhere from 90 minute shows to 3-4 hour dances. We can accommodate most any time slot needed. A typical 90 minute show looks something like this:

Slippin’ Around
Fire on the Line
Everybody in Fort Worth
Corrina, Corrina
Mind Your Own Business
Honky Tonk Masquerade
Pocket Rocket Ranger
Waymore’s Blues
Dos Hermanos Cantina/Right or Wrong
Ride Me Down Easy
Different Situation
Amazing Grace/I’ll Fly Away/Will The Circle
I Can’t Help It If I’m Still In Love With You
Best of Both Worlds
Momma Don’t Allow
Six Pack to Go
Texas Outro