Mackal Smith

Mackal Smith


My music is all original. I have a distinct acoustic/bluegrass/folk feel. Many people describe my guitar fingerstyle as similar to James Taylor. I play guitar, mandolin, and banjo (just a regular do it your self guy all the way around).


I've been playing guitar for the last 30 years. Although I have played in coffee houses and small venues from time to time, most of the time I just enjoy writing and playing music with friends and family.


99 Years Without Parole

Written By: Mackal Smith

Well that judge he didn’t like me
‘Cause I’d been through his courtroom before
He slammed his gavel down and pointed with a frown
And he said, “Son you won’t be hangin’ round no more.
You got 99 years without parole”

Verse 1:
I left home when I was 16
And I thought I had a tiger by the tail.
But when you can’t make ends meet
You end up on the street
Doin’ what you have to to have fun
I just wish I hadn’t stolen that damn gun

Verse 2:
Now a couple grams of cocaine got me by
I spent 2 long weeks liquored up and high
I stole my best friend’s money
And he spoke of revenge
I waited by his house with that old gun
And the judge said, “Son that’s murder one”


Lead Break

Verse 3:
When I left my best friend’s house he wasn’t standing
He was laid out on that floor his blood ran cold
I gathered up his money
And I went on the run
I made it down to Juarez Mexico
Before the federales busted down my door


Verse 4:
I been 9 long years now in this cell
And prison is it’s own special hell
I keep thinking ‘bout what I’ve done
Have nightmares ‘bout that gun
I wish I’d kept my life under control
Cause I got 90 long years here left to go

She Makes Me Crazy

Written By: Mackal Smith

A penny for your thoughts
My kingdon for some action
I'm crazy for your lovin' today
My Stomach's tied in knots
Facing this obsession
You're standin' there
Your auborn hair
Those sexy clothes
You drive me crazy

Cynthia my dear
Your loverboy is here
Hurting for your sweet love today
Just give me a whirl
I'll shake up your world
You don't know it dear
But when you're near
You drive me crazy

I'd never had guessed
Back in High School
That that little girle sittin' next to me
Would one day shake up my world
She makes me crazy

Oh she's such a tease
But man she aims to please
I just can't wait
To get back home to her
I been travelin' so much
We just can't keep in touch
I'm on the plane
In the air
Coming back from God knows where
I'm crazy
She makes me crazy

I'd never had guessed
Back in High School
That that little girle sittin' next to me
Would one day shake up my world
She makes me crazy

Oh thank God she's mine
She makes other men go blind
But boys her heart belongs to me
And she may never know
How deeply my love grows
My heart is in her hand
And she tells me I'm her man
She drives me crazy

Papa Jack

Written By: Mackal Smith

Papa Jack had s a house outback
Where Grammy'd make him go
He'd drink a little beer and spread a little cheer
On occasions when the kids would show

He had a favorite song we'd all sing along
Grammy would roll her eyes
His gravelly voice, his song of choice
While Grammy baked her pies

He'd sing high and he'd sing low
He'd sing fast and he'd sing slow
Papa Jack is a good ol' boy
He fills my heart with joy
Then he'd dance a little wrinkle
In his eye a little twinkle
And he'd smile like a little boy

He has cowboy boots and cowboy hats
I've never seen him wear
He wears knee high socks with sandals
And superman underwear

He used to be a farmer, had a hundred acres or more
He keeps his house much warmer now
Grows tomatoes in a tub outdoors


He says Grammy never cooks for him till someone comes around
With corn on the cob he is sure a slob
He throws kernels all around

He starts clapping his hands and humming. We know he's ready to crow
Bless his heart he just can't hear
The children all yelling "No!"



I have a number of songs published with Garageband Records. You can hear streams at

Set List

No covers. Typical set list as follows:
99 Years Without Parole
Papa Jack
She Makes Me Crazy
Hearts to Win
The Child
No Honey for Me
I Like Women
Someone Watching

The set runs about 40 minutes. I typically do a single set.