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The Sound, 2007



Mackintosh Braun is an Oregon based electronic duo. Their debut album “The Sound” is already a cult classic, reaching listeners all over the world.
"The idea was to create an album that you didn't have to skip through, hopefully this is one of those albums for people." Combining a creative blend of organic instrumentation with electronic clicks and pops, Mackintosh Braun accomplishes a feat that few achieve.

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Electronic music to love, even if you don't love electronic music! Clever songs, good beat, and cool vocals!

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The rich harmonies and organic instrumentation of Mackintosh Braun add a cozy, welcoming sheen to the Portland electronic duo’s more clinical beats. With songs that would be perfect for sexy technology commercials for sleek cell phones and glossy, cool cars or a hip TV show in need of a high-tech-yet-sentimental vibe (“Wake Up” has already been featured on NBC’s Chuck), Mackintosh Braun meld the futuristic detachment of Kraftwerk with the computerized poignancy of ’80s New Romantic acts and the synthetic lushness of Air or the Notwist. Tracks like “Good So Far,” which turn the pair’s vocal harmonies into lush robotic wash amidst plinky pianos, and “The Sound,” which colors its crisp beats with a bright guitar line, tread the fine line between the artificial and the natural, for a sound that is completely modern.

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Mackintosh Braun out of Portland, Oregon are a great Electronica/Dance band with some great tunes that should be bumping dance floors soon. Reminds me a little of Air but with a more dance-oriented vibe to them. They also have an 80's feel to them reminiscent of Depeche Mode or OMD. Great stuff. Discover them now before they're huge!

We're talking audio trippin' in the first degree here, these two gents blend ambient music with electronica and even a touch of 80's synthpop. "The sound" is exactly the album music I was talking about earlier in this review, it's very well performed and it should be a crime to avoid listening to it with your headphones on. The entire album is very good but if you want to take a moment to listen more carefully to just a few songs, than pay attention to "Good so far", "Raincrest" and "The sound". Bravo!
3.5 out of 4 stars
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This Portland duo recalls some of the chilliest German engineering from the 70s and 80s. Imagine Air playing Kraftwerk. There's almost no there there sometimes...and those moments happen to be merely transcendent. It is difficult to grasp much of anything often enough. This duo has listened to a lot of William Orbit as well, as the burbling electronics prove. Quite the sound this sound is, I'd say. Frozen back to the depths of the last ice age, this album almost becomes inviting in the lush choruses. The discordance of musical ideas is positively invigorating. Not exactly fun, I guess, but quite fulfilling. Fans of current acts like Ming and Ping ought to groove on this as well; the sound isn't identical, but there are plenty of reference points. I can feel myself floating away.

Mackintosh Braun - The Sound (Independently released CD, Progressive pop)
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Mackintosh Braun is the duo consisting of Ian Mackintosh and Ben Braun. These two Portland, Oregon musicians create soft, smooth synthesized pop that recalls British techno artists from the 1970s and 1980s. Think Depeche Mode with updated electronics. The Sound, the duo's debut album, features nice, thick, dreamy, subdued pop that relies heavily on technology and vocal melodies (the harmonies are totally incredible). This is a slick, great sounding album...which is particularly impressive considering this is an independently released disc. The layered vocals and instruments create a substantial wall of sound...driven by electronic percussion that is surprisingly soothing. Ten inviting cuts here including "Good So Far," "I Won't Fall," "My Time," and "The Sound."
Intricate, beautiful modern pop. (Rating: 5+)

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Aural sculptures, straight out of Oregon.
A stunningly produced collection of ethereal, yet melodic downbeat songs, marrying gorgeous baselines with gently processed, swirling vocals, and acoustic guitars, with layers of beautiful keyboards. The production has an almost enveloping quality, giving the feeling of being in a warm cosy space, but with the sound-waves floating off into the wider world as if by osmosis.
A scrumptious collection, probably best enjoyed through headphones, on a cold winters night, in a sleeping bag, with a fat spliff, sitting on a spacehopper somewhere in Second Life, whilst having your temples gently massaged from behind and a hot towel placed over it.
By: Chris Merriman
4 out of 5 stars

Review by Leonard's Liar (popular UK blog)
With their 2005 debut