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"Maclay Experience"

Artist: Maclay Experience
Album: Something New…For a Change
Review by: Annie Reuter

The debut release for Maclay Experience, Something New…For a Change, offers nine tracks of soulful musical accompaniment. Descriptive lyrics combined with Leo Henry’s unique singing style causes the Haliburton, Ontario, Canada-based band to leave its mark.
Something New…For a Change begins with an ear-grabbing guitar interlude before solid percussion and Leo Henry’s raspy vocals enter. “Well I told her that I loved her and she didn’t run away/I was so surprised I had nothing to say/Never had it ever happened this way before/I was always left alone watching a swinging door,” he sings passionately.
With steady guitar and percussion throughout “Something New” alongside fitting harmonies, the album opener quickly draws the listener in.
Next song, “When We Met” at times embodies Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band. With deeper vocals by Henry, and a distinct rock & roll vibe, the band impresses. The descriptive lyrics throughout the track place the listener on the dance floor where the two characters in the song meet. A soaring electric guitar interlude accompanied by a rollicking drum and bass beat only adds to the number.
Ballad “It’s You” follows suit on Something New…For a Change with Henry’s continued wavering singing style. With slower music accompaniment, the song is a slight departure from previous tracks. “Can’t Let Her Go” picks back up the pace with Henry’s familiar vocals and gritty guitar. With an impressive minute-long instrumental breakdown, Maclay Experience continues to set themselves apart. Ascending guitar weaving, balanced percussion and a dark bass beat make the song memorable.
Once again, Maclay Experience showcases their versatility on “Sunsets.” Ethereal organ accompaniment and Henry’s saddened vocals transport the listener to an easier time. Before television, the Internet and cell phones connected everyone, families “would watch the sun at the end of day,” as Henry sings.
Lonely while watching the sunset, the character in the song is alone in the world since those he used to gather with have died. A somber yet relatable track, everyone has experienced the death of a loved one at some point and can grasp onto the heartache. Slow finger picked guitar rhythms and a hint of country embodied within the track rightfully bolster this sentiment.
Next track, “Not Sleeping So Sound” picks back up the pace of Something New…For a Change with a driving drum beat and equally fitting electric guitar parts while “Almost You” tugs on the heartstrings. With delicate guitar strumming, the track introduces a female vocalist for the first time. As a result, Jess Jackson’s eased singing strikes a chord as she gives the album added freshness.
“Fastest Man In Town” doesn’t change much vocally. Despite the swift music, there is nothing here that is memorable. Not all is lost though, as Something New…For a Change closes with a standout performance on “Last Forever.” With background harmonies that bring to mind the eased singing style of the Beach Boys, the album ends on a high note.

Review by Annie Reuter
Rating: 3 stars (out of 5)

- Ariel Publicity


Something New...for a change

1. Something New
2.When we met
3.It`s you
4. Can`t let her go
5. Sunsets
6. Not sleeping so sound
7. Almost you
8. Fastest man in town
9. Last forever



We are a five piece band out of Haliburton On Canada.
We all have full time jobs and try playing as often as possible. We have managed to record our first cd consisting of all original music and released it Oct. 09 of this year. We are a pop/rock group who have been influenced by The Beatles, Stones, Eric Clapton and others. Our cd "Something New...For A Change" has been reviewed by " Annie Reuter", a freelance journalist out of New York, New York @ Wenner Media for Ariel Publicity. She covers the concert scene, new releases and conducts band interviews for several music sites including, Billboard, AOL and others. You can read her review on our cd under "press releases" at this site.
We have enjoyed playing on the same bill with, The Down Child Blues Band, The Paul James Blues Band, The Partland Brothers, The Good Brothers, Russell DeCarlo of Prarie Oyster, Carl Dixon of Coney Hatch and others.
We will be joining Honeymoon Suite, Doug and the Slugs and yet to be announced acts, at this years "Fishstock" event in Haliburton On. this August 2012.