MacLeod 9

MacLeod 9


G.S. MacLeod & MacLeod 9's sound is a blend of traditional and electric instruments, hand drums to the sax and electric guitar, fusing blues, folk, celtic, rock, jazz, rap to the indigenous rhythms of their Celto-Franco-Latin ancestries.


G.S. MacLeod has over 100 exhibitions and 100 performances to his name and is a well-known Montreal interdisciplinary artist who works as a painter, photographer, filmmaker and musician, whose work has addressed social-political issues and historical themes. He has traveled, studied, performed and exhibited across Canada, the United States, Mexico and Europe. He has been involved in the Canadian music scene since 1985 as a songwriter and performer in folk, Celtic and rock bands—most notably as a member of This New Land, Trinity, Craic and MacLeod 9.

In 2006 G.S. MacLeod joined with musicians/artists Brunelle and Tondino to broaden his sound. Much of their collective work has been rooted in education, social-political issues and outreach. They are all members of international art collective La Raza Group

In 2007 G.S. MacLeod introduced Xochilt Pardo into the group because of her unique international percussion style featuring the Cajon and many other exotic hand percussion instruments.

G.S MacLeod has performed his Brief Canadian History show in Berlin, the Side-sounds Music Festival in Oslo and Bergen, The Harbourfront Theatre in Toronto, The Hudson Village Theatre, Heritage Hall in Vancouver with members of the Squamish Nation, and at many primary and secondary schools in the Montreal area. Also benefits concerts for Amnesty International Art for love and Freedom, the Lubicon Cree Nation in Northern Alberta, the Mohawks of Khanesetake, food banks, AIDS hospices, orphanages, and hospitals.

Current projects are:

A Brief Canadian History

G. S. MacLeod is the creator and singer/songwriter for A Brief Canadian History, a 45-minute music performance in English and French celebrating the history of Canada, highlighting historically significant men, women and events with digital projections of people from Canada’s collective, multicultural heritage. Prominent figures and events include the Iroquois, the Blackfoot, the Acadiens, the Patriotes, Louis Riel, the Klondike, the Underground Railroad, WW I & II, The Great Depression, Rocket Richard, Terry Fox, and others.

Closing of the 4th Cycle

This nine song release was produced by Andrew Midleton and G.S. MacLeod and mixed and mastered by Jamie Hébert. It is a Revelation Rock–Eco Armageddon spoken word and song-driven album. The titled was inspired by Frank Water’s 'The Hopi', Thomas Email’s 'The Hopi Survival Kit', 'There is a River' (the story of Edgar Cayce) by Thomas Surgue, the ancient Sumerian Epic of 'Gilgamesh', and finally, many of Joseph Campbell’s works on mythology. It is a thematic concept album, in the spirit of Marvin Gaye’s 'What’s Going On', 'An American Prayer' by The Doors, 'Contact From The Underworld of Redboy' by Robbie Robertson, and 'The Past Didn’t Go Anywhere' by Utah Phillips and Ani DiFranco.

After the war with Hannelore

G.S. MacLeod’s newest foray was a soundtrack for his recent documentary 'After the war with Hannelore'. He produced along side Ky Anto and Shaun Pilot this ten song album for MacLeod's 30-minute documentary, which pays homage to native Berliner and survivor of the Cold War and the Soviet era, Hannelore Scheiber. This seven-vignette documentary deals with her Cold War experiences in Berlin from 1945 to 1982. The film and songs honour her oral histories of post-war Berlin.


Les Patriotes - A Brief Canadian History

Written By: G.S. MacLeod


The name given after 1826 to the PARTI CANADIEN and to the popular movement that contributed to the REBELLIONS OF 1837-38 in Lower Canada. The primary francophone party, led mainly by members of the liberal professions and small scale merchants, was widely supported by farmers, day-labourers and craftsman. Its more distinguished leaders included Louis-Joseph PAPINEAU, Jean-Oliver Chenier and Wolfred Nelson. The Rebellions of 1837-38 were followed by the torching of Patriotes’ homes, imprisonments, exiles, trials and hangings. The failure of the rebellions led to the disappearance of the Parti patriote. Some former leaders, hovever, return to active politics in the united PROVINCE OF CANADA.

Fernande Roy Canadain Encyclopedia

Cent quarante prisonniers
Son déportés
Les Patriotes en exile

C’est un temp de colere
Sur un bateau de prisonnier
Je pense à mes camarades morts
Sous les fusils anglais

Et nous sommes deux peuples
Sans pays
Et si tu vois mon pays
Mon pays malheureux

Cent quarante prisonniers
Son déportés
Les Patriotes en exile

Et nous sommes deux peuples
Sans pays
Et si tu vois mon pays
Mon pays malheureux 3X

When the big ship comes - Closing of the 4th cycle

Written By: Lyrics G.S. MacLeod Music Jamie Hébert


This is the story of Gilgamesh

I want to look past overindulgence
And focus beyond fraud
Create people of content
Help the sick and feed the poor

I want to default on gross oppressions
And exaggerated power of the state
Let simple honesty and integrity
Overcome our slipping fates


When the big ship comes
The big ship lasts
Pray to God
We are going to save our ass

With 40 days and 40 lights
We stayed up to build an arc in the night
To save us from the disgrace
Because a real rain’s going to wash the shit away/ away



Medicine Bundle - Closing of the 4th Cycle

Written By: G.S. MacLeod

North, south, east and west

Bring back the lost rituals and rites
We must be born again out of this sickness
The white race lost its medicine bundle
Of wheat, hops, barley and vine spirits
Our boredom and speed is eating us
The planet we are suffering
Living in a wormwood eaten tree
Ready to fall into the next natural disaster

It is time we honour the practices of the red race
From them we can learn the healing powers
Of cedar, sage, sweet grass and tobacco

The secrets of the ages is in everyone of us
It is up to us to deliver them
Balance is the only way to change
We must listen closer to the signs

Resolve the immediate problems

The seed will grow in any of the soil
The creator has made
It is up to us to tend to them better

We are talking about what we don't have
Rather than what we have got
Or what we should give
We are talking about god given rights
When most of us barely have enough for life
We are confused by the noise of consumer pollution
Lost, far from environmental balance
And eco solutions

Serpents will uncoil and kick back
At the progress that is using us
Hopi tablets predict the dangers
We fail to see
Commerce culture is imprisoning the free by TV
Give me a chance at the medium
Before the millennium

Natasha-More to the dream - Closing of the 4th Cycle

Written By: G.S. MacLeod


The child of the future will have to focus on the planet
Because our consumer society overburdened nature

Honesty seeds
On this street

Friendship feeds
All that you need

My cross
Your cross
All that we want

To wear
And to bear
The thought

Black is for the lows, low notes
Silver is for the teens
Like a river, she runs

Is the stick
She, burns

And the pictures
Of teenage, prophets

Is the passport
To the feelings, you know


Black is for the lows, low notes
Silver is for the teens
Like a river, she runs


Oceans are the frail life support systems
Beware of rising seas killer storms and disease

His words they come like honey
Hand in your pocket and steal your money

Baby can’t make it all alone
That’s why we do it on the phone

Distance makes me grow longer
That’s why I’m speaking much fonder

I’m not ready to leave this town
Because there’s too much shit going all ‘round


Well there’s more to the dream, on the shores of the obscene

The salmon are not finding their way home
Because we lost respect for all living things

Heart attack and morphine dream
Tied to the bed in hollers and screams

What is this thing we call life?
Pain is knowledge at God’s price


Well there’s more to the dream, on the shores of the obscene

Dionysus give me your wine
Liquid courage for a good time

The Dirty 30' - A Brief Canadian History

Written By: G.S. MacLeod

The dirty 30’ were the great depression years
We road the rails in search of work
Our destinies unclear
Arrested for vagrancy with no clemency

Union folk come along
And sing those union songs
Unions be strong
Our time is not long

Dust and debt destroy our prairie long
And do nothing politicians carry on
While we can’t make our loans
And the banks foreclose


R.B. Bennett is afraid of Western Socialists
Woodsworth and Douglas are no communists
Communist, Socialist who cares
All we want are jobs and health care



The Regent Sessions (1994), a six song EP

A Brief Canadian History (2000), a thirteen song LP

Three New Songs - A Brief Canadian History (2004)

Closing of the 4th Cycle (2006), a nine song LP

After the war with Hannelore (2007), a ten song LP

Set List


-We do 45 minute sets of original music below are the shows and our rates.

-Oh Marie by Daniel Lanois
-Blues du businessman by Claude Dubois


For: Festivals - Schools - Cultural Centres – Embassies – Special Events

Option A - An unplugged and intimate Canada.

45 minutes, 15 minute question period.

Setting - Festival, workshop or classroom : G.S. MacLeod in a classroom setting. In this option the goal is to elaborate on the content on the music, historical figures and themes in an intimate setting and promote discourse between the performer, audience and or students. Storyboards are handed to the audience and or students in a effort to highlight elements of each song. Instruments include : Guitar, hand drum, and harmonica. This show deals with an overview of Canadian and First Nations history.

Rate $500.00 negotiable as per requirements

Option B – A Brief Canadian History I - The First People to Confederation.

45 minute mult