BandEDMNew Age

A fusion of chilled and more uptempo electronica, heavily influenced by ambient and trip hop labels like Ninja Tune and Warp records.

Perfect gig? One of smaller stages at Glastonbury - or Bestival


Electronica and electronic dance music producer from London, producer of the Electronica Monthly podcast, and co-founder of Friesian Recordings. Influences vary from Serge Gainsbourg to Pete Namlook, and being brought up on a diet of labels like Warp records, R&S, Rising High and Ninjatune (to name but a few).


COW001: "New Waves" - 30th January 2012
COW002: "Is This What You Were Looking For?" - 1st October 2012
COW003: "ITWYWLF Reconstructions" - 1st March 2013
"Sunrise" (MP3 only) - 1st August 2013

Set List

Depends on the venue / theme - can be tailored to more or less upbeat.

e.g. Chilled daytime festival performance vs Higher tempo dance tracks for evening club performances