Harmony, melody and lyric centered music performed by a father and son team. MacVitties are reminiscent of Chris Isaac blended with Jay Hawks or Simon & Garfunkel.


Meet the MacVitties: Fred and Chris,. Father and son. Although twenty-nine years lie between them, nothing comes between their harmonies.

Chris MacVittie has been the catalyst for the duo, though he would say it was his father’s record collection that set this duo’s career on its path. The Incredible String Band, Buffalo Springfield, Crosby, Stills & Nash and of course, the Beatles all enticed the young MacVittie, who took every opportunity to listen to the music that shaped one generation and has taken hold of another. Now it resurfaces in the rich texture of lyric and music that Chris discovered when he was living alone in a shack in Australia.

After a brief college career, Chris followed his inner need to spread his wings with the decision to learn from the wide-open spaces of a small farming town outside of Brisbane, Australia. There he worked as a volunteer for a land conservation organization and spent most of his working days alone mending fences and nights wrangling meals over a campfire.

In Australia, where some aboriginal tribes follow the songlines of their nomadic lives across the desolate terrain, Chris found his own songlines.
When he returned to the States, Chris continued to play taking the occasional lesson and finding any opportunity to perform. When asked to sing at an open mike competition, he had the sudden inspiration to ask his father, Fred, to join him.

A former Marine who did a tour in Vietnam, Fred MacVittie loved his music and harbored a secret desire to sing. However, he chose the path of family responsibility and built a career as an environmental and safety consultant, reserving his musical ambition for family sing-ins on long car rides.

Chris didn’t think twice about asking his father to sing with him, it was simply the next logical move to make. In no time father and son reached deep into their shared love of music blending their rich voices and close harmonies within each of their original songs. “We’ve come a long way from the days of singing along to “The Beatles A to Z” in the car,” Chris says. Today when Fred and Chris MacVittie join voices, it is to their own music and something magical happens -- something at once profound and effortless. That something has had a powerful effect on audiences throughout New England for the past several years.

The MacVitties have been on the road playing everywhere from the Faneuil Hall Marketplace in Boston, Club Passim in Cambridge, and the Acoustic Café and Ives Concert Park, in Connecticut and the Triad Theater in Manhattan and The Towne Crier in Pawling, New York.

The MacVitties first CD, “Not What You Think” received Boston Sound Check Magazine Reviews’ highest rating of 4 Stars. Their latest recording, “Love Letters”, produced by Frank Carillo and Paul Orofino, is already garnering attention. Singout Maginzine “The MacVitties release creates the feel of entering a musical time capsule. ... it's like experiencing 60s radio all over again - for the first time".

Chris and Fred MacVittie are setting a new standard for fathers and sons and for anyone who has ever harbored the desire to follow their secret dreams. With deeply felt songs of love and loss, of hope and triumph, they mix their voices and hearts to mend fences and instill a deep sense that all is well. Their music reflects the MacVitties’ deeply held belief that life is a gift -- pure and simple.


Love Letters
Right Rooster Records
May 2002 (several tracks have received national air play)
Produced by: Frank Carillo, Paul Orofino & MacVitties
Recorded: Millbrook Sound, Millbrook, NY

"Not What You Think"
Right Rooster Records/BMI
May 1999
Produced by David Pichadzw & Chris Mac Vittie
Recorded at Blue Jay Records, Carisle, MA

Set List

Originals Songs include:
Change Your Mind
Summer Sublime
Turn the light Out
Love Letters
Australian Song
The Harvest
Without You
Take it to Heart
Little One
In the Middle
One Fifteen
Long Train Ride
By My Side
Dancing Girl
When You're Gone
I'll Try
and many more

Cover Songs include: songs of the Beatles, Simon & Garfunkel, Buffalo Springfield, James Taylor, Jack Johnson, Crowded House and others.