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Macy Kate & MKB

Saint Petersburg, Florida, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014

Saint Petersburg, Florida, United States
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Pop Rock


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"FOX 41 RADIO DISNEY MACY KATE to perform at SILVER BELLS Lansing, Michigan"

MACY KATE opens for Radio DIsney Pop act IM5 at Silver Bells in the CIty - FOX RADIO DISNEY

"FOX WHAM Buffalo"

Pop Rocker & You Tube sensation Macy Kate & her band MKB perform in Buffalo at The Forvm. Live show featuring a holiday song by Christina Aguilera. - FOX

"FOX 17 Nashville"

YouTube Sensation Macy Kate Makes Mainstream Splash Updated: Thursday, December 12 2013, 11:59 PM CST Stream Fox 17 newscasts LIVE starting with Fox 17 This Morning at 5 am and News at 9 pm. NASHVILLE, TN -- Several years ago 15 year old Florida based singer songwriter Macy Kate decided to take her talents to YouTube. She posted videos here and there, but it was this a medley of P!nk songs that in one month got more than one million views. "My page was booming with subscribers, it's awesome" says Macy. Macy decided to release another cover. This one got triple the clicks in much less time. "We put it out and the first two weeks we had one million views. In 3 weeks it had 3 million views." says Macy. Covers of popular songs now fill her music channel, but Macy loves writing her own music as well. "My sound is pop and soul but in LIVE shows we do a little electronic too. So it has a dubstep feeling. Not really in one place." she says. Currently Macy is picking through dozens of originals to put on her very first full length album. While YouTube has certainly prepared her, she was also on The X factor Season Two. "I got good feedback, especially from LA Reid." Since then Macy has signed with a booking agent, manager and is searching for a label home. While The X Factor pushed her, she said none of her success would be possible if she hadn't taken her talents to the web. To check out all of Macy's YouTube videos CLICK HERE

Read More at: -

"Take 5 With Sunfest, Austin Mahone Opener Macy Kate"

Take 5 with Macy Kate
May 4th, 2014 by Cassie Morien


If you are under the age of 18, you may not yet be aware of Macy Kate’s talents. The 16-year-old singer from Tampa, Florida has become an internet sensation among teens, and just signed a deal with Sony/ATV in a YouTube partnership. The budding pop star is currently on tour with fellow SunFest performers Before You Exit, before taking on the rest of the world (and your ears). Today at 5:15 p.m. she will take the FPL Stage with her band– MKB

I had a chance to ask the lovely singer a few questions before her SunFest performance. Here is what she had to say:

You are currently touring with another SunFest act, Before You Exit. How has the tour been going so far?

I just wrapped up “The Dangerous Tour” with Before You Exit. It was a blast and was the best first tour any girl could ask for! I was the only girl touring with three other boy band acts– Spencer Sutherland, Plug In Stereo, and headliner Before You Exit. They were all super awesome to hang with and somehow we figured out a way to share a dressing room with each other in every city.

Before You Exit is known for pulling pranks on tour and “The Dangerous Tour” was no exception. Silly string and whipped cream fights made for amazing video footage and was messy fun! My favorite moments on tour were the sound checks in each city, it was a quiet time to chill and hang and watch each others set and appreciate how talented every act on the tour was.

At 16 [years old], to be able to experience a 11 city tour, on a national level is a total privilege and I was super grateful for the opportunity.

Are you currently juggling singing and school? What’s the most challenging part of balancing these two worlds?

Yes, Paradigm agency handles all of my bookings, appearances and touring. They have done an incredible job of booking me all over the world, which keeps me super busy. I am a sophomore in high school and I virtually learn all of my subjects like chemistry and geometry. It’s difficult. No complaints because I am living my dream, but it is a juggling act. Usually you can catch me in an airport, charging my computer, and trying to cram in a few assignments before boarding the plane.

What can attendees expect to see and hear during your set on Sunday?

My music reflects my love of pop rock. I am a pop rocker through and through. Most of my fans are teen girls, so the music that I write focuses on teen emotions and keeping my music relevant to what teen girls are going through.

I have a saying, “Fall down seven [times], get up eight,” and I write those numbers on my hands every performance to remind me that you can never give up on your dreams. I try to inspire teens to stay motivated and chase your dreams no matter what anyone tells you. No matter how tough life gets, believe in yourself and when you fall down, brush yourself off and back up, and keep trying to chase that dream. I would never be at SunFest if I didn’t believe that.

A good friend with Def Jam records, Scott Davenport told me, “You learn more from your failures than you do your successes.” I believe that. So my music at SunFest reflects those feelings with originals that speak to that, like “You Gave Me Love,” that I just dropped on iTunes. I also add in popular covers for the crowd to sing along with me. I sing and play the keys for a few songs as well.

What do you have to bring with you while on tour?

On tour I bring my teen heartthrob boy band MKB. I also have to have my Starbucks every morning, and pretty much everyone on tour loves Chipotle!

What do you have in the works for the rest of 2014?

I am super stoked to be performing in San Diego for a YouTube concert called Teen Hoot in June, and I will be performing in Canada this summer at the Big Red Music Festival in Nova Scotia and finishing up my EP…for release this summer. My YouTube partner Kurt Schneider and I have some cool surprises to announce too!

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"NBC Daytime Television Show"

Daytime Macy Kate Performance
Posted: Sep 13, 2013 11:31 AM EDT
Updated: Oct 17, 2013 12:00 PM EDT

MACY KATE story as told by Macy Kate...
My music started as a full-time thing when I got through to the bootcamp stage at Xfactor, 2012. I never really believed in myself as a singer until that point and even though I didn't make it far on the show, it inspired me to never give up on my singing. I got a keyboard for my birthday and started to play and record my voice for fun. Then, my brother bought some recording equipment and a mic and started recording my voice over beats that he made.

For me, once I decide to do something, I never look back, and I began my full-time music journey from there. I am working at getting better on filming by myself and producing my voice, stacking on my own, writing my own songs and building my fan base:) I started learning more and more covers and started playing with a band.

I love music more than anything in the world. I like the way it makes me feel and an audience feel. I am a cross between Christina Aguilera, Alicia Keys with a splash of Adele. My main focus right now is writing my songs so that teen emotions are relevant and taken seriously.

I started working with my teen band who hails from my hometown of Tampa.....The Macy Kate Band. Cade Larson, Nick Lopez and Austin Anderson write and pick out songs that they think fit my voice. and would adjust them to make them more interesting and emphasize my vocal range. Finally, I felt like I could be myself with my sound and try new things, spin the vocal sounds, add growls,run and riff whenever and wherever I felt like it. Funny thing, like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, the answers to my problems were in my own backyard.

MacyKate is working with Rock City (Rihanna, Ciara, Drake, Justin Bieber, Usher, Jennifer Lopez, Chris Brown, Sean Kingston, Britney Spears, Pussycat Dolls, Busta Rhymes, T.I., Flo Rida, Leona Lewis, Jason Derulo, Lil Jon, R Kelly, Ludicris, Beyonce), Robbie Nevil (Jordin Sparks), Shanna Crooks (Demi Lovato, Kelly Clarkson), Mel &Mus (Ciara, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj. Verse Simmons (Chris Brown). Macy Kate is the youngest recording artist ever to record with Sean Kingston at the age of 15. She has opened for Aaron Carter, The OMG Girlz, Seven Nations, Mega You Tube star Alex G, Rick Springfield and many more. Macy Kate has played the Sprint Arena, Raymond James Stadium, NYE First Night, The Roxy LA, House of Blues LA, Webster Hall New York City, The Ritz Theatre Ybor City, The Florida Aquarium, Rocket Town Nashville and Eddie's Attic Atlanta. - NBC National Television


During Pink week, preceeding her concert in Boston, Mix 104.1 showcases a new young artist, on the 15, MACY KATE Pop Rocker from Tampa Florida, Seconds of Fame segment. Over 2 Million Views. - MIX 104.1


(Monday, December 31, 2012) - The first fireworks went off right on schedule at 9 p.m. and the grand finale fireworks lit up the sky at midnight to ring in the new year.

Now aside from the stage where people have been entertained all night long, people were staking out their spots along the water to make sure they get an up-close view of the fireworks.

"It's definitely the excitement,” said James Felgemacher of St. Petersburg. “I mean that's one of the main reasons I come out here and we enjoy together sitting out in front of the water and enjoying the fireworks."

"I definitely say the music is fun, dancing, but also the food,” said Rachel Limoli. “The food also brings me out here, too."

As night falls, North Straub Park slowly starts to come to life and more and more revelers came out to take part to ring in 2013.

Most of the events taking place throughout the night will be at North Straub Park, South Straub Park, The Baywalk, and the Museum of Fine Arts.

Allen Deoucet and Jacalyn Boone are visiting from Canada and are visiting St. Petersburg after they say they heard lots of positive reviews about the city and it’s First Nite celebrations.

When asked if he was ready to be in the party mode, Doucet said, “Oh yeah, we're ready." He also said he’s ready for “whatever surprises the place shows to us as we go along."

When asked if the fireworks were the biggest draw for her, Boone said, “whatever comes our way.”

Two of the headliners for tonight are rising pop sensation, Macy Kate and the world’s youngest DJ, DJ Baby Chino.

We asked Chino when he started his career. “When I was 5,” he said. “I’m 10 now.” He added he likes being the DJ because the “DJ controls everything.”

Chino calls his career “a blessing for him.”

Macy Kate may be just 14-years-old but she’s also a singer, songwriter and dancer. She said, “It’s been a great ride so far and I’m very excited.”

Kate tells her loyal fans to “never give up on their dreams.” - Bay News 9


(Saturday, December 29, 2012) - Teen pop star Macy Kate returns to her Florida roots for the 20th First Night St. Pete 2013 celebration. First Night will be held in Downtown St. Petersburg, Fla on Monday, December 31 starting at 5 p.m. through midnight.

This year’s performance lineup includes local musicians - 15 year old Sheldon Steele, Worlds Youngest DJ Baby Chino, MBL Trio and this year’s headliner the Macy Kate Band featuring Macy Kate along with many other performances.

The 14 year old Season 2 X Factor contestant is currently number one on
Reverbnation and will be collaborating with Sean Kingston in January. She has over 13 Million views on her YouTube videos over two channels.

Her main message through her music is for the teen population. "My message, through my music, is to inspire teen girls to never give up on their dreams, I have been knocked down many times… you have to get back up, brush yourself off and keep trying. It takes just one person to believe in you, and I will be that one person for all of my fans,” stated Macy Kate.

Macy Kate this year's headliner at the 20th First Night St. Pete 2013 Celebration
Photo credit: Facebook
Admission for First Night St. Pete is $10 per button, children 5 and under enter for free. For information, schedule and button purchase visit First Night St. Pete. - The Examiner


(Wednesday, December 26, 2012) - See Attached Link for Radio Promo of First Night 2013 - Radio

"On Air With Ryan Seacrest"

You may remember Macy Kate from her collaboration with YouTube superstar Kurt Hugo Schneider on a cover of Imagine Dragons’ "Radioactive" or from her original song “You Gave Me Love”, but we are excited to release her next cover! [WATCH ABOVE]

Follow Macy Kate

Website / YouTube / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram /

10 Things You Don’t Know About Macy Kate: BUY “Me & My Broken Heart”

1. In an average week, I practice piano 10 hours.

2. I just did a show a few weeks ago with Austin Mahone.

3. I have 4 pins in my elbow from when I broke it when I was 4 years old.

4. Sean Kingston collabed on a song with me at 15, the youngest artist he had ever recorded with.

5. One summer in Colorado I jumped off of a cliff and hang glided down 5,000 feet.

6. During the recording of my EP in Atlanta, I stayed awake for 36 hours straight.

7. My drummer and I have been friends since we were toddlers.

8. I get told all the time that I sound like Christina Aguilera and look like Emily Osment

9. My band and I love Paramore.

10. I eat Chipolte almost every day of the week! - Tumblr Ryan Seacrest

"RADIO Mystifyed Live! Episode 9-- Macy Kate"

(Wednesday, November 07, 2012) - For 14 year old singer, songwriter and actress Macy Kate, her dreams have never seemed too far out of reach. From touring nationally with the Broadway production of 'The Wizard of Oz' to almost making the cut for the 2012 US Olympic Swim Team, the sky is truly the limit. She recently entered the recording studio to begin work on her first solo record. Her latest single 'Cover Girl' has recently dropped on iTunes. It was our pleasure to welcome Macy to the program this week to learn more about what drives her to never give up.

As a songwriter she likes to draw her inspirations from the people in her life. She recently got the opportunity to meet an incredible girl named Lexi Haas. Macy was so moved by her story that she wanted to help raise money to help Lexi. 'Lexi's Song' was produced with the help of producer Drew Lane and all the proceeds from the iTunes downloads will be used to help Lexi and her family. We have included a video from Macy and Drew about the song which you can check out below. You can also find out more information about Lexi and how to donate HERE.

When asked by our audience in the chat room if she had any words of advice for those watching, it was pretty inspiring to hear someone young talk with such wisdom. Macy has done so much in such a short amount of time but her mission and message remain the same. In her official biography, she said it best:

"My message, through my music, is to inspire teen girls to never give up on their dreams, I have been knocked down many times… you have to get back up, brush yourself off and keep trying. It takes just one person to believe in you, and I will be that one person for all of my fans."

We want to thank Macy Kate for taking the time to join us on Mystifyed Live. We hope that you enjoyed hearing from her as much as we did. Be sure to download the episode to hear more about this incredible dream chaser. If you would like to keep up with all things that Macy is doing be sure to check out her Official Website, LIKE her on Facebook and follow her on Twitter. - Mystifyed Live

"The Famous Eddie’s Attic Welcomes Macy Kate"

(Wednesday, October 03, 2012) - Urban Contemporary Pop Artist Macy Kate, hit the stage last week to compete for the winning title at the Original Artist Competition hosted by Eddie’s Attic.

From the time she was a young child, Macy Kate always knew she wanted to share her gift with the world. This 14 year old St. Petersburg teen has spent the past 6 years writing music, mastering the delivery of her soulful voice, and perfecting her performance. This rising star leaves audiences in awe every time she hits the stage.

This past week, Macy Kate participated in a singer/ songwriter competition which was held at the famous Eddie’s Attic. This premier music venue, located in the metro area of Atlanta Georgia, provides the opportunity for musicians to perform their original material in an intimate, artist friendly setting. Unlike many typical bars, restaurants, and music venues, visitors and guests are encouraged to mute their mobile devices and attentively engage in the performances of the visiting artists.

This popular listening room has served as a launchpad to the successful careers of some of the biggest names in music today including; John Mayer, Justin Bieber, and Sugarland. The venue has received multiple media and community awards, and continues to draw both musicians and listeners from all over the world.

The Monday night show kicked off at 7:30 with 18 acts lined up and ready to compete for a spot in the finals of the singer/ songwriter competition. Out of 18 acts, only three made it to the final rounds, and like many competitions, there was only one winner. “From the very beginning I picked you to win on all rounds” commented one of the judge’s to Macy Kate immediately following the show. “ You are amazing”.

Macy started her preliminary set with an acoustic rendition of two of her original songs including “ All Alone”, and “She Know How To Do It”. After wrapping up round one, three finalists were chosen to advance to the final rounds and perform one additional original tune. Macy Kate made the cut and wrapped up the night with her last song, “Be The One”.

Though she was beat out by another contestant in the final round, her head is still held high and she is ready to get back up and give it another go. As a runner up, Macy Kate has been invited to return on December 26th 2012, which will give her another chance to take home the winning title. In the mean time, Macy Kate plans to spend some time in California recording new original music and performing at Southern California venues. Her next show is on October 20th at Masia De Yabar Winery in beautiful Temecula Valley.

For additional information on Macy Kate and her upcoming performances, please visit or For booking inquiries or to schedule an interview with Macy Kate, please call Dani Thompson at 714-496-5157, or e-mail - DNT Agency


(Thursday, September 13, 2012) - The new season of The X Factor kicked off last night, so let's pay tribute to a local artist who auditioned both last year in Miami and this year in Kansas City: Teenage St. Pete singer MacyKate Marshburn.

With covers of songs by Rihanna, Kelly Clarkson and Jessie J in her repertoire, it's clear Macy Kate wants to be a pop star. When the 14-year-old got the chance to audition this year, she said new judges Britney Spears and Demi Lovato totally spoke to her demographic.

"I feel like everybody's hyped (to see) Britney Spears, because she hasn't done so much TV recently," said the singer. "A lot of Disney fans are waiting to see Demi, who has had her problems and can really relate to us. It appears to me they have a lot more fun."

For more on the new season of The X Factor, click here for Eric Deggans' story. - Tampa Bay Times: Soundcheck


Still working on that hot first release.



Fresh off the Florida SunFest FPL stage with Austin Mahone and recent performances with Radio Disney, not to mention a song collab. with Sean Kingston, 16 year old Macy Kate is the next pop rock "It" girl. Her powerful vocals are taking her on a whirlwind journey all over the United States and Canada with an Asian tour lined up for late summer, as well as appearances on NUVOTV/The Collective & NBC's Daytime. Just ask Ryan Seacrest who featured her on his Tumblr with popular On Air With Ryan Seacrest & more recently featured on SNL as Web Celeb of the Week. Macy Kate's fall down 7, get up 8 message resonates with tween girls " I want girls to stay inspired and chase their dreams no matter what obstacles are in their way. When life gets tough, pick yourself up, brush yourself off and keep on going."

She recently released her 2nd single, You Gave Me love on YouTube & Itunes only. She currently has a partnership with Sony/ATV for her YouTube channel "Macy Kate Music." She is endorsed by Uber, Blenders Eyewear, JewelMint and Samsung.

She has worldwide talent representation by The Paradigm Agency and has shared the stage with many national acts, including The OMG Girlz, Aaron Carter, Austin Mahone, Frank Musik, Radio Disney, Alex G., Rick Springfield and recently toured with heart throb teen boy band Before You Exit, who recently opened for Cody SImpson, The wanted & Olly Murs. Macy Kate has been featured on national and local television including NBC's Daytime, Fox 17 Nashville, Bay News 9 and many more. Her newsprint features include Nkd magazine, The Examiner,Tampa Bay Times and digital media including On Air with Ryan Seacrest, SNL Web Celeb of the week, BMI Online and CBS Online. Her live radio appearances and rotation of her new single, has been featured on I heart Radio-Socially Sound, Clear Channel and live performances and interviews with Sean Kingston on 93.9 LA Exitos-RAQC & 93.3 FLZ-Kidd Loew.

Collaborations with mega YouTube star, Kurt Hugo Schneider have helped her obtain a large YouTube following with over 3.5 million views on her channel and for her PINK Medley alone, she has garnered 2.5 million views and her signature tour cover song Radioactive has achieved viral video status of 9.6 Million views.

She has played for crowds as large as 10,000+ and has 
played SXSW, The Roxy, The Sprint Arena, Raymond James Stadium, House of Blues, Webster Hall, AE Busch Gardens, Game Changer World, Teen Hoot, CINCO2, Sunfest, Avalon, Big Red Music Fest, Webster Hall, The Space, The National, The Space, Ruth Eckerd Hall, Lincoln Theatre, Brighton Music Hall, Jammin Java, Club @ Stage AE, and cities Los Angeles, San Diego, New York, Miami & many more. Take a listen to her music and you will hear a soulful, powerful heart wrenching believability like no other artist of her generation. 

"She just killed it backstage, her voice is amazing. I don't think there is anyone else out there in her lane." 

Sean Kingston

"You are the best act we have seen all day." 

LA Reid

"Not very often do artists like Macy come along, her voice and live presence is like she's been doing it for 20 years."

Chris Borchetta

"Pure Dopeness."

Mama J, Jan Smith 

Please take a listen:

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