Mad Kings

Mad Kings

 Point Pleasant, New Jersey, USA

adrenaline rush of original rock material



Jimmy Law - (Lead Guitar/Vocals)

Steen Schmidt (Lead Guitar Vocals)

Austin Blau (Drums)

Matt Sonzogni (Bass)

Power Trip is the lead off single to Mad Kings much anticipated EP Throne Room. Throne room is an adrenaline rush of original rock material produced by Tony Shimkin (Nine Inch Nails, Paul McCartney) and Grammy award winning Engineer John Seymour (Santana, Chris Whitley, TSO). It will be released worldwide on Noble Media early in 2015

Mad Kings approach both their recordings and live concerts with a bang. The music is a blend of Progressive and Classic Rock with a hint of Jam, evident in the guitar solos and the virtuosity of the rhythm section. Their music is pulsing and indefatigable. Mad Kings are palpably talented musicians. They are musicians-musicians and their songs are esoteric and characteristic of Mad Kings.

Mad Kings are as much of a fixture at the legendary Stone Pony in Asbury Park, NJ, where Bruce Springsteen began, as they are on the festival and prog rock circuits. Their fans are loyal and emphatic. They made a much talked about appearance at the October 2014 Souper Groove Festival, thrilling crowds and broadening their fan base.

Mad Kings rhythm section is Austin Blau, the quintessential “monster drummer.” who effortlessly plays like a man possessed, but with a contrasting calmness of spirit and Bassist Matt Sonzogni who is mild mannered and sometimes taciturn. 

The band came together over a box of Fruit By The Foot, (“glorified” fruit roll ups.) After playing together for a few months they named their band Mad Kings