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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | INDIE

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Jazz Funk




"Freak Out..."

MADAME FREAK AND THE FUNKY FEVER are an eclectic French group of Funkateers fronted by powerhouse vocalist JESSI TEICH and they've just unleashed their debut album – the energized 'Follow The Crack'.

The 11 tracker - out now on Madame Freak Records - offers a varied sweep of Funk-based sounds that range from the JB-inspired sparse and brassy 'Funky Bouriel' and 'Like It Or Not' through to the very Gallic 'Ritournelle', 'Ride It' and The Last Waltz'... accordions a go-go! In between there's blues-based rock in 'Chaos' and plenty of Euro style electronics going on.... eclectic, yes and very enigmatic with Mademoiselle TEICH singing her socks off throughout.

Other band members are LAURENT DERACHE, MARTIN WANGERMEE and OURIEL ELLERT and between them they cook up "quelque chose de different"... and if "different" is what you want, find out more @ - Soul and Jazz and Funk


Madame Freak & The Funky Fever prove to be as intriguing as their name. Fronted by the vibrant singer, Jessi Teich, known for her powerhouse jazz and soul singing, is joined by an equally as talented band which hails from Europe. Just unleashing their newest release, Follow the Crack, the record takes you on an unexpected musical journey that will leave your ears ringing…in a good way. Filled with 11-stunning tracks, sit back and get ready for the ride that is Madame Freak & The Funky Fever.

Opening the album is the retro laced piece “Funky Boriel,” a lovely first taste of what Follow the Crack has to offer. Immediately the listener will be drawn to Teich’s outstanding and hypnotic vocals as they glide flawlessly throughout the song. Prominent slapped bass is accompanied with a jazz saxophone which is a rare find in music these days. “Owl!” is up next and will mostly likely become a listener favorite. The track instantly captivated me with its Kimbra inspired spunk, with a great dose of funk infused. “Owl!” will surely have people on the dance floor quickly.

“Like It…Or Not” is a charming number that has a bit of 1990s tendencies thrown into the sound. Not that it is a bad thing. Teich’s vocals surround every element of the song, which really makes her stand out as a vocalist. “Ritournelle,” brings a lovely jazz element further to light on the record. The vocal harmonies make this one an instant favorite, as it is one of the catchiest pieces on the record by far. “Ride It,” also brings a dose of electricity onto the album, as Teich’s scats over a portion of the song. This is truly unique in this day in age, and also a nice breath of fresh air in the current state of music.

“Another World,” flows nicely throughout, with hints of horns, accordions, and swirling guitars. “Chaos,” one of the softest tracks on the record, delights, with seductive tendencies. The bass takes on a form of it’s own in this piece, and haunts throughout. Up next is “Pamplemousse,” which brings Follow the Crack, back up to speed, tempo wise that is. Teich’s somewhat choppy vocals are fast yet effective.

“Electrify,” is when Teich brings out a seductive side to her voice. Alongside bright harmonies, the piece is brought to life with resonating guitars, maracas and an array of other instruments that all fit together nicely. “The Last Waltz,” has a Broadway feel to it, and is also heavy on the accordion. If any group can make an accordion not feel out of place in modern music, it’s Madame Freak & The Funky Fever. Well done without a doubt! Closing the record is “Brand New Love,” which has a vintage 1970s vibe. Teich’s vocals are right on key, as the elements are reminiscent of Earth, Wind & Fire. Upbeat strumming and keyboards further breathe new life into the track, creating quite a masterpiece.

Madame Freak & The Funky Fever have created quite a brilliant record with Without a Crack. Bringing to life the best elements of music’s past, this album is a must have for 2013. Don’t only take my word but give it a listen as well. You will be pleasantly surprised with this gem. Hopefully we will be hearing more of Madame Freak & The Funky Fever very soon. I’m on the edge of my seat… - Modern Mystery Blog: Melissa Nastasi

"REVIEW: Madame Freak & The Funky Fever – Follow the Crack"

A global group, Madame Freak & the Funky Fever present their latest album, Follow the Crack, as one that is sonically unconventional. Composed of singer Jessi Teich and a diverse, yet compellingly talented jazz / indie musical group from Europe, the band originated after a rendezvous in Paris. Now, as the band prepares to release Follow the Crack, Teich finds herself managing her career under her own terms. Though several songs were co-written, Teich assisted in writing all of them, along with performing as the vocalist and producer. Follow the Crack is an incomparable experience, captivated by heightened soul and freshness.
Follow the Crack begins with the upbeat number, “Ow!!!” Immediately setting the positive tone carried by the album, “Ow!!!” is heightened by its eclectic keys additions, driving percussion, and demanding vocals audible from Teich. “Ow!!!” provides an impeccable platform for Madame Freak & the Funky Fever to illuminate the funk and soul that their music embodies. Though the featured instrumentals heighten the track in its entirety, it is simply Teich’s vocals that complete the song’s captivating ability. Teich’s vocal delivery is remarkably smooth yet so audibly passionate that she lifts the track to another level.
Following the first track is “Pamplemousse.” Compared to the previous track, “Pamplemousse” is shorter, spanning approximately three-and-a-half minutes, but embodying something different musically. The composition keeps to the danceable tone that the first track initiates, but instrumentation carries out differently. Kicked off by a demanding percussion groove and joined by a charming laughter, the composition is carried heavily by the percussion groove throughout. The funky number is lightened by accompanying synthesizers and guitar performance, but the percussion groove is so audible that nothing compares to its driving, impeccable performance. However, it does receive competition in the form of Teich’s vocals, which soon join in. Her vocal ability still remains strong but doesn’t remain the centerpiece of the composition. Instead, Madame Freak & the Funky Fever allow for the vocal performance to still illuminate, while showcasing all members’ musicality within “Pamplemousse.”
Continuing throughout Follow the Crack, “Brand New Love” and “Another World” peak as the album’s standout numbers. Though the album’s shortest track, “Brand New Love” provides a substantial blend of genres. From the introductory twangy guitar that echoes of jazz influences and percussion light cymbal tapping that mirrors jazz styling to the guitar strumming that mimics of a reggae influence, “Brand New Love” demonstrates that Madame Freak & The Funky Fever’s members do not restrict themselves. The addition of Teich’s complimenting vocals brings an added passion to the composition. Though it strays from the usual synthesizers and conventional dance elements, “Brand New Love” continues the pattern of danceability. Following the pattern of positivity and upbeat entertainment, “Another World” also continues the pattern of including unique instrumentation. With the vivacious horns, grooving percussion, and ever-so commanding vocal performance again from Teich, “Another World” embodies jazz inspirations and flows smoothly. At the center of the unique experience is once again Teich, who continues to prove that singing is her profession, one where most don’t live up to her stylings of command, passion, and talent.
Follow the Crack completes with its longest song of which is entitled “Like It…Or Not.” What’s found within Follow the Crack is as the album progresses, interestingly, the dance stylings become less contemporary. Rather than constantly relying on heavy synthesizers or other modern elements, “Like It…Or Not” highlights itself with the less contemporary elements – the roaring horns, jazz-styled bass strumming, the overall funky nature. Follow the Crack is a remarkable production from Madame Freak & The Funky Fever because of its originality. The album cannot be thrown into one genre solely because it doesn’t fit into just one genre. Follow the Crack is a vivacious, roaring experience that is aurally pleasing throughout.
Review by: Alexa Spieler
Artist Name: Madame Freak & The Funky Fever
Album Title: Follow the Crack
Rating: 5 stars (out of 5) - A-List Music Promotions: Alexa Spieler


Madame Freak & The Funky Fever "Follow The Crack"



Powerhouse vocalist and award winning songwriter Madame Freak (aka Jessi Teich) has been surrounded by music since her very first breath. Raised in rural New Jersey on jazz and the blues, Madame Freak began singing and writing her own music at age 8.

Madame Freak attended Berklee College of Music where she has since built a strong jazz fan base throughout the East Coast and parts of Europe. She also had the honor of performing for Showtime At the Apollos Amateur Night at the age of 20 where she won 2nd place. After moving to Philadelphia, Madame Freak wrote, recorded, performed and toured building her fan base independently.

Last year, Madame Freak had the very exciting opportunity to visit and perform in Europe where she met the Laurent Derache Trio. Madame Freak collaborated with this eclectic and fiercely talented jazz group effortlessly moving through the realms of afro-pop, funk, soul, pop, jazz and organic EDM in their first release entitled Follow The Crack.

Late this past summer, Madame Freak was awarded 1st runner up along with two honorable mentions in the International West Coast Songwriters Contest for songs that she wrote, arranged, and recorded in Paris last year.

 Follow The Crack is the result of an exploration into dance music birthed from four classically trained jazz musicians. It is an 11 track CD filled with catchy hooks and funky beats that are sure to keep your body moving. With a Euro-pop/EDM feel, "Follow The Crack" has received rave reviews while creating a buzz among fans of all ages as well as remix producers and film/TV supervisors. 

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