Madame Ren Lovely

Madame Ren Lovely

 Centerton, Arkansas, USA


There’s a certain sophistication to the effortless vocal ability of singer/songwriter Madame Ren Lovely. A native of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Madame Lovely’s musical roots stem from jazz, R&B, big band & soul. The granddaughter of big-band trombonist Hal Roberts and church singer and organist Birdie Roberts, Ren took an interest in music at a very early age. Climbing up to the piano to play along to Sesame Street tunes as well as her grandmother’s rehearsal time, Hal & Birdie took notice and sought to find structure for her inquisitions. At just 2 ½ years old Ren went to Norman, Oklahoma, accompanied by her mother, to audition with OU professor Gayle Kowalchyk earning a spot in her studio. Due to her success, Hal restored a vintage upright piano for Ren’s studies just before his passing in 1986 and thus began the musical journey of artist Madame Ren Lovely.

Today, after having completed undergraduate and masters degrees in vocal performance, Ren spends her time writing her own music, drawing inspiration from artists such as Chopin, Jimi Hendrix and Ella Fitzgerald. Over the past two years, Madame Lovely’s compositions have begun to take on a life form of their own, resting somewhere between R&B and soul while floating upward with her oh so chill and jazzy vocal lines.

“In my short life, my greatest asset has been the phrase, ‘It can’t be done that way.’ Growing up in the classical world, you hear that a lot and my refusal to consistently color between the lines has made me everything I am today.” ~Madame Ren Lovely


"Losing Myself"


Set List

"Penitentiary Philosophy" - Erykah Badu
"Anymore" - Madame Ren Lovely
"Haunt Me" - Madame Ren Lovely
"Think I'm Somethin'" - Madame Ren Lovely
"Losing Myself" - Madame Ren Lovely
"This Man" - Madame Ren Lovely
"Oooo..." - Madame Ren Lovely
"Lucky I Am" - Madame Ren Lovely
"Fairytales" - Madame Ren Lovely
"Far Away" - Madame Ren Lovely
"Hey Baby" - Jimi Hendrix
"Nords" - Madame Ren Lovely