Up and coming Jazzy/Indie influenced bii-cultural,bi-lingual band with a flair for the dramatic and a worldly perspective that can only be gained by living in the worlds busiest border town. A fresh sound is derived by mixing old musical influences like jazz and blues with a lounge/chillout flavor.


Hailing from the border town of Tijuana Mexico, Madame Ur has been described as a mix of Indie,Jazz,Ballad genres and a melodramatic blend of Broadway/Cabaret style that harks to another era of Music sensibility. El Sol de Tijuana a major daily Tijuana newspaper recently reviewing a show described it as a Mix of Nina Simone, Liza Minneli,PJ Harvey,Portishead and Llasa de Sela mixed with a "Jazzy/New York" musical theatre influence.
Formed and led by Azzul Monraz who started in musicals as a child and who also has dabbled in performance art, and been involved in other Tijuana Indie rock projects since she was sixteen as well as recording a song with Tijuana electronic music pioneers Nortec Collective on they're first release "Tijuana Sessions Vol.1" (Palm Pictures) .
The band is rounded out by first rate Tijuana musicians including in demand session drummer Carlos Maria who has recorded and played with many local jazz groups, the Baja California orchestra and opera ensemble,The Klaus Haussenberg Elektro-Acoustic ensemble, jazz trumpeter Luis Gasca and international pop stars Paulina Rubio and Nek.
Also on board are keyboardist Joel Castillo formerly of the band Antrobot and upright acoustic bassist for Terrestre ("Nicotine" independent movie soundtrack and film score)and Drawkabin solo electronic music project, and bassist Toto Zuñiga former bassist for Tijuana Punk-Funk band Nessie.
The result is an exciting fresh sound by experienced musicians who like to improvise live and most importantly like to give an exciting show and leave every emotion on stage.
Currently recording self produced debut studio album as a follow-up to a live independent release from second concert in November 2006 "Live Downtown at Stablo" which in addition to merchandise sales at shows has helped to finance studio session time.


Agua Tibia

Written By: Azzul Monraz

La sal me quema cuando desnuda
me quieres comer
me pones agua tibia tibia...caliente
aahhh me incas un diente
aahhh me quieres dejar

si tu comes boca arriba
ten cuidado te puedes ahogar
porque este rio revienta
como mil gatos queriendo abrazar

cuando revivo despues de almorzada
yo quiero aun mas
tu me pones boca arriba
y boca arriba...
empieza a nevar

Song For Me

Written By: Azzul Monraz

Im gonna sing a song for meand its not for pity
its my special thing
Im gonna sing my song for me
but I have no words
its a piano thing

Im just gonna remember me
Im just gonna remeber you
Im just gonna feell the void
you left in here
Come on piano talk to me
you know thats your special thing

Im gonna sing a song for me
but I have no words
A cloud can talk
inside of me Its the rhythm who talks
my scream its a song for me

And its not for pity
Its my special thing
Its my special thing


"Live Downtown at Stablo" Independent Release.

Set List

- Song For Me
- I Try
- Arboles
- Agua Tibia
- Becoming a Man
- Tengo Miedo
- Mr. Garcia
- Lamentemonos
- La Venada
- Im Your Man (Leonard Cohen cover)
- Feelin Good (Nina Simone cover).

Sets have ranged from 5 to 6 songs when opening for signed acts such as Miranda, Ely Guerra and full set list as described above for our own headlinig shows which have topped out at around 300 paid atendants in local Tijuana venues.