M.A.D. Band

M.A.D. Band


M.A.D. Band is a Russian ska punk band from Moscow.


M.A.D. Band is a Russian ska punk band from Moscow. They play dynamic, hot music, with great instrumental element, mainly wind section.

M.A.D. Band's debut album Here We Go!!! was released in spring 2006 by Independent Sounds. The second - The Four Seasons followed soon after, released by Mystery Of Sound in autumn 2007. Spring of 2008 brought serious changes to the band. The founder of the band became the leading singer and the whole staff changed. By autumn of 2008 the band was back on stage with more energy than ever.

In December of 2009 the songs of the bands hit the radio for the first time. The third album More Voice Into The Monitors! consists of 15 songs and it came out on October 24th, 2010 (release by Jumping Jack Records). The presentation gigs were held all over Russia.

In spring 2010 the band presented its split album Soyuz, which was recorded together with The Battery, DiscoBalls (Czech Republic) and Wisecracker (Germany) bands. In May, 2010 M.A.D. Band went into its first tour to Europe, but an accident with the plane crash of Polish government interfered with the plans of the band.

First steps are always difficult, but the second European tour, which took place in February 2011, was fun. M.A.D. Band had gigs in Czech Republic, Poland, Germany and Belarus with a lot of dancing fans and shiny smiles. In May group presented a DVD about their Europe adventures.

For the first time in 2012 the band gave a serie of successful concerts in Spain and Austria, besides the guys performed at significant (outstanding) European Festivals such as Mighty Sound, Proti Produ and Folkova Noc

These days the band is working on new songs for their fourth album and playing a lot of gigs through the country. The music they play is a mix of punk rhythms, disco bits and pop themes.


2006 – Here We Go!!! (released by Independent Sounds)

2007 – The Four Seasons (released by Mystery Of Sound)

2009 – More Voice Into The Monitors! ((released by Jumping Jack)

2010 – split album Soyuz, together with Wisecracker (Germany) and Discoballs (Czech Republic) (released by Minus Indie-Go!)