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"Mad Bliss - Karen's Molested Apple"

From Israel comes Mad Bliss and their independent EP release, a five track offering with the memorable title of Karen's Molested Apple. Immediately recognizable is the same raw emotion, muted intensity and sense of something more, that flavored early Pink Floyd. There is a haunting sense of innocence expressed through plaintive melodies and muted vocals that never completely veil the madness beneath. At any moment you might expect lead singer Tomer Raivit to explode in the manner of Roger Waters from Pink Floyd's masterpiece, "Careful With That Axe Eugene." Isaac Barel's guitar work is even reminiscent of David Gilmore's style of controlled power.

It's said true power lies in restraint, and though the potential for sudden fury is certainly evident, and threatens to break lose with the next chord change, the music of Mad Bliss is filled with a purity of sound structured tempo that recalls Emerson, Lake and Palmer's classic, "Lucky Man" or the Moody Blue's "Knights in White Satin." Melodic and sophisticated, Mad Bliss melds musical emotions that complement each other and never clash. Like a good ballad, you want to hear more, and, like a great book, you are invited to read between the lines in an attempt to gauge the hidden depths.

Every Picture Tells a Story…
"Why is the world so cold? Hatred without resolve…" The first two songs. "Everyone" and "Two Sides", establish the Mad Bliss sound and feel, but it is the third track, "Matti," that reveals the depth of talent present. Karen's Molested Apple was released in October 2002 after only one week in the recording studio. The EP received high praise from Israeli music critic and the song "Matti," rose to third place on the 2002 Alternative Music chart of Israel's top rated radio station, "Galgaltz." Matti placed ahead of other notable releases such as Beck's "Lonesome Tear" and Nirvana's "You Know You're Right."

"Strange Ways," the fourth track on the EP, has both depth and intricacy, but it is the final track, "A Story," that truly reveals what Karen's Molested Apple is all about. The song runs seven minutes, twenty-four seconds, though I'll wager that in live shows it has stretched into a much longer jam. It is the sort of song musicians, and audience alike can get lost in; all in all, it's Mad Bliss. - reviewed by Jack "Papa" Baer

- Big Baer Online Magazine

"Mad Bliss - Heaven Through Old Eyes"

Listening to the Israeli trio Mad Bliss on its debut full-length release (which follows 2002's Karen's Molested Apple EP) feels almost like reliving the ‘90s; and even though there is a more up-to-date touch (in the production and studio effects) the album retains its core of gutsy songwriting and organic delivery.

The album conducts under a foggy production, and is embedded with references to the ‘90s rock scene. "Flight of a Dove," for instance, raises vibes of Jeff Buckley — it is an emotive song that builds on delicate guitar buried underneath the grayish curtain. "Alamo" picks up from there, slowly making way for raging, amplified tones — you can almost imagine Pearl Jam in its early days, only more complex (a Spanish flavoured middle section, for example) and with cleaner aesthetics that borrows its melodic suspension from dream rock and ambient, extreme metal at the same time.

There is something magnetizing and passionate about the way Mad Bliss blends the ingredients mentioned above, and delivers them with an autumnal atmosphere. In fact, in terms of vibe, this conglomerated, solid album resembles Agalloch’s The Mantle (minus the black metal; just compare the two albums’ opening tracks and see for yourself), which makes it rank high in my book. (8.25/10). Avi Shaked
- Maelstrom Magazine

"Mad Bliss ~ Karen's Molested Apple"

Artist: Mad Bliss

CD: Karen’s Molested Apple

Home: Petah Tiqva, Israel

Style: Indie Rock

Quote: "The band has the feeling of a hard rock/metal group that is restrained – focusing more on melody than might, but unleashing it in choice spots."

By Robert Nase


The opening track of Mad Bliss’ EP is a slow blues groove. The spirit of Bob Marley is offered up in the lyrics, which acknowledge the chaos that exists and offer a prayer for peace. The band has the feeling of a hard rock/metal group that is restrained – focusing more on melody than might, but unleashing it in choice spots. Lead singer Tomer Raivit offers a gutsy wail comparable to Chris Cornell over the burning guitar licks at the climax of the track over music which never itself gets fully carried away.

"Two Sides"

A grunge-indebted track which offers up some sing-speak vocal harmonies reminiscent of Alice in Chains. As the lead guitar winds randomly through the song, the vocalists wail through anthemic choruses. This is the most upbeat and straightforward of the songs on Karen’s Molested Apple.


This is a dark, brooding, nocturnal composition which emphases mood above all else. Lonely lyrics express a desire for companionship while the music steadily grows to anger over the course of its six-minute lifespan. Make no mistake that “Matti” is the centerpiece of this EP. The song has been one of the top charting singles in Israel for an extended period of time.

"Strange Ways"

As a change of mood from “Matti," “Strange Ways” features lighter guitar work but the usual determined and angry vocals. Musically, this is the most adventurous track on the EP, as hints of jazz spring through throughout the song only to burst forth in a brief finale.


Neo-psychedelia can be found throughout the album. However, on “Story” it is especially noticeable. A hypnotic feel drips from this song. In the spacious lulls in this over seven-minute dirge, female backing vocals provide accompaniment and lighten the tone of this otherwise dark and mysterious track. In classic slow-burn style, the band erupts into a nihilistic wave of noise and screams at the end of the track – ending the album on a fitting, if not eerie note.



"Karen's Molested Apple" EP - 2002
"Vast Plains" CD Single - 2006
"Changes" CD Single - 2007
"Heaven Through old eyes" LP - 2007



Mad Bliss, a native Israeli band, exploded onto the indie alternative music scene in 2000, quickly becoming a role model for the “Do It Yourself” attitude. Their first album release, “Karen’s Molested Apple (2002),” hit the Israeli national charts at third place; an accomplishment earning them immediate national recognition. Shortly following their national success, Mad Bliss released their full-length album, “Heaven Through Old Eyes,” capturing international radio play on “88FM” and “Antena.” Moreover, having been honored with a Billboard Magazine's 2008 Song Contest award, Mad Bliss gained substantial international media attention.

Currently signed to Oleh! Records, Mad Bliss is working on their third album; soon scheduled to hit the road in the US in spring of 2010. Earning the title of "one of Israel's best live shows (Tel-Aviv Time Magazine),” Mad Bliss is sure to cause ripples when they hit the international stage on tour, as their audience is dedicated, loving and addicted.

The band simply explains that Mad Bliss is about realizing one’s frailty and discovering the feelings of dread and beauty that follow. Their music is the process of that realization. Not totally unlike Ocean Size, My Bloody Valentine, Jeff Buckley, Blind Melon and APC, the band’s philosophy is to create the scene, not make it. The band is composed of 4 professional musicians, that when collaborating create a unique blend of dream rock, ambient, psychedelic rock and extreme metal. Reflecting on their distinctive sound, Big Baer Magazine claims that Mad Bliss is, "immediately recognizable with the same raw emotion, muted intensity and sense of something more, that flavored early Pink Floyd."
Mad Bliss’s musical ambiance is so unique that they even have critics running in circles trying to pinpoint the exact genre that describes them best; College rock, Jam rock, Grunge, Progressive rock, New Wave, Post punk, Shoegaze, Dream pop, Trip Hop, and Extreme metal – just to name a few. Perhaps, the fans say it best, “…it feels like tripping in a dream, something that cannot be explained and reported back, but the experience is profound and still echoes in my mind” (Israeli Blogger) Beyond all, “there is something magnetizing and passionate about Mad Bliss (Maelstron Magazine)."

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