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Montréal, Quebec, Canada | MAJOR | AFM

Montréal, Quebec, Canada | MAJOR | AFM
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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Funk Rock In Fernie For A Madcap Time"

«... they bring together styles of music that aren't typically blended, funk, jazz, rock and afro-beat. Whole World is a treat for the ears...» - Justin Brake - The Free Press - April 7, 2004

"CMW Club Crawl"

«...a blast of a live show.» - Brett Rhyno - The Varsity, Toronto - March 5, 2004

"The Madcaps Tour The Whole World... And Canada"

« exciting and high energy live performance.» - Andre Mihsin - - March 3, 2004

"On Disc: The Madcaps"

This album should satisfy any picky pop rock fans and may even appeal to some of the hard-to-crack rock enthusiasts. The Madcaps may well be Canada’s answer to the barrage of indie pop rock from Britain. - Rohan Hastak - The Gazette (London, Ontario)

"Kiss the Lion"

Madcaps’ lastest endeavour, Kiss the Lion, is their most fully-realized disc thus far. - Chris Morin, Planet S (Saskatoon’s City Magazine)

"Madcaps roar with Kiss The Lion - Hard-working Montreal rockers deliver a strong third album"

These days, the Montreal music scene is most commonly associated with the likes of such acclaimed art-rock bands as The Arcade Fire, Patrick Watson and Wolf Parade. The city has always spawned heavy rock bands too, however, and this is a tradition that the Madcaps are following.
They may not yet have had a huge commercial impact, but their aggressive sound and strong work ethic has brought them a loyal audience right across Canada, one earned over the course of more than 500 gigs. That’s shown by their current two-month long national tour, one stretching from Montreal to Victoria. This is in support of their just-released third album, Kiss The Lion, their finest work to date. - Kerry Doole - Tandem

"Madcaps 'explosive' funk"

"High gives testament to that love for rhythm, energy and their commitment to unrestrictive creativity." - Mark Weber - Red Deer Express - March 21, 2007

"Madcaps @ The Cavern"

"You already know it's mad, mad, mad, mad world out there. So if you're looking to hang on to your sanity, you might want to steer clear of the Cavern, where Montreal rockers The Madcaps will be busy blowing people's minds. - David Schmeichel - SUN, Winnipeg - March 15, 2007

"The top 3 - things to do in Winnipeg"

"Pellerin and his bandmates, bassist Marie-Anne Arsenault, saxophonist Rene De Montigny and drummer Jonathan Gagne are crossing the country from Montreal to Vancouver and back again, fighting the good fight for crisp, sax-inflected rock 'n' roll" - John Kendle - UPTOWN Magazine - March 15, 2007


Whole World - 2003
High - February 2006
Kiss The Lion - February 2008
Juice - March 2010
TBA - Spring 2012



The Madcaps

In music, juice isn't just a result. It's an equation. Juice is the culmination of creative influences, outside and internal forces colliding with energy, inspiration and drive to create something dynamic, unique and undeniably powerful.

The uplifting impact of Juice is what Montreal-based quartet The Madcaps are poised to unleash on you.

“There are enough depressing things in this world. We don’t want to contribute to it,” declares Madcaps vocalist/guitarist/founder Frédéric Pellerin about the quartet's fourth full-length released via their own Voxtone Records and distributed through a special arrangement with Universal Music. “Our songs talk about existential dilemmas. Sometime on a serious note, sometimes with humour because we want to send positive energy through our music.”

With accomplishments including 10 Canadian tours and more than 500 shows, a European jaunt, revered videos for tracks “No Way Out” and “What Goes On” alongside prominent performances on live television in their 12-year history, The Madcaps understand how success is a direct result of hard work put to solid use.

Initially formed as a power trio circa 2000, Pellerin may be The Madcaps' sole original member but having solidified a vision with like-minded musicians in saxophonist René De Montigny, bassist Marie-Anne Arsenault and drummer Jonathan Gagné as of 2007, The Madcaps have plenty of aqua vitae, experience and passion to back up the delivery of their self-proclaimed funk/soul-rock extravaganza.

“Our influences were the likes of James Brown mixing with Hendrix and the Red Hot Chili Peppers when we first started but we're in constant evolution,” reflects Pellerin about the band's sonic origins. “Still, we always mix rock with soul and funk, wanting to do something different. There are too many bands based on binary rhythms so we never follow trends but are still influenced by the music of the times. We never make compromises. If we want to do a seven-minute song with many changes we do it. If we want to do a three-minute catchy rock song, we do it.”

Such self-aware and dedicated sentiments have resulted in Juice, easily the band's most powerful and gripping effort to date. Writing with the inimitable Simon Wilcox for select tunes and having the final product recorded by Alex Fallu (Pawa Up First), mixed by the legendary Glen Robinson (Grimskunk, Tea Party, Voivod, Headstones) and mastered by Brian Gardner (Eminem, No Doubt, Red Hot Chili Peppers) ensures Juice not only features some of the band's most original work but boasts the abilities of modern music's most capable hands to realize its might on tape.

“The songs were inspired by jams we recorded about a year and a half ago,” states Pellerin about Juice's creative chi. “We listened back a year later and realized the songs were so great, we needed to finish them. We took more time and a finite approach on this album, finding the right sounds, experimenting and working hard on the mix and the textures.”

Spirited and vital, energized and voluminous, The Madcaps have achieved in realizing the full merit of those rudimentary jam sessions. Encouraging their awesome might, live performances are accented with brass instruments, ensuring the band's funk-fuelled rock never disappoints; further revels in that aural ambrosia known simply as Juice.
“The funk element propelled by edgy guitars and melodic baritone vocals isn't usually mixed with funk-rock,” beams Pellerin, referencing The Madcaps' onstage assault. “It fosters a deeper rhythmic experimentation that you can hear on Juice...and when we have the saxophone and other brass, it ensures you're going to get it