mad cats and beehives

mad cats and beehives


Hundreds of devoted fans, that give us the support of always buying tickets. Let us bring them to you.


We are a Punk, Ska, Reggae band from Nj. Having recorded our first album Conquest For Satisfaction in the summer of 08 (sold 20,000 copy's) we are now recording our new EP for all of our fans to buy at the upcoming festivals we are playing.


Our first album Conquest For Satisfaction made about 20,000 record sales in the first year. We are now releasing a new EP in the upcoming month of december witch we have estimated to get double the sales of our first album. Our song play on the radio station

Set List

Rides a Ride (new EP)
You Wont Change Anything (new EP)
See Through Walls (new EP)
Julia (Conquest)
Regret (Conquest)
Best We Got (new EP)
So Clear (new EP)
Fourteen (Conquest)
Sappy Holiday (Conquest)
Misconstrued (Conquest)