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4 song demo - Melodies from the cole
5 song EP - Eureka
8 song cd - Fade-in to Bolivian



Madcow is a four-piece modern rock band that utilizes many different music styles, including punk, pop, country, reggae, folk and rockabilly. The band has the traditional set-up, and is fronted by a female lead singer. Madcow is unique in that male/female harmonies are used extensively, sometimes becoming melodies themselves. The music is catchy and dynamic, ranging from slow, melodic ballads (not power ballads!) to raging, energetic pit-rock

Madcow was formed in April of 1996, and appropriately celebrates April Fool’s Day as its anniversary/date of conception. It is a true Los Angeles band, as its members came together from throughout the Basin via ads in The Recycler (since Craigslist and Myspace were not even concepts yet). The band moved from the bass player’s garage to the wonderful facilities of Downtown Rehearsal, and most recently to the more centrally located space of West LA Studios. Most notably, Madcow recorded a five song EP at the world famous Cherokee Studios in Hollywood. Produced by the Robb brothers, the album received international acclaim after having one of their more dynamic songs, Blasé, featured in an episode of Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

Madcow is:

Julie Berger: lead singer, founder, songwriter, shortest member and only female of the bunch. Her raw, personal lyrics and infectious spirit provide an emotional dynamic to Madcow’s music. Her charisma ignites pure energy throughout the crowd. Lives in the SFV.

Rich Andersen: guitar, founder, songwriter, and avid surfer. His vocals compliment Julie’s to provide a harmony and richness not heard since X. Wishes other guitar players would stop using red SG’s. Lives in Playa Del Rey.

Ruben Villaseñor: bass, owner of the garage, and only member who can read music and understand theory. His musical knowledge, experience, and knack for structure have pushed Madcow to a professional level. Plays a bass that weighs as much as he does. Lives in Alhambra.

Michael Fratino: drums and designer of Madcow’s artwork. His desire to experiment and have fun has provided much needed levity to the band. His percussive nuances add warmth and fullness to the Madcow sound. Another surfer, but the only MBA of the group. Will most likely turn that degree into a prosperous doughnut shop. Lives in Long Beach.