Calgary, Alberta, CAN

fast, unreserved, stripped down rockin' party punk with an emphasis on the drunk.


Started up in 2003, tightened up and began touring extensively in 2006. D.I.Y. to the bone since day one, keeping one hundred percent control over content, clarity, and objective. Cynicism and Satire a-plenty with stripped down, bare-boned intensity and energy.
Have done extensive touring across Canada, about 6 times all the way across in the last 3 years, and have shared the stage with the likes of D.O.A., Propagandhi, SNFU, Youth Brigade, Face To Face, AlexisonFire, St. Alvia Cartel, Ten Second Epic, The Arkells, Monotonix, Robin Black, St. Catherines, and many many more.
Have played the Warped Tour, CMW, NXNE, Halifax Pop Explosion, Montreal Pop, Sled Island, and won X92.9(Calgary) Exposure contest in 2009.
Presently supporting their 3rd Full Length, recorded once again by Sir Ian Blurton of Bionic/Blurtonia/C'mon infamy, released in 2009 on The New Black Label.
...Love music and being on the road more than their own mothers.



Written By: Mike MCleod

What a shitty situation, the last few months I’ve been kinda ragin’
Monogamy and sobriety didn’t work for me and were the last things on my mind
But then you had to go and put your face in front of mine
You re-showed me the value of just one person all the time
Without itself or one mention of it you made a relationship seem fun and fine

There was really only one thing I wanted, one thing I gave a shit about
Holding and keeping your naked body next to mine
Fuck school, fuck work, fuck it all, you’re all that matters and that’s fine
I can climb back on them all after they’re all said and done
But I gotta catch you now, before you run

For most of the shit in this life you can stop the clock for awhile
But the difference between ‘us’ and ‘nothing’ could be one second, one word, one mile
I know that now, and I’d known the times before
But back then I might as well have been holding open the door
This time I want you to stay, or find some kind of other way
That this won’t have to be our last day, that It won’t have to be me watching you turn and walk away

Hence the shitty situation
Cuz all of these things that you’ve reawakened
You did so without knowing, and probably without wanting to
In fact, I think it was the last thing you wanted to do
To risk losing a friendship or love for something near impossible to obtain
And with you living so far away
It just might have to be me watching you walk away
But forever I will stand there and wait.

Asking For It

Written By: Mike McLeod

The circles i keep running are starting to make me feel dizzy, it's getting to be almost damn-near sickening. I don't know if i'll ever become the man i want to be, a boy stuck on the playground for eternity. Maybe i should just quit drinking altogether and stop overanalyzing why i do the things i do. Just let it all roll on down the downward spiral to wherever the fuck that goes until some acquaintance finds me lying stiff in a pool of my own piss...and takes my wallet.
There's obviously a big part of me that doesn't really give a fuck, so do i keep struggling against it? Trying to reconcile myself with who i wish i was. Or do i embrace it? Or at least run with it? When i get to my most primal, it seems to be the guider. So do i side with rationale or passion? With Apollo or the Dionysian? With the Backstreet Boys or Motherfuckin' Motorhead? With my head or my heart? Or are those two things even different? Or am i just bald-faced lying to myself again?
Am I actually a person of some decent level of depth? Or am I just one of those fucking pricks that i have claimed to revolt against? Another meathead testosterone douchebag singing another self-indulgent, closed-minded, pitiful song? But that thought alone should extend some level of support to the negative. But my actions don't meet my words, and i do some shitty things. I wake up in the morning, beat the hell out of myself and shit down my own throat and swear i'll never do something so stupid again, while i'm doing it...again.
But no regrets. Right or wrong. Chalk up another pointless fucking song that don't get me anywhere except rolling around the same laugh track over and over again. I'm asking for it, I'm asking for a big load of hell-fire shit to come flying at me at the speed of sound. I'm asking for a jet-engine turbine workout. I'm asking for a super bug, a jail-style gangraping, a night with Jeffrey Dahmer as my babysitter, and i'm gonna get it one of these days. Maybe this is the way i need to spell it out to myself for it to actually sink in. goddamn. i hope it does before it's too late.


Written By: Mike McLeod

Go to, you can find all our lyrics from our last 2 albums there


LP- "A Fistful of Dirty Dollars"
2003 on BSEntertainers.
LP- "baby steps"
2007 on BSEntertainers.
EP - "7 inch"
2009 split with Colin Decker Free Fall on New Black
LP - "madcowboys"
2009 on New Black
EP - "Friendship Adventure Music" 2009 split with Trigger Effect on Turbo Machine

Set List

we typically play anywhere from 30 to 75 minutes.
american idols
it don't make no sense
gender rolled
monotonic on the rocks
into the black
can you feel this?
hot shit
rock n roll
what happened?