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New York City, NY | Established. Jan 01, 2011 | SELF

New York City, NY | SELF
Established on Jan, 2011
Solo Pop R&B




"Maddam X | The Paper Box, Brooklyn"

NYC based singer/songwriter and performing artist Maddam X recently released a brand new EP titled “Red Light District”. The music featured within the EP is dark, atmospheric and textural, with catchy hooks and extremely well-crafted melodies that stretch between genres as diverse as R&B, Neo Soul and Pop. The EP has been crafted in a refreshing and unique way that leaves you wanting more. The release was recently celebrated with a stunning live performance in New York City, as Maddam X graced the stage of The Paper Box in Brooklyn with her charisma and captivating energy.

One of the most striking features of Maddam X as a performer is definitely her outstanding ability to own a stage. Evidently, she feels right at home in a live environment as she is able to create an amazing connection between herself and her audience. In addition to her outstanding vocal skills and abilities as an all round entertainer, Maddam X is able to treat the listeners with a fine selection of tunes that are even more engaging when experienced live. Don’t get me wrong, Maddam X’s studio work is well-crafted and thoroughly enjoyable, but there is something magical about being in the same room with the artist themselves and hearing music as it is supposed to be heard.

Surrounded by a band of talented live musicians, Maddam X moved expertly at the center of the stage, twirling in the smoke and well, in the haze of the red lights as if she was trying to charm and hypnotize the audience with her body movements and with her incredible vocal reach. This show is an outstanding demonstration of a performer who truly set out to display her energy onstage, crafting wonderful music along with other brilliant musicians who know how to play their part perfectly and never overpower one another.

We can’t wait for the full release of “Red Light District” and if you get the chance, we highly recommend checking out a Maddam X show and for those that weren't lucky enough to experience this audio and visual feast first hand, you can watch the performance from The Paper Box on YouTube. - Ben Corke ·


This review is for a set of songs performed by the beautiful Maddam X. She had a headlining show at The Paper Box in Brooklyn and we had the pleasure of watching the entire performance. The infectious guitar solo at the beginning of “Red Light District” sets the perfect tone, before the sultry dancers come out to further build up the mood. Enter Maddam X, a lioness who commands the stage with confidence and a tall, imposing presence.

Her performance on this one is polished and seems like second nature to her. I think she’s going to have tons of people gravitating towards her based on her beautiful voice alone. It’s like a mix between old school ballads and modern lingo. The Harlem representative spits lyrics and sings great harmony’s, while moving in synchronicity with her dancers.

The “Got Me Like” track, where she sings ‘You looking like a king and you treat me like a queen and I love how you keep it between us.’ has a nice sophisticated vibe to it. She is clearly a leader who takes pride in her choreography, lyrics, production and stage show.

“I know just what you need, let me be your doctor roll up my sleeves.” – Maddam X

In between songs she shares a few words with her fans, sometimes asking them to help her in a chant of sorts, demonstrating her true crowd control. This is probably easy to do for her considering her glamorous image. I think if she brought her act to the west coast she could open up a whole new fan base. In this performance, there are lots of different camera angles which is great, her team is definitely in her corner.

The “Benjamin$” track is a lot more street, hip hop and motivated by money. She shows she is not scared to use profanity on her songs, because that is the only form of true expression. Nothings is going to stop Maddam X’s grind as she is the definition of independent. Her style of Pop/ Contemporary R&B has mass appeal, and when a major label has the right type of deal for her, I am sure she will elevate her game to the next level.

Lookout for these songs on her upcoming EP “Red Light District” scheduled for release at the end of November! - Cali

"Artist Review: Maddam X (Live Performance)"

Welcome to the “Red Light District”. An astonishing live-performance by Pop Starlet, Maddam X. A show with the works, the sex appeal, the energy, sweat, and insatiable talent that captivated the room at the Drom venue.

Dancers, choreography, smoke machines and a burst of energy into the aura of the premier Late Show experience, Maddam X proves right from the very first song, the very first second she takes the stage, that she knows how to make an entrance with her opening song “Red Light District”.

There isn’t one blemish whatsoever in this captivating show experience. You get Maddam X‘s powerful voice and dynamic image the very second the smoke machines go off. From the beginning of the show with the lights off and an anxious audience ready to go with their cell phone cameras, the explosion of R&B/Pop energy blasts off with the dancers choreographed sex appeal paralleling the catchy chorus, and the sensual verses that follow with the stage show diligently following Maddam X‘s lead.

This is a live show where the light show plays an enormous role in the overall stage presence. Red lights perfectly in play for the song’s title and concept, along with the undeniable reception from the crowd to enhance the energy that Maddam feeds off of. Yet, it’s dead obvious that she knows how to capture an audience and hold them in the palm of her hand. Overall, this song is catchy, multifaceted, perfectly executed with the choreography, and showcases Maddam X‘s undeniable talent and hunger for the stage. She’s not just a girl that learned how to take the stage, she downright mastered it. Owns it every second the lights are on, and leaves you wanting more as the show goes on.

“Red Light District” is gonna be available on her upcoming album of the same name, slated for a November release. We call dibs on an autographed copy.

Watch the entire live show in the YouTube link below and witness a live show experience almost filmed from a POV of actually being there in the crowd. You won’t be disappointed. - Justyn Brodsky & Dave Livingston


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  • 7 - First Class (2015) - Maddam X
  • 8 - Red Light District EP (November 2016) - Maddam X
  • 9 - Red Light District (2016)
  • 10 - Got Me Like (2016)
  • 11 - You Are The One (2016)
  • 12 - Hottest Chic (2016)
  • 13 - Play No Games (2016)
  • 14 - Benjamin$ (2016)



I go by the name Maddam X and I am a Pop/ Contemporary R&B singer, songwriter and performing artist from New York City. My background is Musical Theater, so I incorporate a lot if that detail into my recorded music and well as my live performances.  I believe the biggest impact you can make is when your performing live so I focus on esthetics such as costumes, makeup, choreography, set design, lighting, acting, fog, etc. to make sure they have an unforgettable experience.


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