Madd Flow

Madd Flow


We are a high-energy sax n' guitar fronted Nu-Jazz group. We play original material as well as covers. Anything from George benson to the Yellow Jackets to Janet Jackson. Check out our 08/2008 release "Dawn Of A New Day " at CD is available at


Where does one begin? Well let's start at the beginning. Philadelphia, Pa. native Robert Landham and Newark, N.J. native Darryl E. Smith first met like a lot of musicians do, playing on a gig in different bands. Robert was leading his jazz quartet while Darryl was the guitarist in a funk band. Then a few months later they found themselves playing together in a cabaret band. A few months after that when Darryl was recording a christmas song for the Boys Choir of Harlem, he decided to use Robert on a solo on the Donny Hathaway classic, "This Christmas." A few more months, when sorting out songs for a guitar record, Darryl decided to add saxophone to the mix for a more rounded sound and Madd Flow was born. The name comes from the fact that these two gentlemen are well versed in all styles of music. They have performed from duo to big band. This 13 song recording is just the beginning of their "Nu Jazz" addition to the genre of contemporary jazz.


All Love No Hate Tour

Written By: Darryl E. Smith

On that all love no hate tour,
Not gonna let anything bother me.
On that all love no hate tour,
It's got to be all love no hate.

verse 1:
Not gonna let little problems of the world stress me out.
No more negative thinking to affect those words coming out of my mouth.
I'm taking a holiday from the troubles and worries. Not gonna let them get the better of me.

chorus 2x:

verse 2:
I'm giving up criticizing folks on the way that they live.
And when I catch myself calling others names, now I say, "What if it's them whose skin that you're in?"
So go ahead worship your God anyway that you please. You'll get no peep out of me. 'Cause I respect you as much as I expect you to respect me.

Now there you have it. Straight from the horse's mouth. Now the next time you feel that hatred comin' up inside your bones, I want you to say these 7 little words, "I'm a beautiful bird. Fly bird, fly."

instrumentals, then chorus

Set List

These are examples, and we are not limited to just these songs. Our repertoire is varied in order to present our instrumental format of saxophone and guitar based interpretations and improvisations.

We can do anywhere from 1-3 short to moderate sets easily. Preferably, 2 sets. Sets can last anywhere up to 90 minutes.

Dawn Of A New Day (original)
Speak Softly (original)
Wizard Island (Jeff Lorber)
However You Like It (original)
Anytime, Anyplace (Janet Jackson)
Never Too Much (Luther Vandross)
After The Rain Has Fallen (Sting)
Lady In My Life (Michael Jackson) ...