Madd Mary

Madd Mary

 Los Angeles, California, USA
BandHip HopAlternative

2006 Independent Music World Series finalist!


When it comes to D.I.Y. artists, Madd Mary is making a name for herself. A naturally gifted lyricist, the 26 year old L.A. native has also added music production to her arsenal. She confesses: "I'm a producer by necessity, I couldn't find anyone who could accurately capture my vision." In 2001 she crafted an 11-track demo that garnered the attention of such powerhouse labels as Def Jam and Epic. After 2 unfruitful meetings with Def Jam, the disappointed but determined MC started her own label (Nu_stalgia Entertainment) and began work on a mixtape that would eventually win her the "Best Female Hip-Hop" award ('03 N.Y Int'l Music Fest). 2006 brought her an Underground Music award nomination and a nomination from the editors of Billboard Magazine to showcase in the Discmaker's Independent Music World Series west finals. The new year brought her features inLyrics Inc. and Generation Next magazine and a debut CD (A Beautiful Mind) that sold out it's first week. The future is now!



Written By: Toia Prince

Picture me/ black girl/ all the promise in the world

But I don’t really care much for life right now

Cus all It’s ever given me is grief/ so much pain inside

That I pray to die in my sleep/ getting by on cheese sandwiches

And fried bologna/ not a product of the streets/ but one of adversity

As I sit and complain about it many times/ spit many lines

Tryna survive on nickels, pennies and dimes

It hurts to see my momma have to work so hard/ to make ends meet

Cus daddy’s a deadbeat/ she tells me it’s gon’ be alright

She didn’t raise me to just quit and not put up a fight

But momma how can I fight what I can’t see?

So much bigger than me/ but not bigger than He

That’s the part I always forget/ all y’all wanna do is see me sweat

Guess I’m a crybaby


Crybaby what you cryin’ fo’?

Everything will be alright if you hold on

Nobody said it was easy to be strong

It’s a struggle everyday gotta roll on

Crybaby what you cryin’ fo’?

Everything will be alright if you hold on

Nobody said it was easy to be strong

It’s a struggle everday


Feels like we doin time/ among the hunger and strife

As the rich get richer/ the poor struggle to hang on for life

Ain’t right/ In fact it stinks/ I’m on the brink of insanity

Witnessing a planet’s death/ by it’s own vanity

Cus, we’re too busy fighting wars abroad

Can’t seem to win the war that’s in our own backyards

If only we could see the world through heaven’s eyes

Cus everytime it rains/ a child has died in the streets

As politicians and preachers plead for peace/ it doesn’t last

Cus I still hear the shottie blast/ the whole world’s a ghetto

Full of the oppressed and downtrodden/ society’s forgotten

Don’t have the heart for this no more/ let me rest my head

Overwhelmed by the bloodshed/ eyes are blood red

So fed up/ that I almost envy the dead/ what’s left to be said

Guess I’m a crybaby



Yeah, I’ve cracked a lot/ fell down a couple times

Point is I’m still alive to testify/ that I’m still breathin

As much as I wanted to run and hide/ I was born to be a soldier

Till I die/ got by sword and my shield/ my faith is unshakeable even

I roll with them blows and I come back swingin

I won’t let this troubled life/ cause me to break down

Got my eyes on the prize/ nothing can shatter me now

As the rose from which a petal falls/ I look in the mirror, pause

See a different person than I was before/ might be poor

But I got both feet on the floor/ and come tomorrow

I ain’t gotta cry no more


Inhale. Exhale. Stop.

Written By: Toia Prince

Good morning ladies and gents/ May I have your attention a minute

Please open your ears up to the most definitive mix

Hip Hop experience a resurrection to life/ Like a dearly departed soul

School of hard knocks/ She graduated made the honor roll

Majored in pain/ With a double minor in hustle & flow

Always rhyme with a purpose/ to curse this/ to hurt this game/ to work this game

Its worth the pain/ Before I came the game was stained

Fools rushed in and the game was changed

The industry hated on me/ said my name was strange

So I started my own label/ Now I’m all the rage

You’ll never see me cryin’/ I’m rap’s version of Phyllis Hyman

In school I was voted most likely to blow my brains out

I get the paper now/ Givin no change out

Open up the garage door and pull the Range out

I’ll make a n***a freeze/ Black pearl binky beads on/ Till the break of dawn

Shawn, keep the mic on

For a minute/ Inhale for a minute/ Exhale for a minute/ Then stop

Some say the blacker the berry/ The sweeter it gets

I say the darker the chick/ The iller she spit

Lethal as kerosene at the strike of a match

1000 degrees/ You’re liquid/ Take that

Rhymin is dangerous/ It knows no limits

My mind is beyond machine/ A puzzling instrument/ Ammunition infinite/

To explode in bursts/ It puts the so-called competition in hearses

Yeah, Yeah you’re rockin with the virgin queen

We get it grindin like coffee beans

Keep shinin like diamond rings

Always fun when I’m doin this kind of thing/ Yeah I kind of sing

Some call me Madd/ Some call me Wednesday Adams/ It don’t really matter

I’m writin’ a new chapter in my life/ Can’t nobody come after my light

It’s my money and my mic (dig that)


Can I get you to breathe for me/ Get your mind up out the gutter

Inhale for a minute/ Exhale for a minute then stop.


Split Personality

Written By: Toia Prince

My folks, they say I’m loco/ they fear I might go postal

And I don’t know/ where they get their info from

That I’m really 3 MCs/ instead of just one

Might sound strange or make believe/ but I got more issues than a magazine

I’m so sick I need a Dramamine/ I’m the head mistress in this tragedy

Can it be?/ are you a fan of me?/ well good you should be/ the M-A-D-D

The nicest girl to ever grab a mike/ and by nice I don’t mean polite

I just might flip out/ and want to start a fight

With an old lady pushin a walk-er/ I will stalk her

And take her money/ take her bags/ will you help me find my dad?

One minute I’m cool/ next minute I’m not

One minute I’m she/ next minute I’m we

Chasing my shadows/ I stop and scream

wish these voices in my head would leave

So I went to the shrink one day/ asked to see if everything’s ok

He chuckled softly, then rubbed his chin/ I said you think I’m playin?

Well meet my friends


They say I’m messed up, they say I’m cray-z
I don’t know, guess I got a split personality

Ice grills/ dollar bills/ shiny, spinnin chrome wheels

Flossed out/ candy paint/ shawty, shawty/ make bank

Cut throat/ how we ball/ H-Town/ till we fall

Get off the wall/ I could make a phone call/ and buy the whole mall

I’m paid y’all

Queen Shawty/ ain’t the name my momma gave me

I’m a hustla/ ain’t no one who can save me

Do a 180 in the Mercedes/ I’m the get scrilla/ chinchilla furs lady

I’ma be rhyming till I turn 80/ guaranteed I can drive a man crazy

Make him wanna throw it like Tom Brady/ Get lost in a purple hazy

Y’all n***as heard what I said/ if a rapper ain’t got no cred put him to bed

You know a sista gotta stay fed/ all a broad really need is some watermelon,
chicken and bread

I keep a phat piece under my bed/ heck naw’ I ain’t take my meds

I’ll rip ‘em to shreds/ you see this lead/ I’ll put 2 in your head


Newborn MCs better flinch/ cus the full-grown chick is back

We bend ‘em over/ then we lay the smack

Never one to mince words/ we verb then we split the track

Count stacks/ then we fade to black

We on the grind/ while these n***as sleepin in their pajamas

Verbal indiscriminate, ligament damage/ we the nail in the hammer

N***ga you don’t want this drama/ bring your head to the trauma

Send you home to the ‘Bamas/ so you’ll be cryin’ to mama

Cot damma/ I’m bananas you see/ when it comes to the rappin/ ain’t nobody
bigger than me

Programmin’ the thumpin’ drummin’ hummin’ numbin’ the keys

You fumblin’ crumblin’ stumblin’ over my cheese

My provolone/ my cheddar/ my swiss/ my paper

Forget what you heard/ I got 31 flavors

I/ ain’t/ jokin man/ put you in a lyrical chokehold/ broke ya man

It’s hopeless man/ I’m sicker than the dopest man

I’m oh so focused man/ the lo-lo’s black and tan

I’m Wednesday Adams.


Sk8er Chick

Written By: Toia Prince (BMI)

Sk8er Chick
Written by Toia K.Prince (BMI)

I’m a sk8er chick /a kid from the wrong side of the pavement

The streets ain’t lit/ we thrash in the darkness

To find a place in a world that’s heartless

So here’s the chronicles of an outcast

Wear my jeans kinda loose so they might sag

All the signs out sayin’ “no trespass”

I’m a street sk8er, leave you in the dust fast

Am I strange? Might be a little bit

Paint my nails pitch black as licorice

Bust a move have that ass dribblin’

White boys is feelin’ this cold as ice feminine

It’s the revenge of the nerds

Time to go to work/ put my right foot first

kick, kick, kick, swerve/ Flip them curbs

I’m a sk8er chick/ ain’t got time for you hater chicks

Lace up the DC’s, hit the park to rip

Till after dark we be hawkin’ it

Cus I’m a sk8er chick

I’m a sk8er chick/ ain’t got time for you hater chicks

Lace up the Etnies, hit the park to rip

Till after dark we be hawkin’ it, cus I’m a sk8er chick
I don’t wanna go home, cus home is so cold

Home is so damn dysfunctional

I’d rather go to hell with gasoline in my drawls

Than hear mom and dad fighting/ the cops being called

So I retreat to the streets/ for the peace/ and the release

Cus’ there’s no place left to be

Watchin’ the sunset to the left of me

Keep ridin’ till there’s no air left to breath

That’s why I penned this song

I grind for all the kids in the broken homes

All the latch key’s left home alone

Cold bowl of grits/ no heat for warmth

All the geeks who sleep with their sneakers on

Bump this in the streets with your speakers on

Keep keepin’on/ keep keepin’ on.




Copyright 2006 Toia Prince (BMI) All rights reserved


A Beautiful Mind (LP)
"Label Hoe" is set to hit clubs/mix shows in Los Angeles, Chicago, New Jersey and MA.

Set List

25-45 minute set consists of:
"Sk8er Chick"
"Label Hoe"
"Split Personality"