Maddy Meyer

Maddy Meyer

 Elmhurst, Illinois, USA

Join Maddy Meyer, a 15-year-old girl from Chicago, as she takes you somewhere unique and deep into her world. The title track culminates with the admission that with every day, she may be a completely different individual—an observation that belies her youth.

Maddy’s maturity of voice and songwriting, and the production quality of this CD will not disappoint you. There is no auto-tuning, or downloaded drum beats on this CD. Chicago veteran musicians/writers joined Maddy in this project to ge


Maddy is a 15 year old girl from Chicago, IL. She is a veteran of the Chicago theatre scene, as a former member of the American Girl Theatre in downtown Chicago. She portrayed Felicity and Hallie in the popular live version of the doll's period specific stories. Amongst her many other roles over the years, she has played Dorothy in “Wizard of Oz,” Annie in “Annie”, Edwina in “Dear Edwina,” and even the abused Audrey in “Little Shop of Horrors.” She won the Universal Studios American Idol Experience in her first year of eligibility, gaining elite status for an American Idol audition.

Maddy is a classically trained pianist and vocalist, who has competed for many years in both arenas. More recently she has turned her attentions to song writing on piano and guitar. She has a bright future; the release of “Every Day I’m Something New” may just jumpstart Maddy’s future.


Wonderful string arrangements on top of piano ballads like “Forever” and “Trying to Impress You” contrast with the feedback guitar-laden punk rock of “Up to Speed.” On the acoustic guitar pop songs, “Idaho” and “Homecoming Queen,” you feel the heartbreak of leaving a boy you knew for just one week at summer camp, or the absolute hollowness of the high school Football Star apologizing to the Homecoming Queen. In “Back to Sleep,” she attempts to return to a dream which was cut short by the sunrise, in order to find out exactly what she has done to the boy she once loved. And finally, in the full orchestral arrangement of “When Worlds Collide,” you capture a glimpse of inspiration mixed with reality, rich harmony and tympanis.