Bob Graham

Bob Graham


The melodic voice of Robert David Graham has literally pulled women into a Hollywood nightclub and quieted the biggest bar in Burbank.


Graham is gigging in Cologne, a singer-songwriter with an acoustic act, showcasing his strong vocals and his never ending songwriting skill.

Genres: Folkrock, Contemporary Crossover Christian, Blues

2009 Music Mile Festival in Bedburg Germany


Better Get Ready

Written By: Robert David Graham

It’s the Holy One
they call the Father’s Son
Who said to open up the door
He said I should wake you,
dress you up an’ take you
Is He the One you been waitin’ for
He’s sittin’ in a chair
by the front hall stair
He brought a dozen friends or more
It’s the strangest thing –
they’ve all got angels’ wings
An’ they’re hoverin’ above the floor

Better get ready,
better get ready
Let your heart beat steady
but you better get ready
Better get ready,
better get ready
Let your heart beat steady
but you better get ready
Right now.

At first He looked like a thief
in the dark outside
But to my great relief
I saw the twinkle in His eye
He said He had returned,
an’ the words still burn
When I wonder when He ever
said goodbye
Here let me help you with that,
oh my you’ve grown too fat
Oh honey, please don’t start to cry
And where the faithless go
He said you may not wanna know
But there won’t be a place to die
Ya better get ready....

Boy Cried Dad

Written By: Robert David Graham

The boy next door,
I’m not really sure
But I think he’s about thirteen
At that awkward age
where they feel the rage
Of their father’s turning mean

Mother’s Day,
father slapped his face
It was not a pleasant scene
Again last night
in another fight
Hit him with a magazine

The boy cried “Dad!”
(WHISPER: “You’re dead”)

I’m just a nosy neighbor;
you don’t like me when I stare
I see a war between you two,
you are unaware
A funny cartoon,
Sunday afternoon
A shadow hits your chair
Next you feel, all too real
A ball bat in your hair

Boy cried “Dad!”
(WHISPER: “You’re dead”)

I knew a fellow, he was mellow
But he’s still in jail today
“Father’s touch hurt too much”
Was all he’d ever say
But even the guard said a funny thing
As they jailed that boy that day
“Why he just snapped –
like a guitar string
You slap every time you play.”

Boy cried “Dad!”

Julie July

Written By: Robert David Graham

The sky grew gritty
As I hit the city
I was hitchin' in
Fifth of July
Everybody seemed shoddy
So I knew nobody
Was gonna pitch in
I didn't cry
I made it downtown
For the sights and sounds
And the water fountain
Fifth Avenue
Washington Square
Was full of long hair
Raggedy ferries
I sang the blues

You weren't a winner
But you cooked a good dinner
For this average sinner
I started falling in love
Like one of Noah's doves
And wrote a poem of
Julie July
I stayed a few days
Till our separate ways
Well to quote a phrase
One day I just had to fly
And the sky bled red
For the words we said
When we said goodbye

Julie July

In the USA

Written By: Robert David Graham

Somebody got shot,
down by the telephone booth
Droppin’ a dime
but not tellin’ the truth
Somebody got shot down,
I’m not gonna say by who
Could a been by me
but I was singin’ for you

The chopper’s shinin’
on the wrong street,
one-half block away
And the scene of the crime
is incomplete
It’s just another day,
hey, hey.....,
in the USA

Somebody got a loud mouth,
better keep movin’ on
Buddy you could be the law,
still won’t last long (I said)
Somebody got a loud mouth,
save it for a song
Belt yourself another, brother,
you can bet I’ll drink along

‘Cause the chopper’s shinin’
on the wrong street
One half block away
And the scene of the crime
is incomplete
It’s just another day
hey, hey
in the USA

Mile High Blues

Written By: Robert David Graham

Travelin' down the road
The weather started turnin' cold
Found out my heavyweight jacket was gone
I sat down and wrote a song

Please take me to Denver
That's far as I need
Please get me on up
To that mile high city
Out of my mile high blues

Tried to flag down a helicopter
He just kept on his way
I said man don't leave me here
Cold and discouraged
My thumb's almost too numb to play

Repeat chorus

Finally gave up, said I best go home
Turned around the other way
But I still had that same
Dog gone trouble
Sometimes I feel
I'm still right there today
Strummin' in the cold
So won't you

Repeat chorus


Keepin' it secret.

Set List

Can bring own amp (Roland JC 120, PA, etc.) but appreciate your having a stage.

Short Set (25 Min)
1. Better Get Ready (Graham)
2. Boy Cried Dad (Graham)
3. Child on a Street (Graham)
4. In the USA (Graham)
5. Sugar Baby (Graham)
6. Mile High Blues (Graham)

Long Set (45 Min)
1. Better Get Ready
2. Francine
3. Mile High Blues
4. Boy Cried Dad
5. In the USA
6. Picture of Blue
7. Sugar Baby
8. Julie July
9. Angel on the Wire
10. Restless Once Again
11. Let Me Go