Made In Iron

Made In Iron

 MontrĂ©al, Quebec, CAN

--- MADE IN IRON --- The biggest Iron Maiden tribute ever! Stage on 4 levels! Giant backdrop 1000 square feet! Integral Egyptian setup of 1984! Dry ice, Costumes, Epic song list, fearsome EDDIE, And much more!!


Iron Maiden's legendary World Slavery Tour lives again !

You, YES YOU! will see the exact replica of Live After Death, the titanic show metal gods Iron Maiden performed at Long Beach Arena, Los Angeles, march 14th-17th 1985.

Made In Iron is nothing else than the Biggest Metal Tribute you can get on Earth.

Can't believe it? See video and pictures here now !


We play Iron Maiden music.

Set List

We play the legendary setlist from Live after Death - Long Beach Arena, the record that Iron Maiden launched in 1985 after the World Slavery Tour. We enjoy a reputation of very high quality interpretations.

Duration is 70 minutes + encores = 100 minutes.

Set list:
- Aces High
- 2 minutes to midnight
- The Trooper
- Revelations
- Flight of Icarus
- Rime of the ancient mariner
- Powerslave
- The number of the beast
- Hallowed be thy name
- Iron Maiden

Encores can include
- Children of the damned
- Phantom of the opera
- Wratchild
- Die with your boots on
- 22 Acacia avenue
- Run to the hills
- Running free
- The prisoner
- The ides of march
- Wratchild
- Murder in the rue Morgue
- Killers